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  1. Last week
  2. I seemed to have missed A LOT

  3. If i could like something more then once i would like your post 10 times
  4. Before I make the dictatorial decision to properly IP ban this account, I figure I should put in my final word. Have you ever put so many hours and days of work into something, just to peer at a chat channel when you're finally able to relax, just to see someone constantly complaining about things that are either untrue, or so minuscule yet will constantly target you about it? Having to see it first thing as soon as you wake up in the morning before you head off to work? Having to explain multiple times over that it isn't this way, but actually that way but they won't take that as an answer and will constantly try to slander you despite what you say? Attempting to sway new or old members that these changes are "horrible" and these are the "totally true reasons" for them and yet at the same time will complain that the server is not what it once was...while trying to sugarcoat the player-base with falsities. You are not "voicing your opinion," you are slandering me. These are not the only issues I've ever had with you. What Eddy said was true in that you went from being a slightly problematic member, to the biggest piece of work I've had to deal with for such a long while. I can recall so many moments I see you interacting with most of the women on the server in very questionable varieties, making a notable few uncomfortable. There are witnesses. This then steps into the erotic roleplay, where I don't even know where to begin with that. The first time I had seen you do it with what could've likely been an underage member of the server, I had to outlaw it immediately. A good portion of the player-base makes sexual jokes or whatever else but this sure as shit is not the place for that sort of behavior. There have also been many accounts of you talking about very severe depressive topics to members on the server, whether or not they wanted to help or hear about it when they're just trying to play Minecraft, and whether or not these stories are actually true. Whether or not this was to pity people on your side or not is up for heavy speculation, but I suppose I'd be the major asshole for implying that in any sort of way, huh? That sort of topic is certainly not something to play around with or speculate with, but I have every reason to have doubts about you specifically. The kits? Not once did I ever state that I had, "forgot to create the kits" before release. I have told you multiple times that they were completely finished upon release, but that I had forgotten to disable access to them on day one as to prevent op gear, on day one of survival. Which is something we have been doing as a constant since I believe 1.13. The flight mounts? Again, I have told you MULTIPLE times, that I had tried every possible way to keep the ability to ride pets, but disable their flight protocols. The plugins permission nodes for that feature did not work. The plugins configuration for each specific pet that had fly did not work when I disabled them. The only solution was to TEMPORARILY disable mounting until the plugin receives an update, and that I could disable flight itself properly. Obviously I'm not going to allow people to have access to that sort of free flight as it would then be an exploit. This solution, again, is temporary. Creative and Fly? Sure, it's a big controversial issue. People voted for flight to be removed, and we had decided to remove creative after years of annoyances with it and having to build the server around it and not having that freedom. There are so many people that have said just having the access to the creative command made Survival that much more boring because they could just switch at a moments notice and no longer have a challenge. Creative was always a big sell point, I am aware of that. But we needed to step into a new direction, and focus on what we are, a survival server. Ranks have always been subject to change. Of course this was only mentioned on our Buycraft Terms of Service, but I since then have had it placed in much more obvious areas, such as front page of our Buycraft, and our main rules page. It being placed only in the ToS, was not my choice. I decided it'd be better to be more obviously placed for everyone. I'm positive that you actually had understood everything I tried to tell you, but decided to slander anyways just to target against me. I am perfectly aware of how the server started. I was there on servers before DiamondShaft was even conceived. Creative and fly were donator perks before DiamondShaft existed. We are not in Minecraft's prime years anymore. We are not in DiamondShaft's prime years anymore. Things are way different, the player-base looks for other things now. 1.16 and onward is, admittedly, a sort of work-in-progress, but I as well as many others are happy with the results, we are getting new members, and have plans to get even more through proper advertising. You will not be there to convince them with your obsessive hatred for me. For all intents and purposes, The DiamondShaft Network does not revolve around kenjedibro. From the "Chief Administrator", CamoWisp. P.S: You made the choice to, presumably, donate for Emerald twice. We never asked you too. If you didn't donate for it twice...I have no clue why you're saying that Emerald used to cost $80. It never did.
  5. Can someone tell me the active ip to the server? I remember playing here like 6 years ago when I was 10 and I’ve been trying to find the ip for a while to no avail. Thanks! :)
  6. Earlier
  7. Dear Kenji, I can't say that I'm sad to see you go, over the last number of years you've been one of the most problematic people on the server, and in the last few months you definitely became the most problematic member. The fact of the matter is that you genuinely have no idea what you're talking about, and seem to have an unforgiving grudge against Camo for absolutely no reason. While yes many people bought ranks for creative and fly, we did server wide votes, and the general consensus was that the majority of people felt that removing creative and fly was the right thing to do. As for in game perks such as ridable mobs and kits those were explained to you fully, yet you kept acting as though they were on purpose. Frankly it gets extremely old extremely fast. I put a great deal of hours building Spawn for this release, and whatever I did you can multiply by at least four for the ammount of work Camo had to do setting up configs and plugins. There's no respect on your half for the hours of work the staff team put into the server, all you see is 'what's wrong' despite those things having been voted on. Sorry you feel so entitled because you spent 40$ on a minecraft server. That's right 40$ the rank was never 80$. Go find another server, because we're done with your disrespectful attitude. Hopefully now you can focus on your ERP career! Best, Eddy
  8. I Won't bother asking for a ban appeal, since frankly I doubt it would be appealed, but here is the problem I have with Diamondshaft. When Anthrax was actively in charge of the server it was still pretty new, often times unstable, and would crash, glitch, or be down for maintenance, so, as a reward for helping upgrade the servers to run it, they offered donor perks, most notably Gold: flying, Diamond: Creative mode, Emerald: /feed, /Echest, /Craft. Slowly as the years went on and more and more people bought the donor ranks strictly for the perks the server grew, new components purchased, advanced internet, the works, soon the server could handle a large number of people without lag, and more and more plugins were added. Everything went smoothly, and often times people saw those with perks and would buy it themselves out of envy. Now that the server is stable, and Anthrax has reduced time, Camo has taken over as Chief admin, but with that, he forgets where this all started, and has removed perks to which others payed for, forgeting that if it weren't for those perks, the server wouldn't be where it is today, furthermore, he offered perks such as ridable pets, only to remove the ridable feature when people discovered that you could ride flying pets, he fixed it same day, but when he openly admitted to forgetting to add kits in, said it would take a couple weeks. Now I am banned for speaking my mind, he has taken over as a dictator, and now bans when no crimes are committed. So I leave this here as a farewell to my companions, and as a warning to newcomers. Yours Truly, Kenjedibro.


  10. When they call him old but your bday is 2 days away and you are 4 yrs older. 



    Rude. 😭😭😭😭


    Happy Birthday King. 


    1. lightmagic123


      I would take that as a complement. @Anthrax is old af.

    2. MusaKitty


      I'm older then him. How is that a compliment?

  11. Happy birthday mate!

  12. Hello, everyone. After a long wait, we are finally set to release the server update for 1.16 on Wednesday. There have been many, many changes, most notably the removal of creative and fly from donator ranks in place of some other perks, as well as the price of Emerald to be lowered to $30 from $40. These are not the only changes the server has gone under however, so lets get right to the point. RANKS Each kit for every rank has been altered slightly. The enchantments are more balanced and are worth the rank in value. Curse of Vanishing has been removed from all of the kit sets except for Emerald, though the trade-off is that the kits are slightly weaker. Gold rank now has golden armor and tools however each tool has unbreaking 5, while the armor set has unbreaking 7. Emerald is the strongest set but has kept Curse of Vanishing as that trade-off. Emeralds now also get the Elytra kit which gives them a set of Elytra wings with unbreaking 2, and one stack of fireworks. The Elytra kit can only be accessed once every two weeks. All of the other kits have an access time of 3 days. - Iron Rank Iron now gets disguises for bat, chicken, cod, cow, donkey, horse, every minecart type, mule, pig, pufferfish, rabbit, salmon, sheep, and tropical fish. Pets remained the same. Trails remained the same. - Gold Rank Gold now gets disguises for blaze, cat, cave spider, creeper, turtle egg, enderman, experience orb, falling block, fireball, firework, fishing hook, piglin, polar bear, skeleton, slime, spider, squid, villager, wolf, and zombie. Pets remained the same. Trails remained the same. Gold now can use Silk Touch to obtain spawner blocks. If you manage to obtain a spawn egg, you can change the spawner type by right clicking with the egg. Fly was removed. - Diamond Rank Diamond now gets disguises for area effect cloud, armor stand, arrow, boat, dropped item, guardian, husk, iron golem, item frame, leash hitch, magma cube, mushroom cow, painting, primed tnt, silverfish, tipped arrow, witch, wither skeleton, wither skull, and zombie villager. Pets remained the same. Trails remained the same. Diamond now can use Vein Miner, which allows them to crouch while mining a vein of ores to automatically mine the vein all at once. This takes away the same durability as it normally would, and the whole vein still counts towards achievements/jobs. This also works with crop fields with hoes (can vein mine a 3x3 area, I think), melons with axes, clay & gravel with shovels, and other things. VeinMiner can be toggled off or on for each tool type. Colorable /nick Creative was removed. /clearinventory was removed. - Emerald Rank All disguises (except ender dragon, wither, and another player) All pets. All trails. Elytra kit. Rank price will be lowered to $30 If anyone is upset that the ranks don't seem to have much in place of creative & fly, I did try to find more cool things outside of what we got but nothing else existed that would've been decent enough for perks. I did experiment with creating "gameplay ranks" for a while, ranks that you would unlock with playtime and money, and they would have the gameplay features of ranks such as VeinMiner and etc, while donators kept kits and cosmetics. Though it was a lot more work than I personally saw worth. I may return to it some day if players want to see that change. ECONOMY The server economy has been boosted significantly from previous updates, though not to a crazy amount. A lot more items should be available to sell from hand including a good portion of things from the Nether update. For some quick examples, one plank is worth $1.75 and a diamond is worth $100. Anything that can be sold using crafting materials that have a set price are (mostly) calculated accordingly. There are bound to be some issues or things missing so I will make changes when need be. I did not change Job payouts as it would've been a little overkill to increase it anymore. SHOPCHEST We now have a new shop plugin in place of ChestShop. This plugin is much more simpler to get down and looks better visually. /shop create [amount] [buy price] [sell price] {then right click the chest shop with the desired item in hand} /shop remove {then right click the chest shop} /shop info {displays a shops information} Right click to buy Left click to sell Having a buy or sell price on a shop is optional. You can do one or the other, or both. If you want to disable either, just use 0 for the price amount. CHAIRS Chairs has been fixed. Players are now able to sit on every stair block, and every slab block. This is toggleable if it annoys you while building. /chairs on {enable chairs for self, on by default} /chairs off {disable chairs for self} CRAZY AUCTIONS We have brought back the auctions plugin, this time a little different. Players can put items up to sale, or for bid for a limited time period in the auction house GUI menu. The GUI menu also has a category selection for different item types, and allows you to view other information. Items that are to be sold will stay up for 2 days. Items that are on bid will stay up for 7 days. Only 10 items can be put up for auction at one time for each player. /ah {opens the auction house GUI menu} /ah view [player] {view what items a player is selling} /ah sell/bid [price] [amount] /ah expired/collect {view and manage cancelled and expired items} /ah listed {view the items you are selling} LOTTERY We have brought back the lottery plugin, this time not any different whatsoever. When you buy a ticket (for $100) that money goes into the pot. More players buy tickets, more money goes into the pot. The more tickets you buy the higher chance you have at winning the full pot. /lottery buy [amount] {buy lottery ticket(s)} /lottery gui {opens a GUI menu that displays more information} /lottery status {displays your tickets, global tickets, money in pot, draw time, and last winner} LIBS DISGUISES Donator perk only. Already mentioned above. Donators can now disguise as any entity they have unlocked with their rank, however their names will still appear above their head to prevent PvP issues and trolling. /dis {the only command you'll need to know, shows every entity you can currently disguise as} /undis {undisguises the user} PET MASTER PetMaster will now protect your pets from being harmed, stolen, or ridden by other players. This counts for dogs, cats, horses, llamas, and parrots. You can also set your pet free to untame them, or give ownership to another player. Right-clicking someone elses pet will show who's pet it is. /petm free {frees your pet} /petm setowner [player] {switches ownership to another player} BOUNTYHUNTERS We have brought back the BountyHunters plugin. This will allow you to set bounties on other players that will be claimed when another player kills them. Bounties cannot be claimed by the person who set them, nor the person who it was set on. /bounty [player] [price] {sets a bounty on a player} /bounties {displays a GUI menu of all current bounties} /hunters {displays a hunter leaderboard} TRIVIA Another feature on the current server, however it has been fixed to run properly on 1.16. It will run a random question every 10 minutes with an answer time of 5 minutes. The reward is usually just a chance of getting cash. This is purely for fun. ADVANCED ACHIEVEMENTS By far the biggest plugin I've had to work with. DiamondShaft now has (currently) 348 custom achievements, almost all of which are progressive. Rewards can be earned however they may not be the most desired for the work put in. If able to get all achievements, your maximum health will be increased by 10 hearts, and oxygen increased by a full bar, permanently for that world. /aach {shows you all commands you'll need to know} /aach list {most useful, shows a GUI menu with all achievement categories and achievements, with progress bars} /aach book {gives you a book with each achievement you've chronologically earned} /aach top {displays personal and global rankings} /aach week {displays weekly rankings} /aach month {displays monthly rankings} /aach stats {displays a progress bar of how many achievements you've earned out of the total, and a percentage} CHATCONTROL This was added last update, but either way. ChatControl has allowed me to give chat a full makeover and can be changed whenever fit. It also prevents users from saying certain slurs (racial, transphobic, etc. Doesn't pick up everything) and many other things. SERVER RULES Not many changes here. Rules against creative based things were removed for obvious reasons, however, Iron and Gold farms are now against the rules. This is due to how the prices for Iron Ingots ($10) and Gold Ingots ($20) are set, however most other items that can be autofarmed (such as bones, sugarcane, arrows etc) have insanely low prices to counter for the fact that auto-farms are allowed.
  13. Please follow the ban appeal template that can be found here: ~Rain
  14. sorry for griefing i did not mean to and wont do it again. can i please be unbanned? QueenJayla
  15. I have a much better grasp on how modpacks work now and could very easily set up a server but I currently have a lot on my plate with this server and want to purely focus on survival for 1.16
  16. We have done custom modpack servers before and they really never worked out.
  17. The vote has already ended in favor of it being removed, locking.
  18. i do not think that it should be removed. personally, /fly makes the game even more rewarding, because i can do more things in a shorter time period. also, for anyone who does not want /fly, you can always leave it off, it is not black and white. /fly makes everything much much easier and less frustrating to do, like building a quick little survival house. thats just my personal opinion, but ya.
  19. Hey guys, I would like to suggest a DS modded server consisting of a fun modpack like Biomes o plenty or Tinkers I know we tried it before but I feel like it might be a fun twist and a fresh take on Minecraft. What do you think? Sincerely, Neil
  20. Although i am not staff, please follow the Ban Appeal Template:
  21. Tutie007


    SORRY i use fly hack to visit the world pls unbann me i am a fine and fair player
  22. Isn't that the problem though? "Myeehhhhhh. I bought a rank for my own personal gain instead of having the intent to keep the serverrr running. Meeee mad if fly and gmc go bye bye myeehhh" no. You donate to a server to support the people running it out of the kindness of your heart. At most you should get kits and particle trails. Maybe for emerald you can change the color of your name. Point being: You don't donate for your own personal gain. You donate to support the server.
  23. @spicyturkeyI'm not sure if you're aware but we're removing Creative for 1.16 for Survival
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