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  2. I have a much better grasp on how modpacks work now and could very easily set up a server but I currently have a lot on my plate with this server and want to purely focus on survival for 1.16
  3. We have done custom modpack servers before and they really never worked out.
  4. The vote has already ended in favor of it being removed, locking.
  5. i do not think that it should be removed. personally, /fly makes the game even more rewarding, because i can do more things in a shorter time period. also, for anyone who does not want /fly, you can always leave it off, it is not black and white. /fly makes everything much much easier and less frustrating to do, like building a quick little survival house. thats just my personal opinion, but ya.
  6. Hey guys, I would like to suggest a DS modded server consisting of a fun modpack like Biomes o plenty or Tinkers I know we tried it before but I feel like it might be a fun twist and a fresh take on Minecraft. What do you think? Sincerely, Neil
  7. Although i am not staff, please follow the Ban Appeal Template:
  8. Tutie007


    SORRY i use fly hack to visit the world pls unbann me i am a fine and fair player
  9. Isn't that the problem though? "Myeehhhhhh. I bought a rank for my own personal gain instead of having the intent to keep the serverrr running. Meeee mad if fly and gmc go bye bye myeehhh" no. You donate to a server to support the people running it out of the kindness of your heart. At most you should get kits and particle trails. Maybe for emerald you can change the color of your name. Point being: You don't donate for your own personal gain. You donate to support the server.
  10. @spicyturkeyI'm not sure if you're aware but we're removing Creative for 1.16 for Survival
  11. I am number 4, haha.
  12. I, personally, do not think you should remove flying. I wanted a rank for a reason - to be able to fly while building. Yes, I get creative mode with my rank, but flying has made building so much easier. I liked one person’s idea of disabling flying in the nether in order to bring back the suspense. I feel like removing flying will make others with ranks a little upset because I know a few that bought the ranks just for that reason
  13. Remove it, we have so many modes of transport which don't get used because of it. Scaffolding and horses are just novelty items, elytras usually fall into the hands of players who have /fly so it just makes them a novelty item too, not to mention the new mount coming in 1.16, I wanna stride. I think we should get a flight kit for Emerald rank which is purely 1 Elytra which 0 enchantments, it shouldnt be available straight away bit rather it should be activated a few weeks after the end opens and it should be a one time use kit, once you get your elytra you cant get it again and if you die its gone.
  14. Remove it! /fly kills the vibe for survival
  15. I feel as if it SHOULD be removed. As you said, it makes the game way more rewarding. Plus with the removal of flight, I feel like keep inventory should also be off (haven't been on in a LONG while, so no clue if it is on or off.) Plus, you can potentially have larger worlds since fly would be off, and it generally gives time commitment more of a thing to be appreciated, especially when it comes to building. You can build without fly. There's just more personal rewards and accomplishment for doing it without it. Same for traveling 10k blocks to find a mansion or some shit. Furthermore, I kinda feeling donating should be like- I dunno. SUPPORTING THE ADMINS AND TO KEEP THE SERVER RUNNING. Just me.
  16. We shouldn't disable /fly, but I do agree with Zelphion, Giving Gold+ an Elytra and rockets would be quite useful as an alternative for /fly.
  17. I feel that we should not disable fly, all the way. I am thinking just like the end we should disable it in the nether, but for the overworld it helps us get around, which in turn does make the elytra redundant in the overworld, but still gives usage to them in the nether/end. If you do decide to remove them, i may suggest giving an elytra as a kit item for those who would get fly as a donation perk.
  18. Hello, everyone. I have been thinking of removing flight for 1.16 for a multitude of reasons, although removal of this alongside of creative mode may, understandably, annoy many members of the community. So I have decided to start a poll to see what everyone else thinks on this matter. However, before voting, I implore all of you to see the reasoning behind this idea below. As a note, Builders and all Staff members would keep fly for obvious reasons, but would be prohibited from using it for survival means. Removal of flight would, obviously, further support the survival experience. Travel, horses, towns, and certain builds (bridges, scaffolding's, etc) would have much more meaning. The world size would become much more manageable as chunks are not being rapidly loaded by flying players (players flying tens of thousands of blocks outwards at once.) Elytra would have a more practical use. Selling /fly goes against Minecraft's EULA (but honestly who cares) The Nether would actually be treacherous and more rewarding. And maybe more. Just generally makes the game a bit more rewarding and meaningful all around. I do understand that building would become much more annoying, and I especially agree that that would suck however I still have plans for a separate creative-only world with potentially a global chat connected to the survival world. I am still unsure whether or not this world will come to fruition however so take it with a grain of salt.
  19. Not to flex but I was truely ahead of my time ;) ( https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/3262-remove-gmc-and-feed-declined/?tab=comments#comment-18374 ) In all seriousness though, I think that the changes you are proposing are great for the general feel of the server. Even though I myself do not play anymore, nor plan on doing so again, there are a few things I would like to suggest. If you do decide to add a creative only world then having a global chat would be nice, that way people that do play creative will not feel so isolated. Making spawner mining a gold exclusive might seem like a good idea but you might want to consider the impact this will have on the economy, ranks could easily abusive their position and make a quick buck. I do understand that you cannot take away everything from the donor ranks so it might not be that bad after all. Toggleable Keepinv? kind of over powered but again I can see why you would want to add it to emerald rank. Tittles sound nice but you could also consider something for the mctop players (assuming we still have mcmmo ?, idk havent played in ages), a simple chat prefix to flex with should do the trick. The new 1.16 snapshots have added custom world support, you could have an extra custom dimension which would be all wild and stuff while keeping the main worlds like they are. Anyways I dont play anymore so do with it whatever you want.
  20. we have had the spawn nether removed for a few updates now.
  21. Also about a month or two of thought has gone into next update. I want 1.16 and hopefully further to have a more survival oriented experience as the server should be. I am thinking of having a separate creative world for those that still wish to create those types of builds easier. Potentially a creative server as another side project however I would have to ask Nath if he wants to go through screwing around with BungeeCord again.
  22. Could you re-think removing creative maybe? or even add a rank where all you get is creative.? I know im bad at building but all I want to do is build on the server T_T, Is there a reason you are removing creative??
  23. Also i am assuming because of the nether update we will disable the nether at spawn until someone makes one or something?
  24. Honestly i have been wanting to return for awhile but due to creative it has really made me not want to come grind. But i am very happy with the changes that will be happening to DiamondShaft
  25. would like if you could add /sit
  26. Hello, everyone. I'm sure most of you have been wondering what is going to be put in place of creative mode for 1.16, along with some other changes that we may be doing. I've been looking at a bunch of things to add to the server or to change for when we decide to update. I keep being asked when 1.16 is going to release however the update is still in it's snapshot phase so really it's up to Mojang. I'm hoping for at least June personally. Here is the list of changes/ideas. I would love to receive feedback on any of these to see what people would like to see change. All subject to change. [Green] - Guaranteed or already added. [Yellow] - Maybe. [Purple] - Very unsure or needs more thought/feedback. Rank Changes Removal of /creative. Separate world strictly for creative (Unsure. If done, may vary from rank to rank. Likely Diamond+ for build access.) VeinMiner (Diamond+) Silk Spawners (Gold+) Color /nick, color your chat text with /color (Diamond+. This will not include decorations like bold and italics.) Toggleable /keepInventory (Emerald) Lib's Disguises (Each donator rank will get varying options to disguise as mobs/entities. Usernames will still appear above heads.) Kit updates (still undefined.) Trails will be made to work again. Survival Titles (Earn a multitude of rank titles from completing certain tasks in survival and be able to switch titles at any time.) BountyHunters. Potential custom generated world with use of a plugin. (Unsure. may stick with vanilla.) Phantoms will remain disabled. OldCombatMechanics will remain. Harbor will now count AFK players towards the required sleep count. This is to avoid players "sleeping" without a bed. (Currently added.) AdvancedAchievements. Dynmap (Currently added.) Economy Lottery. Auctions. General price changes in worth.yml for most items. New shop plugin to replace ChestShop? (More ease of use.) Job payouts may be updated. Trade System may be added. Server New server video soon to be made. Few more videos planned (More build timelapses anyone?) New server logo to be made. Builder Rank For anyone wondering, you can no longer apply for builder. The builder rank is given to those who I personally believe to be the best builders in our community. I like to see how they develop their skills and further input their talent into their creations, and they may optionally help with official server builds. I will admit, my preference is biased though that is mainly because I don't want a huge wave of builders on the server. I do try to listen to peoples suggestions for other builders though. If you have any screenshots of your original builds (no youtube/copying from other sources) please post them on the #builds channel in our Discord, just do not ask for the rank specifically. For 1.16, Builder will retain creative and worldedit however both may be limited.
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