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  3. IGN: DoctorWhoniverse Age: 18 Discord: DoctorWhoniverse#0079 Hello, I am DoctorWhoniverse. Most people call me Doc or Matt. I'd like to apply to be staff on Diamondshaft because I think I could help the community. I used to own my own server, however it got shut down because of lack of money. I currently also own a Discord server, which is fairly popular. I am not currently active on Minecraft in general, however I can be more active. Thank you for reading, and please consider.
  4. Hello, everyone. From now until November 29th, I will be hosting a fall-themed build event. The builds will be judged on the final day by me, @Eddy, and some other poor soul that I'll choose eventually. The winner in 1st place will receive $20 PayPal from me, while 2nd place will receive $10, and 3rd place $5. This obviously means you will have to have a PayPal account so I may send the cash. Your build must be posted within this thread, and must follow these guidelines: Must be built in Survival. This can be logged. Must be built on-server. Must be Fall/Halloween themed. You may only post one submission. You must build entirely on your own, no help from others. This can also be logged. You must include the build coordinates. No shaderpacks or texturepacks to force your build to look better. We will not use your packs. Required to have a PayPal account. Staff & Build Team cannot participate. Your build can be whatever you want it to be as long as it falls under the theme. It can be a house, a town, man-made landscape/biome, etc. Not sure any other information is currently needed so go ham you creative little goblins.
  5. It is too much of a hassle to try and find the proof, since its been so long, so I will unban you. If you still have trouble connecting, contact a Moderator or Admin.
  6. Username: Leutie Server: Survival Banned By: staryuwu Date of Ban: unknown Reason: Griefing LB Proof I have griefed in the past when I first played the server ish, and was appealed for it, but I keep getting ban (with proof) even if I havnt played in months. I’m genuinely confused, because I’ve been very very careful to not grief. I have explored other players’ houses if they’re open, but I don’t take anything. It would be wonderful if I could maybe be shown the proof? Or possibly talk to starryuwu about it? I broke my laptop months ago and I wasn’t banned then, so I’m genuinely unsure of what’s going on. Thanks again, Leutie!
  7. Funny enough I had already planned to do most of this for the next reset, though the extra suggestions are appreciated. Just a few notes, though; Build Team isn't activity-based, they are currently mainly there to both show that they are essentially the servers best builders, and to act as builders for server builds whenever we update, or need new main areas usually set as warps. Tried reviving the Event Team on multiple occasions, though it usually turned out no one ever did anything when ideas were planned, and not many people wanted to bother joining the team in general. For the Drop Party items to be server-spawned, I'd have to find a plugin to help me out because restocking it myself or setting up command blocks seems like a major annoyance I don't want to deal with. Last time I looked for a plugin it seemed all were outdated or didn't work. Build Team was also originally planned to work in tandem with the Event Team whenever they had started working on things, however as I said before, the Event Team ended up never really being useful after the old members of it left. Ultimately, I would want most events to be mostly automatic so that staff didn't have to constantly manage them, as I can already predict that activity will dip after a few weeks, so that will ensure things continue without specific people required to be present. Things such as The Arena, Spleef, Parkour, etc should just be accessed at any given time.
  8. I'm going to only put this out there as an exciting idea to help make the server more of a draw to play on. I would like to propose the revival of build team and event team. But this time with a twist, that being if you don't actually do anything for the team you are on you don't get to be on the team. I know that being on the server is not an easy thing to do in an everyday life,but this would draw people to be on the server more often if we could keep certain events and builds to keep things interesting. I would also like to propose that the build team help out with the event team's building needs when the server wants to hold an event. Events would obviously run through staff, but can be planned out and drawn up by the event and build teams. I, for one, would like to see fun new ways to make the server have a fun day of the week where we do some sort of random activity. Some of the random activities could include: -Drop Parties (this time items are supplied by the server not the people) -Combat tournament (can be changed what type of combat) -Parkour run (would be hard but worth it for the setup) -Spleef (always a good addition) -Build wars (kinda tournament style or we could do free for all) These are just some of the things I would like to see and I wouldn't mind helping out with executing them as well. With that being said let's get this party rolling (hopefully) P.S. lets try and make events available in the afternoon because I know some of our members are only available then because of school and or jobs.
  9. Demo

    A DS UHC

    Just throwing it out there but we could schedule days of the month to do these sort of events and have event planners again?
  10. DETON8RS

    A DS UHC

    i like this a lot it sounds fun but do we have member count for this
  11. i looked through all the logs to see what you did, and havent found any evidence of you stealing anything or any foul play, so im not exactly sure how you got ban, but for now you are unban.
  12. Username: spicyturkey Server: Survival Banned By: JackeeBolp Date of Ban: unknown (September 2019) Reason: Griefing Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for four months, and I started back in June. I first found out about this server when I was searching online for survival servers. Since then, I have created a wonderful town with my friends, and we always have so much fun together playing. I am fairly familiar with all of the rules of this server, but my friend and I did ./warp and found a pyramid of diamonds. He was the one that broke all of the diamond blocks, and I will admit, I was a bystander. I got back on the server several times since then, and the friend who broke them got banned first. Then I noticed I got banned when I logged on today. The mods have already destroyed all of the diamonds, so I can not longer access them. I realize now what I have done is wrong, and we should've just walked away from the diamonds. Would you be able to give me a second chance? I am terribly sorry for the trouble I may have caused anyone, for I will never do it again because this server really means something to my friends and I. Thanks again, spicyturkey!
  13. MamaMusa

    A DS UHC

    Maybe one day making a UHC for diamondshaft or some pvp event like the old days.
  14. Dont touch my creative mode. I bought my RANKS and many others for that reason.
  15. Username: Wolfy707 Server: Survival Banned By: Date of Ban: September 7 2019 Reason: Duping Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for 3 years. I first found it while watching a YouTube video of the server. I should have said something to the staff about the duping exploit I'm sorry for breaking the rules. Thank you for reading and hope I get unban, Sincerely Wolfy707.
  16. I suppose I'll unban you since no other staff are responding.
  17. Hey people, I'm back again and actually active. I've been staff before on here and matured a lot since last time and have used all the tools before so it shouldnt take me long to get back up to speed. Plus I almost never see any staff on when Im on so I guess theres a bit of a timezone gap missing in there
  18. Hi, please put your appeal in https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/13-appeal-a-ban/.
  19. Madisonp01


    Once the server gets back online i will check it out if someone on staff hasnt already fixed it.
  20. Hello, Yes the server is down at the moment due to a power outage in my province caused by hurricane dorian the provider is working on the issue and hopefully the server will be back up later this afternoon.
  21. IGN: Acefeeg Age: 17 Discord: Jason P#8168 I have been active on the Diamond Shaft server for a little over a week now and I am interested in applying for GIT. In this short period of time I have grown to appreciate the community greatly and want to contribute to the server in a way that would be beneficial to the experience of others and the server's success and continued operation. I do not know how to use the many tools available to a person in this position but would be willing to learn at any moment in order to improve the community. I am from a small town in Connecticut and will soon be graduating high school and plan to peruse a career in engineering or statistics. As a person who is generally well tempered I believe I will be able to add to this community and try to play whenever possible. Thanks, Acefeeg
  22. The same thing has been happening to me for the past day now, so I believe the servers are down
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