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Drop Party


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This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

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Drop Parties will be held on every Saturday, at 2:00 PM EST. There aren't many rules, just do not stand directly under droppers, keep moving. If you are caught doing this, you will be prevented from entering the party for the rest of the day. Stealing from any chests are also prohibited, stealing will lead to a tempban or a ban. To get to the drop party, type /warp DropParty. It would also help if on any other day of the month, players would go to /warp DropDonate to donate any items that they wish too.


California (U.S.A - Western): 11 am

Chicago (U.S.A - central): 1 pm

New Jersey (U.S.A - Eastern): 2 pm

Charlotte Town (Canada - Prince Edward Island): 3 pm

London (UK - England): 6 pm

Denmark (European): 7 pm

Hong Kong (China): 2 am



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