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  2. He will be a month tomorrow. Amazing.

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  4. yo vampy, luk blew up my survival+ house

    1. KingVampy


      If it was in the Wild, then griefing is fine. If you don't want anyone destroying your builds then you may want to switch back to normal Survival or join/create a town in game.

  5. How long is the sale

    its all good didnt care to really i realized it isnt worth my money considering my feelings about the server
  6. Survival+ is Online.

    ggt the herobrian mod pls :9
  7. How long is the sale

    Just set the prices back to normal last night, sorry if you weren't able to purchase them within the set timeframe.
  8. Survival+ is Online.

    Hello, everyone. DiamondShaft has clearly been quite "dead," but I decided I'd be working on Survival+ whenever I felt like doing so. The server itself is not much different from before, however the "custom" world was removed (spawn was fucked over and I couldn't be asked to repair it by hand.) It is now a normal generated world with ExoticGarden plants. The spawn is downloaded from PMC, but it's good enough for what was needed. Plugins were all updated, their explanations will be listed below. To join the server, enter the main Survival server and type /server Survival+. Or, you can type /server and click where it says "Survival+". If you do not have your donator rank, just ask me to set it and I will do so once I get the chance. PLUGINS: SlimeFun - Adds more functionality to Survival. Create different types of crafting areas for new items and weapons, etc. CraftBook - Adds more functionality to Survival. Examples; footstep particles, ladder gravity, etc. ChestShop - Lets you create shops with chests. CraftableHorseItems - Self explanatory. You are now able to craft all horse items in Survival. SimplePets - Essentially just EchoPet. Lets you spawn in and customize your pets (Prophet only.) ProjectKorra - Lets you bind your hotbar for bending. TrailGUI - Lets you spawn custom trails that follow you. (Donators only.) MarriageMaster - Dem block tiddies. Lets you "marry" a partner and somehow obtain Survival bonuses. ExoticGarden - More ways of creating food and more "plants" to find in the world. HorseProtect - Protect your horse with an Owner saddle. LuckyBlock - Craft a "LuckyBlock" and receive a random item, or something unlucky. RandomTeleport - Randomly teleport to an area near you. Vampire - Create a shrine of darkness to infect yourself and receive bonuses (harmful in the sun.) Shrine of light will cure you. MobHealth - See mob health bars. mcMMO - Currently does not work. Spigot needs updating on S+. mcjobs - Use a command to obtain multiple jobs and work for money. Alternative to selling items. RANKS: Donation page: https://diamondshaft.buycraft.net/ [Common] - Just member. Has access to some bending, marriage, horse protect, chest shop, and other basic Survival needs. [Citizen] - Iron. Has access to more trails, /back, /hat, /afk, /nick, and more sethomes. [Templar] Gold. Has access to more trails, /fly, and more sethomes. [Cleric] Diamond. Has access to more trails, chi bending, /clearinventory, /ptime, all Trails, vampire nightvision. [Prophet] Emerald. Has access to /pweather, /workbench, /feed, /enderchest, color signs, unlimited homes, and all pets. [Justiciar] Guardian. [Arbiter] Moderator. [Emissary] Administrator. Note; ranks do not yet automatically apply to players. An Admin has to set them all manually. All ranks obtain features from ranks before them. Creative is only given to certain staff/friends currently willing to help me with server builds. SERVER RULES & SETTINGS: Stealing allowed in the Wild. Griefing allowed in the Wild. PvP allowed in the Wild. Mayors can decide whether they want PvP in towns or not. Griefing in Town is bannable. Stealing in Town is bannable. No abuse of exploits or glitches. No spamming chat. No excessive caps. No disrespect of other players. No hacking or use of easy personal-gain mods. No advertising other Server IP's. No impersonation of staff members or other players. No threatening to "hack" the server or some shit. No inappropriate builds. No use of AFK Pools or machines. Survival server grinder rules. keepInventory is disabled. FireSpreads is enabled (may be disabled in WorldGuard regions and towns.) World border will be set to 100,000 in all worlds. mobGriefing is enabled (may also be disabled in regions.) Note; These rules & settings may change through feedback. Check back once in a while. This server is still not entirely "finished" and I don't think it ever will be, I'd like to work on it through player feedback (as that's what the original idea for it was, a mainly survival experience for fun plugins and no creative for players.) There may very well be issues on the server that still need fixing, so I'd like to be able to work on those issues as well. SPAWN LINK: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/small-survival-spawn/ Created by: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/john_sauve/
  9. How long is the sale

  10. How long is the sale

    I feel robbed, lol. Jk.
  11. How long is the sale

    Ok what time exactly
  12. How long is the sale

    Ends tomorrow
  13. How long is the sale

    K so I was looking at ranks for my birthday and I saw they were alot cheaper how long does this last for? Cuz I won't be able to get a rank till Thursday
  14. I unbanned you from the essentials plugin. Try now.
  15. Christmas party!

    christmas is a month away and to spread holiday cheer, i host a christmas party! there will be food, presents, and games! anyone that joins MUST have a rank (includes build team) and present for 2 people that attend. If you have any questions or comments, please EMAIL me not talk to me in chat. if it is urgent, you can talk in chat. Email: [email protected]
  16. Diamondlucaya's build team presentation

    i love building and being part of the build team would be awesome! i don't do much building on Diamond shaft but offline on single player creative, i go nuts! even thought i already have access to creative with my diamond rank, i still would like to be able to use protection on my builds and using world edit to faster build things. here are my builds.
  17. but when i try to join it still says banned by an operator, can u ban me then unban me or something? because i cant join maybe u did unban me but it still says im banned by an operator.
  18. You are already unbanned.
  19. Username: 15hrs , but you might find me as iiWebby Server: SurvivalBanned By: neilplayzDate of Ban: 2017-01-27 23:43:00Reason: Griefing LB Proof I made a ban appeal for Stealing LB Proof, i was unbanned but when i try to connect to the server it still says "you are banned by an operator", so maybe the unban didnt work or i got ipbanned? please reply and try to fix it because i really want to play on the server again
  20. When i try to join the server it still says im banned by an operator, are you sure you unbanned me? maybe im ip banned? 

  21. 15hrs Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    Unbanned. Dont do it again.
  22. 15hrs Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

  23. 15hrs Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    Username: 15hrs , but you might find me as iiWebby Server: SurvivalBanned By: neilplayzDate of Ban: 2017-01-27 23:43:00Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, i found the server diamondshaft from the owners youtube channel of him show casing the survival server. I did read the rules and i do know the rules and someone in chat said go to there library and they are giving out free stuff in chest and i went into a chest and took out all the stuff, but i guess i also went into certain chest the player did not want me to go into. I did not know the player did not want me to go into that chest because they said go to their library and go into chest and take stuff they are giving stuff away so i thought i was okay to take certain stuff from a chest that i guess the player did not want me to go into. Then i was banned a little after i got off that day over night, and i woke up and saw i was banned and i was so confused why i was banned because i did not grief i just took some stuff out of a chest. Can i please just have one more chance on the server? I am very sorry for the trouble i had caused with the player and the staff. Best regards -15hrs
  24. lost home

    Woah nice going king
  25. I'm  curious is there going to be a server reset for the new aquatic update? I want to make something but I don't know if I should start if it's gonna get deleted 

    1. NeilPlayz


      Ummm... the server can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh cause, its dead. 

    2. Possessed


      You know what would solve that? Reset.

  26. lost home

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