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  2. IGN: Garbanto Age: 20 Discord: Garbanto Hello everyone my name is Garbanto. I currently have been on the server for about 3-4 years and have enjoyed my time on here I want to become staff again , because a see a lot of the staff members are inactive and i would like to help people again cause i'm on at times that most staff members are not on.Most people already know me from before when i was moderator .To talk a little about myself, I am 20 years old i live in Greece and i got my own business . I am on the Diamond Shaft server on average 4 to 5 hours a day.I can obviously get on the forums which my name is Garbanto as well. I already know how to use world edit and logblock. Hope i get staff again Garbanto
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  6. Hey everyone. I met a lot of people on here, and many of you are probably wondering where I am. I haven't been on in a WHILE (not sure how long exactly), and back then I was applying to be a part of staff... Life kinda hit me hard here, so I had to stop gaming almost completely.. for a while. I have been working 12-14 hours days every day, and haven't had any time for Minecraft, or anything else for that matter. Things are starting to smooth out, so hopefully you'll see me regularly once again soon
  7. Username: TommyTimpson Server: Survival Banned By: papa_smurf619 Date of ban: Long time ago (not sure) Reason: Griefing Hello, a very long time ago (over a year ago) I was playing with this random guy and stole blocks of diamonds from this area. I really used to love this server a lot and am sorry for what I have done. I would love to play on this server because of the past experiences I remember on this server. Thank you for considering my request Sincerely, TommyTimpson
  8. I have personally gone to the nether and I have found no issues.It seems just to be you at the moment. Will keep on the lookout for anyone else having the issue.
  9. for me, the nether works fine. it could be a problem with your computer or that you have many chunks loaded, either or.
  10. Hello Diamond-Shafters! (if that's even a thing meh) I wanted to give an update to the staff, I have just gone into the nether and am experiencing the nether crash yet again. I am now trying to log back into the server to try /home but just a warning to everyone who stays updated on here DO NOT GO INTO THE NETHER! if anyone on server is attempting to go into the nether please let them know just in case it does happen to anyone else. ill keep ya all updated if I am able to get back onto the server. Happy Mining!
  11. Happy Birthday 🎂

  12. I will unban you both for now, since it is is both of your guy's first bans. Be careful and follow the rules next time please.
  13. Username: Qlit (and PandaPicture) Server: Survival Banned By: Koko_the_clod Date of Ban: 3/15/19 Reason: Stealing Hello, first off I would like to say that me and my friend are sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused and hope that we can make it up Me and my friend Xeno (PandaPicture) were running around for a while exploring and finding bases, occasionally checking the bases out to see if they had loot and if they looked abandoned and inactive. With most bases looking very inactive and having nothing in them or the bases having everything on private me and my friend had taken a very small amount of items from these bases, just some common materials like cobble and dirt or a block that we had not seen before and found interesting. Even though the bases mostly looked greifed or inactive we knew that taking these items was against the rules and we are sorry for doing it. Eventually after finding a greifed house, taking some stairs and blocks that we had barely seen before, me and xeno (PandaPicture) were both banned from the server. I feel that we are at fault for the ban by not following the rules, but wish to be unbanned if you see that we should. thanks for taking your time to read this, sincerely - adept (qlit) & xeno (PandaPicture)
  14. Happy birthday big M

  15. I have done some maintenance today on the server that involved updating spigot/bungeecord to the latest release, optimizing the database, clearing out some logs and resetting the nether. Hopefully the issues you are facing here should be resolved now. If you continue to experience issues, let me know and I can try to investigate it further.
  16. Hello DiamondShaft staff or owner, I would like to report a crash about the nether that's happened to both me. and one of my other friends on this server called "Naicez" we have been playing this server for 5 weeks or more now, and we have both encountered a bug which I'm presuming is the same one that made him loose his items. for some reason. even spending a maximum of 5 mins in the nether, crashes the server, and demobilises the player. not only that. for some odd reason I was spawned IN lava. and crashed 2 more times before dying and loosing all my items (diamond sword: Sharp 3, Unbreaking 3, Fire aspect 2, Knockback 2, Diamond Axe: Efficiency 3 and Unbreaking 3, Diamond pickaxe: Efficiency 5 unbreaking 3, Mending and diamond gear with full Prot 4 and Unbreaking 3, besides helmet and Leggings which only had Prot 3.) this bug is inconvenient and a pain in the backside as well as an absolute game killer. please fix if possible.
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  19. Sure, I have stopped griefing &Thanks for the help. Have not Griefed since I was new & I don't intend to/ have not griefed since i was warned the first time. Ivé been clean for a while now & intend to keep it that way. & Thanks again for the help ; P
  20. Hey MegurokoSylveon, I have banned you on the basis of a report submitted to me from another player, a town she has a base in was griefed, completely, it was due to a multitude of people, here is the evidence I took, I think there was more I forgot to screenshot: Nevertheless, since it's your first ban, I will unban you, please do not break stuff in other people's houses. ~Rain
  21. Hi In-game Name = MegurokoSylveon I have been banned for Griefing & got directed here when i tried to log in. I have Not Griefed since i got warned by Admin DKnight / learned about the rulez & Have already made Peace with admin after i got a serious scare & Wrote an apology letter & returned all of my griefed items/blocks. But here we are & I'm banned anyways... & I'm a bit confused now. Spent over 24 Hours in total on the server & made alot of my own progress & have also helped others alot as well & don't wanna lose all my progress or the friends I have on the server & would like to be unbanned. Have already been shamed & promised not to grief anyone anymore I have nothing to gain from it. Help Plz & Further info explaining my ban would be appreciated. Have as said not been mean or griefed anyone since my first warning about 1-2 weeks ago (been on server for a 1 month i think??) (Ban info = 5618795 ; Ban from:wickedraing ; Bantype = local) (don't know what this means but though you'd find it helpful) Thx for resolving the issue in advance & I hope to continue to build my castle ASAP. Just saw the Template for ban apealing so Ill add this ; Ban date = ?? I tried login in today so I guess today(2019-03-13) or before today? + I guess the server is survival? Don't know anything about different servers got the server linked to me when i originally joined. Feel free to ask me about stuff If you need more info.
  22. Dear diamond shaft staff, I have been a member of the server for a very long time. Seeing this, I want to request that a may be promoted to [GIT] Seeing as there is none, and that not many mods are on, a bit more justice could be of some use on the server. Seeing as I have recently been unbanned, I don't want to ask too much, just to help my always number one server. Yours truly, Triosoft. (previously known as diamondlucaya1)
  23. You should be unbanned now.
  24. Username: dasort Server: Survival Banned By: dk_knights Date of Ban: 3(or 2) March 2019 Reason: Stealing Hey! Hope you're having a nice day! Anyways i have been banned for stealing (Occurred in early January) Which I didn't steal i used the command "/rtp" and teleported in someone's base that was made out of chests and a bunch of other blocks such as iron blocks, furnaces and a bunch of random other blocks, anyways it registered me taking stuff from the chests and breaking blocks as stealing, but it returned the stuff back in a chests and tried my best to put back the blocks in their original position, i apologize if their's something i didn't return and if their isn't i have no problem in returning the stuff or giving it away. And if you're wondering why i took the stuff in the chests in the first place is because instead of breaking the chests i would have items in my inventory then break the chest to avoid items dispawning thanks for spending time reading this! (and happy birthday dk_knights)
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