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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi, please refer to the ban appeal template when appealing a ban. Ban Appeal Template - Appeal a Ban - Diamond Shaft ~Rain
  3. Last week
  4. envoidz


    Hello, I was griefing a player in diamondshaf. The reason I did it because I thought it would be funny. Then after when I got banned I thought about it and it was wrong. Someone that put dedication on their work and having a fun time. It took that person hours and I just destroyed that person hard work. I regret my choice of griefing and taking things that are not mine from other players. If I'm unban I will never do that again. I would just play the game and have fun. I'm sorry for the person I grief I hope that person can forgive. If not it's ok I deserve it anyway.
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  6. Ill unban you since it is your first offense but please don't steal again and make sure to read our rules.
  7. Username: ZeroMinerXY Server: Survival Banned By: Unkown Date of Ban: Unkown Reason: Stealing Hello I would love to get back in Diamondshaft. I was baned for stealing and I know it was wrong but know I would like to return for a new leaf on this great server and have fun with my friends. If there is so that I wont get a new chance for the 1.16 server could I get a new chance for 1.17 when the server resets Thanks again, ZeroMinerXY!
  8. Hello I would love to get back in Diamondshaft. I was baned for stealing and I know it was wrong but know I would like to return for a new leaf on this great server and have fun with my friends
  9. Happy birthday 

  10. someone placed heads in our house
  11. someone stole from me
  12. Sorry I didn't see this reply until now. Thanks for responding Anthrax, Here are the Coords: X: -58.416 Y: 1 Z: 182.036 The farm is no longer greifed, as people who use it have repaired it, and I have acquired new gear. I would appreciate it still if I was able to get the items I lost back, though. Thank you.
  13. Hello Drew, Thank you for your report, Sorry about the late reply to this, I'm just checking the report now. Has this issue been sorted for you? Or is it still griefed? Messaging us on discord about a grief is generally the fastest way to hear back from us. If you can let us know the co-ordinates (Pressing F3 on your keyboard will show them) We can then teleport and assist.
  14. Hello, Unfortunately as we have stated in other posts regarding similar requests, we are unable to provide downloads to the world files. There are a few reasons that we cannot, however the primary reason is due to the upload size associated to it. Most of the worlds we have had on Diamond Shaft have ranged in the 100+ GB file size. It just isn't really feasible for us to store these map files somewhere for people years to come to download. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. - King
  15. omg i am Ricky_the_star alsue known as rickystar Im a streamer here's my twitch twitch.tv/ricky_the_star
  16. Are there any world downloads from late 2015? just wondering as that was when i was really into this game, me and another player whose name i don't remember built a large quartz house that was featured on the front page of this server's old website and i just wanna relive those times in-game
  17. I tpaed to simpy's enderman farm, and fell out of the world and lost a shulker box, full netherite tools, a enchanted netherite chestplate, boots, and leggings, and some other stuff. If anyone could fix the farm and help get my stuff back, i would really appreciate it.. i spawn right in front of where the blocks were broken, so i walked right into the void without noticing.
  18. Thats' crazy but i dont remember asking
  19. These two people tricked me into letting them tp to my home, then killed my friends and me multiple times and mass griefed my home. Screenshots below:
  20. Why not give everyone who bought Emerald the previous armor rank? You don't purchase ranks twice. If you buy Iron then the cost of Gold will have iron deducted from it (unless it changed?). This idea was around before but they removed the previous ranks armor kits when they added the rule of not salvaging armor. Then they buffed rank armor sets with unbreaking and other enchants.
  21. This probably won't be accepted, but I was thinking of a way to make it more fair to people who have bought multiple ranks. Ex: Someone bought Iron, then Diamond. If they bought Iron in the past, they should be able to use the ITools and Iarmor kits as well as DTools and Darmor. Rules about it: If you buy diamond and emerald, this should be your kit loadout: Serverbooks, XP, Elytra, Darmor, DTools, Etools, and Ermor. You cannot have two kit xps, and if this needs to be balanced you can increase the kit cooldown on previous bought ranks by a couple days. This doesn't mean if you
  22. I don't know how many people join the server through voting methods. It could be few or it could be many but why not squeeze any players we can from voting? The only issue is that voting is practically useless. There are like 6 or 7 voting links and I am sure most work but I just went through 3 and only 1 worked. That isn't what I think should be improved however. I feel if the rewards were improved it would encourage voting much more often. Why not give out crate keys to a simple voting chest that gives a bit of anticipation and a non vanilla type system to the game? It's bland to expect the
  23. i had made 15 clicks in just 2 seconds https://cpsandtypingtest.com/2-second-test/
  24. who else wants survival+ back? also /fly but ya
  25. sorry it has taken so long. you are now unbanned
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