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  2. by the power invested in me i say no
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  4. Dear who it may concern. I think that AFK farms should be allowed on the server. Isn't the point of having a survival server to build yourself up and compete with others to be the best? if im not mistaken, AFK farms are a crucial part of that process. All other successful survival servers allow AFK farms, and for good reason. Although you might not want anyone to AFK and be able to mass produce and sell produce, that would only motivate all other players to become more successful and in all boost the server economy. Please reconsider this rule.
  5. Try joining again now, I've tried removing mcbans.
  6. I was playing for the first time after I got unbanned but I left then it said that I was banned again by the same person and according to my cousin he hasn't been on for years and I have tried restarting my laptop and refreshing hundreds of times but it isn't working and I also took a picture you can see at the bottom right what time it is for proof please somebody help me.
  7. I was playing for the first time but I left then it said that I was banned again by the same person and according to my cousin he hasn't been on at all and I have tried restarting my laptop and refreshing hundreds of times but it isn't working and I also took a picture you can see at the bottom right what time it is for proof.
  8. I can see that you were banned a really long time ago, so I will just go ahead and unban you. Please don't grief again ~Rain
  9. Can you unban me please its been like 5 days and nobody has responded just go to my account and ready my ban appeal.

  10. still no respond please respond i really just wanna play with my cousin.
  11. Username: Unknown_Gamer320 Server: Survival Banned by: breakfast_boy Date of Ban: 2015-12-01 Reason of Ban: griefing lb proof Hello my brother was banned years ago and he doesn't even play minecraft anymore so I use his account and I just wanted to play with my cousin so we decided that we wanted to play on Diamond Shaft but turns out my brother was banned a long time ago so I would really just like to me unbanned please and thank you.
  12. Please follow the ban appeal template. You can find it here
  13. So i got banned a few years ago for "greifing" but im sure my 13 year old self would never do that, and i really didn't do it.
  14. i was 13 at the time give it a break
  15. i made 60 click in 10 seconds need to improve my CPS . http://cpstest.org
  16. Player: Necriii Ban Date: 2/9/2020 Reason: Theft
  17. Player: CrugglieOof Ban Date: 2/9/2020 Reason: Grief and Theft
  18. I'd be willing to bring you back to the team as long as you are able to be active on the server. Let me know on Discord when you can
  19. Greetings! Today I am applying for a staff position. I have been on the server for a several years, and have always tried to come up with different ways to help others. I have always been friendly with everyone, and have built my giant farm to provide for everyone. I have what it takes to become a staff member, as I play on the server on an almost daily basis. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and that is what I plan on providing for everyone. Those who grief may have a chance to replace the blocks that they broke, and those who steal may have a chance to return the items that they stole. I plan on making this server a more friendly and heart-warming place to play, so that nobody has a reason to leave our server. I have already come up with a few ideas on how to make our server more interactive. Thank you all for your attention! Yours truly, DSK (DiamondSkullKing)
  20. IGN: BDogLucas Age: 18 Discord: BDogLucas#6276 Hello, my name is BDogLucas, but some of you may know me as MrBaconGuy. About 5 years ago, when the server first started, I had to leave my position as Guardian due to personal reasons beyond my control, but i'm happy to say that i'm back, and ready to fulfill those duties. I would like to become Guardian in order to fulfill the mantle I once held. I've always been a person that enjoys helping people, and this would help in filling that. I am also former good friends with the staff, and would like to once again start our friendship. I have never broken a rule on the server. Not a big fan of talking about myself, but i'm Brandon, and i'm 18. I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and currently attend Truman State University with an undecided major. I am more-than-likely a bit behind the times and no longer know things like WorldEdit like I once did, but am more than willing to re-learn it. If I left anything out you would like to know, shoot me a message on Discord.
  21. I've seen you very active on the server, welcome to the team! Hope to be able to train you tomorrow.
  22. IGN: Solider_tf2 Discord: Platinum #9338 Heyah, 15 year old male here. Name's Platinum, been on this server since 2014/2015. Seen the good times and the bad times of this server, always loved being apart of this wonderful community and talking to everyone within the server it self! I've been trying to be apart of the guardian or staff system back in this server's prime but I was just a little kid 9 or 10 year's old. But now since I have now the chance and my upbringing onto this server again with many new found friendships and rediscovered ones being noticed and made. I would love to connect more with this server and it's members in any way shape or form. Honestly I know nothing of Minecraft's plugins in such I just love communicating with the community, learning things about them and how to make things better for people. Nothing much to learn bout me but hey from Minnesota currently in the 10th grade planning to get into the stem field in the near future. Just gotta make what's good of life for the time being until I have to someday disappear aha. Trying to do minor things to help out any shape way or form. I do not have an account but hey who says I cannot make one?
  23. Welcome to the team, again!
  24. IGN: Sernum Age: 18 Discord: Sernum#3014 Hello, my name is Seth, otherwise known as Sernum in-game. I decided that I'd apply for GIT after reading Chad's update post about the upcoming 1.16 update and his request for some more staff members. I thought I'd give it a go because previously on Wisp Valley, Chad's little side server, I became a Helper on after getting to know everybody and hanging around for a bit. Much like that, I've done the same thing on DS. I've been around for a few weeks now and I've gotten to know a decent amount of the player base. I believe I should become a GIT because I'm decently active throughout the whole week and I enjoy spending time with those in the community. Though I'm not very developed in terms of plugins and/or server-side issues, I'm much better at PR; consequently, I think I'd be very helpful to those new players joining the server looking for some guidance. Additionally, I'd be able to solve any in-game issues by diffusing the situation and working it out with the players without causing much of a fuss. Though I enjoy goofing around with others and having a good time, if I am to become part of the staff team I'd definitely change my behavior on the server and act more professional when dealing with issues that need to be solved. That's not to say I'm not here to have a good time. Whenever I'm on the server I'll definitely still goof around with other people and make sure we're all enjoying our experience. There's not much more I can think to add for this application, but if there is anything else you are looking for me to provide I'd be more than happy to add it in promptly. Please let me know if I can do anything else! Thanks.
  25. Hello, everyone. Today the first snapshot for 1.16 has been released (20w06a) and with it includes a few of the features mentioned at Minecon Live 2019, the most notable change that was not mentioned being the addition of Netherite, a material that is stronger and faster than Diamond and does not burn in Lava/Fire. Personally I'm hoping they change the textures for the items as the color is very bland, but either way. Before I had mentioned that we would not reset the map for 1.16, however looking at the release window for it we may do so anyways, though this remains to be seen. We are also planning to wait longer to update the server to 1.16 once it releases as I would much rather have all of the plugins and everything else working properly for release, as well as having more time for spawn and anything else we can think of. I have been wanting to advertise and create a new video for the server however Optifine has been taking too long to update and now with 1.16 releasing within the next handful of months may be even longer. I may just have to create one without shaders and my resources however it would definitely look worse. CREATIVE MODE Here comes what is likely the biggest topic of this post, and in the community in general, creative mode. It has been discussed with the staff that we are going to try a 6 month (or just main update length) period without creative mode. After that time is over we will decide to keep this change or remove it depending on community feedback. For rank incentive I plan to be adding VeinMiner to Diamond ranks, which, though is self-explanatory, lets you mine veins of ores, trees, and whatever else we configure into it all at once at the cost of whatever durability it would take to mine all of those blocks. There are quite a few reasons as to why we wish to test removing creative, but the main one being it has always been a major issue to run the server while players have access to both modes, despite it being restricted. We have to add - and usually tamper with - the creative mode rules, constantly configure the restriction plugin whenever we see fit or when a new update comes out that adds items, and of course can be easily abused even with restrictions. That's not even all of the problems we've had with creative mode on a survival server, so we hope some of you can understand. We will let Gold+ keep fly, as it is generally nice to have for building purposes (and personally I would scream my head off having to build my own builds without fly,) however it will remain disabled in the End for those that do not have fly and cannot travel & loot as quickly. With that change in mind, we may be adding to what ranks will give you to further support in Survival and potentially re-working the kits. Moderators & Builders will still have creative however they may be restricted, though I will have to see. STAFF Considering the low amount of staff we have now, I would like to have more members joining the staff team to help out on the server. Interviews and GIT will no longer be programs that we make use of, instead what we will be doing now are simply reviewing player applications and/or seeing how active they are, then training them as per normal. If someone joins the team then goes inactive, we will likely demote them and find another member, though obviously we will contact them first. If you are interested, please apply here; https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/16-applications/ (and remember to read the "Before You Apply" post.)
  26. I see, I would recommend ensuring that this time your account is secure and you have access to the email to be able to get it back if anything goes wrong. Otherwise, if you end up getting a new account and lose access to this one in the future, you would need to purchase the rank again for the new account.
  27. Its not because of that. It's because I lost both my accs due to it being an og account. The email turned out to be lost and retrieve it.
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