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  5. Storm_29 Survival I don't know who banned me Around 12:00 EST October 19th Inappropriate language/Rude behavior Ahoy mateys. I got banned on DS for remarks such as "This retarded villager is jewing up the prices" or something along the lines of. When a staff member told me not to say that I was confused as I remember the rules being you could not say offensive things directed at players and this was a villager so I jokingly while wrongly said that I was Jewish. I should not have said that but because I said that the staff member had said: "nvm" to me saying "ret
  6. Last week
  7. I don't know how my text got highlighted and I don't know how to undo that. Idea 1: lottery tickets cost less and you can buy more creating a bigger buying space for newer people. (E.g 10 each and you can buy 30 which is just now but divided by 10. Allows new people to buy 1 for 10 if they don't want to spend too much) 2: Plugin that auto deposits stuff into a shulker box. This could be limited to mining or open to everything. They could even be sold in admin shops as a special type of shulker box. Idea 3: Better voting rewards to encourage new people to vote. (Iffy on this one). I feel Diamon
  8. (Please note that I'm absolutely terrible at introductions) Hello everyone, Misery (Or, Sorrow) here. As of recently I've joined back. I'm happy to see that some of my ideas have been implemented in some way shape and or form. Post here: Although I have, in the title of this post im writing on currently, some ideas for money spending if a player has accumulated a large amount of money. My ideas are: Unbreakable tools, Tools with custom enchants (ex: An axe with fire aspect or a hoe with sharpness.) High end, expensive shit. I would also suggest selling more spawner eggs.. Tho
  9. Earlier
  10. Hi Xavier, I'm just going to get to the point and say you wont be unban. You caused many issues on Diamond Shaft when you were still playing, and were warned,banned, and tempbanned several times and it never worked. You felt the need to continue to steal from members of the community, which isnt permitted whatsoever. We, the staff of diamondshaft dont think its appropriate to let you back into the community knowing your past actions on the server. We know it will most likely happen again and we are not willing to let that risk happen.
  11. Hi, my name is Shadow_a_phantom you can call me shadow for short. I am turning 14 in 1 month. I have discord and my accout is phantom #4080. I have been on the server since the 1.15 update and have enjoyed every second of being online. Most of the people that play commonly on this server know that I'm usually active at least once a day for about 2 or more hours. I have made friends on the server and have helped other players with small problems. I have reminded players about the rules id i see something that goes against the rules. I live in Ontario Canada so I usually won't have any problem
  12. Xav1erD survival idk who idk when stealing lb proof Hello! my brother Xavier, in mc his name is Xav1erD got banned from this server and he doesn't play Minecraft anymore so he let me have his account. He said he got banned for stealing a lot of stuff from people. He said I would like it and he said something about being towns, that sounds pretty cool! thank you for reading this
  13. Preferred Name: Penelope Rose User: itzaturtleduuh Age: 16 Discord: Shotonini#0671 Hello, I'm Penelope. I have been invited to diamondshaft by star, and since then, I've been playing on the server nonstop. I spend most of my time collecting and hoarding things to give people. I enjoy helping people on the server even if it means giving away valuables like enchanted items or nethrite. If I had guardian, I could help people a lot more, like being able to find peoples stuff if they died somewhere far away. I'm not the best at surviving and a lot of things in Minecraft scare me
  14. IGN: Realjboylego Age: 18 Discord: james.#5618 Sup, as the title of this topic assumes, this is something that'll be rejected. I've been playing on the server since last update and I've remained one of the most active players. Filler story is in my builder application, I'll skip it here. As for why I am applying for guardian, I'm just doing this because apparently you're desperate for moderation. It does bother me when people need help with something and there are no staff on. It especially bothers me when I need help with something and there's no staff on. So solution; I become guard
  15. Welcome back to the team!
  16. Please follow the ban appeal template.
  17. IGN: Garbanto Age: 21 Discord: Garbanto Hello everyone my name is Garbanto. I currently have been on the server for about 5 years and have enjoyed my time on here and I would like to become staff again.Many times the are people that need help but there not any staff on cause most of the staff are on different time zones.Im friends with most of the staff members and members of the server.I'm 21 years old and i live in Greece. I have my own company so that allows me to have a lot of free time.Currently i am playing about 4 hours per day and i'm always on discord. I know how to us
  18. Hello Ricky, Please use the ban appeal template!
  19. sorry but i dided steal
  20. my username is cartthecart i was banned for stealing today 8/15/2020 and ive been playing for a few days i was on when they were talking about someone stealing from them i don't remember their name but i felt bad for it. This is when i think i stole, earlier today i was with my friends and I was in a village with them and i had just tpa'd to them so i assumed this was their village. so when i got to the chests i saw some emeralds and took them to trade with a villagers. i feel really bad and i am very sorry and i would be very grateful to be able to repay this person. I honestly feel terr
  21. I seemed to have missed A LOT

    1. Drewbug0301


      me too, just randomly opened the website and boom its all different

  22. If i could like something more then once i would like your post 10 times
  23. Before I make the dictatorial decision to properly IP ban this account, I figure I should put in my final word. Have you ever put so many hours and days of work into something, just to peer at a chat channel when you're finally able to relax, just to see someone constantly complaining about things that are either untrue, or so minuscule yet will constantly target you about it? Having to see it first thing as soon as you wake up in the morning before you head off to work? Having to explain multiple times over that it isn't this way, but actually that way but they won't take that as an answ
  24. Can someone tell me the active ip to the server? I remember playing here like 6 years ago when I was 10 and I’ve been trying to find the ip for a while to no avail. Thanks! :)
  25. Dear Kenji, I can't say that I'm sad to see you go, over the last number of years you've been one of the most problematic people on the server, and in the last few months you definitely became the most problematic member. The fact of the matter is that you genuinely have no idea what you're talking about, and seem to have an unforgiving grudge against Camo for absolutely no reason. While yes many people bought ranks for creative and fly, we did server wide votes, and the general consensus was that the majority of people felt that removing creative and fly was the right thing to
  26. I Won't bother asking for a ban appeal, since frankly I doubt it would be appealed, but here is the problem I have with Diamondshaft. When Anthrax was actively in charge of the server it was still pretty new, often times unstable, and would crash, glitch, or be down for maintenance, so, as a reward for helping upgrade the servers to run it, they offered donor perks, most notably Gold: flying, Diamond: Creative mode, Emerald: /feed, /Echest, /Craft. Slowly as the years went on and more and more people bought the donor ranks strictly for the perks the server grew, new components purchased, advan


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