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  2. who else wants survival+ back? also /fly but ya
  3. sorry it has taken so long. you are now unbanned
  4. If anyone hasn't unbanned you yet I'll do it later. Sorry for the late response. Please don't break the rules again. You might not get an other chance
  5. Hello, thank you for letting us know! You are correct, the issue was with the recent minecraft update. I've since fixed this by updating the plugin and it is working correctly again!
  6. WickedRainG


    Hi, can you please send me your coordinates through this forums mail or through discord? ~Rain
  7. Ah, just a guess but it may be the old shop plugin not playing nice with the update.
  8. I don't see a bug section to post in, so here ya go: I'm not sure if this is server side or a problem with the update maybe, but I can't see any info on the sale boxes in the mall since 1.16.4 I see what looks like a stack of fences appear above each box when I look at it. I thought it was me so I checked and switched to the new update and I'm still having this problem. Thnaks, Jay
  9. zozo_143


    i havent played on the server for 2 weeks now due to exams and i join to my whole base griefied broken into and stolen items
  10. I used to play this server a ton back when I was 12, I think, for around three years or so? Bought my first diamond rank (creative and fly! YAY!), built numerous towns, loved the people, connected with lovely players, got into a few arguments with the admins; Basically, I spent way too much time on this server, LOL. Anywho, I'm 18 now, in college, I wanted to play with my brother and this server popped into my mind! I was so excited to possibly meet some old friends and show my brother the ropes. I got on and it was empty, not surprising, but what confused me the most was the fact that my /fl
  11. Username: mevlastyles Server: Survival Banned By: JackeeBolp Date of Ban: Not sure Reason: Griefing Hello, I've been playing this server for quite some time and one day I decided it would be a good idea to /rtp, when I did that I had nothing with me, I was just doing it for fun, and then I realized I teleported next to a base, I don't remember the location or what the house was like, but I do remember taking a few things from the chest, i'm sure it wasnt anything important, but I would obviously never do this again, and I have learned my lesson. Thank you, M
  12. The cooldown is the only bad part. If there was a way to regulate that to PvP and get rid of the cooldown for mobs, then it would be perfect.
  13. Hello, everyone. So apparently a lot of people have been requesting we bring back 1.9 PvP instead of using the 1.8 PvP. I decided to open a poll to see what everyone thinks. I personally could go either way. 1.8 PvP (OldCombatMechanics): The old spam-click based combat, no attack cooldown. Old armor stats. Old weapon stats. Old health regeneration from food, potions, and golden apples, etc. Shields only block half of all damage (or varied.) Etc. 1.9 PvP: Timed, cooldown based combat. Sweeping Edge for swords. Slow but powerful
  14. Username: nigmode_ Server: Survival Date of ban: 10/28/2020, 5pm PDT Reason for ban: Having an inappropriate name Banned by:??? I got banned for having my user as "nigmode_". I understand that it is a racial slur but I can't change the IGN at the moment. My intention for the name wasn't suppose to be offensive. I was thinking of changing my name on that server and still let me play. I am sorry for the inconvenience, I totally understand why I got banned. Thank you.
  15. I'll go ahead and unban you, please try not to cause anymore issues with staff or in general



  18. Storm_29 Survival I don't know who banned me Around 12:00 EST October 19th Inappropriate language/Rude behavior Ahoy mateys. I got banned on DS for remarks such as "This retarded villager is jewing up the prices" or something along the lines of. When a staff member told me not to say that I was confused as I remember the rules being you could not say offensive things directed at players and this was a villager so I jokingly while wrongly said that I was Jewish. I should not have said that but because I said that the staff member had said: "nvm" to me saying "ret
  19. I don't know how my text got highlighted and I don't know how to undo that. Idea 1: lottery tickets cost less and you can buy more creating a bigger buying space for newer people. (E.g 10 each and you can buy 30 which is just now but divided by 10. Allows new people to buy 1 for 10 if they don't want to spend too much) 2: Plugin that auto deposits stuff into a shulker box. This could be limited to mining or open to everything. They could even be sold in admin shops as a special type of shulker box. Idea 3: Better voting rewards to encourage new people to vote. (Iffy on this one). I feel Diamon
  20. (Please note that I'm absolutely terrible at introductions) Hello everyone, Misery (Or, Sorrow) here. As of recently I've joined back. I'm happy to see that some of my ideas have been implemented in some way shape and or form. Post here: Although I have, in the title of this post im writing on currently, some ideas for money spending if a player has accumulated a large amount of money. My ideas are: Unbreakable tools, Tools with custom enchants (ex: An axe with fire aspect or a hoe with sharpness.) High end, expensive shit. I would also suggest selling more spawner eggs.. Tho
  21. Hi Xavier, I'm just going to get to the point and say you wont be unban. You caused many issues on Diamond Shaft when you were still playing, and were warned,banned, and tempbanned several times and it never worked. You felt the need to continue to steal from members of the community, which isnt permitted whatsoever. We, the staff of diamondshaft dont think its appropriate to let you back into the community knowing your past actions on the server. We know it will most likely happen again and we are not willing to let that risk happen.
  22. Hi, my name is Shadow_a_phantom you can call me shadow for short. I am turning 14 in 1 month. I have discord and my accout is phantom #4080. I have been on the server since the 1.15 update and have enjoyed every second of being online. Most of the people that play commonly on this server know that I'm usually active at least once a day for about 2 or more hours. I have made friends on the server and have helped other players with small problems. I have reminded players about the rules id i see something that goes against the rules. I live in Ontario Canada so I usually won't have any problem
  23. Xav1erD survival idk who idk when stealing lb proof Hello! my brother Xavier, in mc his name is Xav1erD got banned from this server and he doesn't play Minecraft anymore so he let me have his account. He said he got banned for stealing a lot of stuff from people. He said I would like it and he said something about being towns, that sounds pretty cool! thank you for reading this
  24. Preferred Name: Penelope Rose User: itzaturtleduuh Age: 16 Discord: Shotonini#0671 Hello, I'm Penelope. I have been invited to diamondshaft by star, and since then, I've been playing on the server nonstop. I spend most of my time collecting and hoarding things to give people. I enjoy helping people on the server even if it means giving away valuables like enchanted items or nethrite. If I had guardian, I could help people a lot more, like being able to find peoples stuff if they died somewhere far away. I'm not the best at surviving and a lot of things in Minecraft scare me
  25. IGN: Realjboylego Age: 18 Discord: james.#5618 Sup, as the title of this topic assumes, this is something that'll be rejected. I've been playing on the server since last update and I've remained one of the most active players. Filler story is in my builder application, I'll skip it here. As for why I am applying for guardian, I'm just doing this because apparently you're desperate for moderation. It does bother me when people need help with something and there are no staff on. It especially bothers me when I need help with something and there's no staff on. So solution; I become guard
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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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