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  2. Considering you have now been banned three times, and proceeded to act like you were almost guaranteed to be unbanned on the Discord, you will not be unbanned.
  3. I'll unban you, to be honest totally forgot that PvP logging works in that as soon as you're hit it'll immediately kill you if you leave. However for future reference try not to attack people in your base, if they grief staff can easily fix it.
  4. Last week
  5. Not that I care, but they won't appeal if you don't use the proper format which is Username: Banned by: Date banned: Reason of ban:
  6. Username: Kenjedibro Server: Survival Banned By: Does not State Date of Ban: 1/20/2020 Reason: TP/TPA Killing First off, I know that's a rule, but you got the story wrong. What happened was, at my base I had an excess of saddles, so I made an announcement over the general chat for anyone to have a free saddle, so he accepted, and came to my base, but then he started looking around the rest without asking. I know that if you are killed by a player, then you don't lose anything so I hit him a couple times, but while he was combat logged, he logged out I DID NOT KILL HIM. and so he dropped his stuff, when he logged back in I tpa'd him back to his stuff where he got it all back, but the fact is, I was banned for killing someone I didn't kill, he logged out while combat logged. I get that hitting him was wrong instead of just asking him to leave, I have a thing against most members, as members were the ones who griefed my first base, and I didn't want it to happen again, it won't happen again.
  7. Xav1erD CamoWisp (probably) Dec 20, 2019 Stealing LB proof Hello, my ingame name is Xav1erD and I have been banned for stealing LB proof i stole a few stacks of coal and some other things from, I think suicidal plant's base. I know what I did was wrong so I let myself take a break from Minecraft for a month and I would like to get back on to this very generous minecraft survival server. So if you think this was a good response please unbann me and I will be a functioning part of this server. Thank you for your time
  8. Earlier
  9. Hello, my name is SirKerlTNT, I am 13 y/o, and applying for GIT. I have been playing on this server for a little over a month, and have been mostly active. I love this server, and its player base (Warning: If I am hired to be staff, I will care more about the server than the leadership, so I will fight the owners if it could better the server). I would love to join the staff team because I love to help out. I almost never have any problems with anyone. I have previous experiences with being staff on Minecraft, on the server Conquestia (IP: Conquestia.xyz. I still have the Helper role on there since I last checked if proof is needed. There is also the owner you could check with if you log on there, or the co-owner.) I try my best to be mature, and treat players fairly.
  10. wait fuck 1 year since i had the most liked content bruh

  11. I will unban you. I suggest you read over the /rules
  12. Hello, my in-game name is Xav1erD and I have been banned for griefing LB proof and I would like to join back to this very friendly server. I recently bought a 2,000 Dollar house from Ivysaur2. I was trying to get the money by taking things people wouldn't mind losing, I understand it was wrong and I will never do it again on my entire family's life. I will give the 5 diamonds a day by voting, to people I have stolen from. I am sincerely sorry for the things I have done and wish to get back on this beautiful server.
  13. Username: SeriousGamer_212 Server: Survival Banned By: ? Date of Ban: August? 2019 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hi, I got banned from DiamondShaft because I burnt down SpawnTown. I am very sorry for the damages I caused and really want to come back onto the server. Thank you in advance, SeriousGamer_212 Note: I recently changed my username from wh2x4 to SeriousGamer_212.
  14. m03021 was making inappropriate comments which disturbed kittykatcat99. Proof is in Screenshots. Images not in order, however, the evidence is there. Please ban.
  15. User: Kiyuelle Server: Survival Banned by: Kat_1910 Date of ban: 8/25/17 Reason: Giving out ranked items Hello, I've been playing Diamond Shaft for years. This ban happened almost three years ago, and I've applied to be unbanned twice. Both times I applied I have been approved, however whenever I try to log onto the server it still shows the banned message and I'm unable to log in. If someone could fix this issue, that would be greatly appriciated. Thank you, Kiyuelle (Paigee129) (Pika_kitty777)
  16. Hello, my minecraft username is _LORDOFDIAMONDS_ , I am currently a diamond, and this is why I want to become a guardian. I am 14 years old, and my favourite game has always been minecraft. I have played it ever since 2012 (Xbox 360), but I got java in 2015. On my first day of playing, I joined diamondshaft, which was also the first server I joined. I was in love with the server from the beginning and a month later, I got diamond. I have been playing on the server ever since, so I have lots of experience with diamondshaft. The first reason I want to become a guardian is to help out with the server. I try to help as much as I can to contribute towards the server, but as a diamond, I can't do that much. If I do become a guardian, I will be able to make the server even better than it is. Second reason is that I am very passionate towards the server. I have been on for a long time now, so I have grown with the server. I have seen it's ups and downs, and have loved to play on it ever since. Now, I want to provide the experience I had on the server to new players to see how special this server is. Third is that I have many traits to offer towards the server. I believe that I can be helpful towards members, I have experience in leadership (had an executive role in my schools student council), and that I can take risks to make the server a better place. So in conclusion with everything I have, I believe I can be a good guardian. I hope you enjoyed my application, and consider me becoming a guardian.
  17. I cAn mAKE 20 CPS TOO https://www.clickspeedtest.info/
  18. please follow the ban appeal template. you can find it here
  19. ok which one of you wannabe black hats decided to try and change my fucking password.


    you have my attention

  20. hello dudes plz unban me my idiots friend hehave join in my account and take ban for griefing my name vedetta9 and i have this ban 2years thxs
  21. IGN: DoctorWhoniverse Age: 18 Discord: DoctorWhoniverse#0079 Hello, I am DoctorWhoniverse. Most people call me Doc or Matt. I'd like to apply to be staff on Diamondshaft because I think I could help the community. I used to own my own server, however it got shut down because of lack of money. I currently also own a Discord server, which is fairly popular. I am not currently active on Minecraft in general, however I can be more active. Thank you for reading, and please consider.
  22. Hello, everyone. From now until November 29th, I will be hosting a fall-themed build event. The builds will be judged on the final day by me, @Eddy, and some other poor soul that I'll choose eventually. The winner in 1st place will receive $20 PayPal from me, while 2nd place will receive $10, and 3rd place $5. This obviously means you will have to have a PayPal account so I may send the cash. Your build must be posted within this thread, and must follow these guidelines: Must be built in Survival. This can be logged. Must be built on-server. Must be Fall/Halloween themed. You may only post one submission. You must build entirely on your own, no help from others. This can also be logged. You must include the build coordinates. No shaderpacks or texturepacks to force your build to look better. We will not use your packs. Required to have a PayPal account. Staff & Build Team cannot participate. Your build can be whatever you want it to be as long as it falls under the theme. It can be a house, a town, man-made landscape/biome, etc. Not sure any other information is currently needed so go ham you creative little goblins.
  23. It is too much of a hassle to try and find the proof, since its been so long, so I will unban you. If you still have trouble connecting, contact a Moderator or Admin.
  24. Username: Leutie Server: Survival Banned By: staryuwu Date of Ban: unknown Reason: Griefing LB Proof I have griefed in the past when I first played the server ish, and was appealed for it, but I keep getting ban (with proof) even if I havnt played in months. I’m genuinely confused, because I’ve been very very careful to not grief. I have explored other players’ houses if they’re open, but I don’t take anything. It would be wonderful if I could maybe be shown the proof? Or possibly talk to starryuwu about it? I broke my laptop months ago and I wasn’t banned then, so I’m genuinely unsure of what’s going on. Thanks again, Leutie!
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