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  3. MamaMusa

    A DS UHC

    Maybe one day making a UHC for diamondshaft or some pvp event like the old days.
  4. Dont touch my creative mode. I bought my RANKS and many others for that reason.
  5. Last week
  6. Username: Wolfy707 Server: Survival Banned By: Date of Ban: September 7 2019 Reason: Duping Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for 3 years. I first found it while watching a YouTube video of the server. I should have said something to the staff about the duping exploit I'm sorry for breaking the rules. Thank you for reading and hope I get unban, Sincerely Wolfy707.
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  8. I suppose I'll unban you since no other staff are responding.
  9. Hey people, I'm back again and actually active. I've been staff before on here and matured a lot since last time and have used all the tools before so it shouldnt take me long to get back up to speed. Plus I almost never see any staff on when Im on so I guess theres a bit of a timezone gap missing in there
  10. Hi, please put your appeal in https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/13-appeal-a-ban/.
  11. Madisonp01


    Once the server gets back online i will check it out if someone on staff hasnt already fixed it.
  12. Hello, Yes the server is down at the moment due to a power outage in my province caused by hurricane dorian the provider is working on the issue and hopefully the server will be back up later this afternoon.
  13. IGN: Acefeeg Age: 17 Discord: Jason P#8168 I have been active on the Diamond Shaft server for a little over a week now and I am interested in applying for GIT. In this short period of time I have grown to appreciate the community greatly and want to contribute to the server in a way that would be beneficial to the experience of others and the server's success and continued operation. I do not know how to use the many tools available to a person in this position but would be willing to learn at any moment in order to improve the community. I am from a small town in Connecticut and will soon be graduating high school and plan to peruse a career in engineering or statistics. As a person who is generally well tempered I believe I will be able to add to this community and try to play whenever possible. Thanks, Acefeeg
  14. The same thing has been happening to me for the past day now, so I believe the servers are down
  15. You've been on this server since it's conception essentially and you still thought it was alright to duplicate items (abusing exploit)? Anyways, please follow the ban appeal template;
  16. All of my friends are trying to connect to the server but nobody can get in, are the servers down?
  17. i was banned for item duping and i'll be happy if all my items were removed exchange to return
  18. You are not getting unban because of the amount of duping you did.
  19. plz unban me I play day and nigt and that sever so much time just wast because they said I dup but they stole all my stuff and I don't dup ign OPWAVE0_0
  20. still no reply but hope i can play again
  21. username: SogT BAnned BY: i dont know who banned me Date of ban:around 1-2 of september 2019 Reason: griefing Hello! I got banned recently from Diamondshaft because of griefing. I think this must have been a mistake because i dont recall breaking or stealing from anyone. If i have done this i would like to know who i griffed an what i griefed. And i sincerely apologise to the person i must have grieffed. -SogT
  22. Hello staff, I have been banned for duplication. I do not think this is fair i never duplicated anything. I gave diamonds to other players so I got banned. I had many friends and they have been playing for years and gave me diamonds. I started two days ago and have also been lucky to find a lot of diamonds. I'm truly sorry for giving players my diamonds I hope I can get unbanned. thank you -owencanpla
  23. Logged in to play with two of my friends and apparently one got banned so i was banned too? I was really looking forward to playing because I heard the server was full survival and 2 of my friends played Hopefully I can get unbanned, sincerely Lilmarco
  24. Atron


    Found a house burning down through Owencanpla and Goodgrammars nether portal which was set by them. House is owned by Legacychanger (found some locked chests) Will add that Loading____ is a witness. Dont know if he is on forums?
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