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  2. Coming back Sooner than expected..

    I love it when people say "No offense" when they either say something really offensive or in your case nothing offensive at all. also BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. Coming back Sooner than expected..

    Dude, no offense, but use status updates
  4. Coming back Sooner than expected..

    I said I was leaving diamondshaft till November 1st, but now I'm going to come back earlier Some reasons are that Mobs in bugville are going crazy,More griefs Are happening, and finally, Im just getting bored irl.. so I'm coming back!
  5. Look what I found

    Please don't necro posts.
  6.  I have been re birthed 

  7. Look what I found

    Justin stop being radical. You are being offensive to the members on this server. Be like .. kioldd dmref
  8. Wanting to be Banned after Years. (Unbanned)

    I'll unban you.
  9. Well i have been banned on this server for more than 4 years, i don't know if it was 4 years but i know it was more than 2, i first played on this server on 1.8.8 so it has been a while. i got banned on this server a week later for advertising another server. i think a perm ban was kind of unnecessary, a 7 day ban would of been more called for. But thats not the case, i was one of those annoying kids that would go around advertising servers that will go no where, i honestly didn't know advertising was a rule at the time because i was kind of new to minecraft servers at the time. but there are not that many popular survival minecraft servers anymore. im more older, and more familiar with minecraft rules so i hope you understand and unban me. My old Username was Mason_Jammer if that some how sounds familiar
  10. Look what I found

  11. One Question

    Don't bring white rappers who swear on this server!!!!!
  12. My House Got Griefed.

    Hello, It's me I used to be called END3R_WARLORD and I just came on to test something out in-game and I went to my house to see that there were 3 holes in it. Just wondering if a staff member could come on and tell me who it was. Thanks.
  13. SeanCollinsVevo was abusing the chat dropping f bombs

    I mean I did say one of the worst words of all time: Fuck. I think I should be banned for a few years and bee* tortured for a month. Oh Satan Lord of Darkness, how was your day?
  14. Look what I found

    Justin. Like. No. I use to post MC photos on the forums. It was allowed to a point. It actually would not be a bad post if he did it right.
  15. One Question

    Stop summoning the smite gods!
  16. SeanCollinsVevo was abusing the chat dropping f bombs

    Please don't use the report section for shit-posts, try using off-topic but on second thought don't shit-post at all
  17. SeanCollinsVevo was abusing the chat dropping f bombs

    Even so. I cuss. Limitly now. But I do. So the problem is? He let a F word slip? Your mad because mom doesn't like it? Um. Okay? Please no. Lol. Don't call god to smite him, he's too young.
  18. One Question

    Yea scroo thas stoopid sirvar plai on MINECRAFT SWRSOMEPARODUES cristan sirvar
  19. SeanCollinsVevo was abusing the chat dropping f bombs

    OH SHIT I DROPPED AN F BOMB? OH FUCK! You may want to describe the issue and read the rules and even if you report for invalid reasons then fucking snap the picture of me swearing. As a wise man once said "Where are we going now?" -Steve Buscemi 1998
  20. SeanCollinsVevo was abusing the chat dropping f bombs

    north korea is hear!11!! run4 ur lifs
  21. SeanCollinsVevo was abusing the chat dropping f bombs

  22. One Question

    Don't be Rocky
  23. One Question

    Poor Poo.
  24. One Question

    Because I have no social life I should be on 24/7 but my computer doesn't like Minecraft for some reason, all my other games are ok so...
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