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  2. My ban appli (Declined)

    Please follow the ban appeal template that can be found here Also please edit your original post instead of posting more ban appeals Please lock topic Best of luck, ~Rain
  3. My ban appli (Declined)

  4. My ban appli (Declined)

    And I'd like to see the band evidence please
  5. My ban appli (Declined)

    Ign DETON8RS Band by camo Ban dat 1 month ago Band for staff disrespect hideing evadins billding on top of the nether buying ranked itums I know I'm not the best member of the server when I ask you to please remember I'm just a person and I make mistakes two I've had a lot of time to reflect on this and I won't do it again Im varry sorry From DETO8RS
  6. Last week
  7. Now recovering from my second seizure. This one had signs however and Jay reacted quickly. My bloodsugar was 71 (not dangerous) my bp however was 70/? Which was too low. 

  8. S.S. Server Safety #1

    This is suuuuch a great post
  9. Taking a LOOONGGG Break from Diamondshaft. I will not be on until Summer. Bai

  10. Plugins/Ideas for the future.

    Well they bought the plugin so that would be unnecessary, but good suggestion none the less ~Rain
  11. Ban appeal (Unbanned)

    X3 sorry im bad at time
  12. Ban appeal (Unbanned)

    date o f ban..... 12/25/2017 ... not a year ago lol
  13. Ban appeal (Unbanned)

    alrighty. i'm going to go ahead and unban you. Hopefully next time we can prevent such things and just avoid any kind of lack of communication from people you give things to. Thank you
  14. Plugins/Ideas for the future.

    theres also a website that you just have to copy and paste the comand in a comand block https://minecraft-heads.com/custom/heads
  15. Ban appeal (Unbanned)

  16. Ban appeal (Unbanned)

    Username: LightStar_Gaming Server: Survival+ Banned By: Lunning155 Date of Ban: i dont know Reason: Setting fire to my own home Ban Type: Local This is probably the weirdest case ever. Around a year ago i was banned for setting fire to a house. I did set fire to the house but, it was my own. I was being sarcastic and that got me banned. I was sarcastic and said i "gave" the person my house but i was just being sarcastic. It is my fault i got banned. I should have made it more apparent i was being sarcastic , and i should have told the user before he/she logged off. I am sorry it is all my fault and i have no proof at all. Especially since its been like a year. Staff if you are reading this i have no proof at all and probably shouldn't be unbanned. I am sorry to waste your time if this is not worth anything. Good day or good night!
  17. S.S. Server Safety #1

    I wanna tell everyone how to be safe and NOT GET BANNED. I know this is kinda weird but take my advice please. It may keep you on longer. DONT BE SCARCASTIC I know a weird thing to say but, trust me it might save your day. For example one day a player was strolling around (note this is true). They were scarcastic and said someone chould have a house. They were trying to get rid of the house still after the player that "got " it went off. They were banned due to setting their own house on fire. So this is my one out of maybe 10 series of tips i am going to be doing. anyways Light Signing off for a another day~
  18. So Musk has announced that a new ASDS (Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship) is coming, by the name of A shortfall of gravitas from the science fiction novel (and the name gets out of my head..i cant remember) also a question to answer:

    why use a barge? 

    well, for a Return To Launch Site landing (RTLS) requires more fuel and as the payload (satilite which is to be delivered)'s mass goes up, we need more fuel to get to the velocity of:


    Mu is GM (Newtons Gravitational constant or 6.67*10 to the -11) and M is the mass of the body in Earth's case being 5.29*10 to the 24 kilograms, and if we times G and M we get aproximately 3.9*10 to the 14

    r is the altitude that we are at PLUS the radius as in orbital mechanics, all values are measured relative to the center of the planet's mass on a 2 body system not an N-body system.

    a is the Semi Major Axis (SMA) which is formulated as the mean of the apogee (r1) and the perigee (r2) taking all this into account:

    Apogee: 200km

    Perigee: 290km - note the perigee MUST ALLWAYS be lower than the apogee otherwise we get some strange errors

    SMA = (r1+r2)/2 

    r1 = 200000+6378100 = 6578100

    r2 = 290000+6378100 = 6568100

    i hope i havent killed you with the mathS

    1. Drewbug0301


      wwwwoooooowww *Wink*

  19. Ban Re-appeal (Declined)

    Hey, thanks for reading it and for the feedback. sorry, I didn't mean to annoy you. Have a great day.
  20. Ban Re-appeal (Declined)

    If you know it hasn't been a month yet, don't bother appealing it will just cause us to be annoyed and you to wait longer, so please be patient until the month is over. Please lock thread Kind Regards, ~Rain
  21. Ban Re-appeal (Declined)

    Username: X5oINFERNOo5X Server: Survival+ Banned By: Eddy Date of Ban: 27 January 2018 Reason: Annoying, being an asshole, etc So I want to start off by saying that I was told to do this if I was so inclined to come back and that I know it hasnt been a month yet its just I cant wait to come back. So you guys already know what I did and I just wanna say im really sorry for being an annoying little cunt. and I want to ask you to give me just one more chance and if you do I promise I wont do it again. I really like this server so please consider it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  22. I have moved from minecraft to roblox. .-. Wont be on as often.

  23. Earlier
  24. Shulker Box Glitch

    yea .We have been having these problems a lot lately. I found my shulker boxes reset pretty often. Until we can truly figure out what is going on, try not to use shulker boxes too much.
  25. When did people on xbox become so needy?

  26. I hate windows updates

  27. It's official, I can't seem to catch any spacex launch livestream because of school

    1. jtlance


      well, that is until one happens during break

  28. Shulker Box Glitch

    Also tested it out with me, I lost alot of items as well, shulker boxes seem to have problems with their NBT Tags
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