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    Username: cherrybestos age: 16 discord: cherrybestos#8198 As someone who has been playing for years on this server, I always wanted to become a GIT ever since applications for staff were released. I was introduced to this server through a close friend of mine in the fifth grade. Now a junior in high school, I've definitely seen a lot of griefing situations and those who need assistance when staff members are not online. I have changed my username a couple of times within the last few years. I used to be known as Queen_of_Hearts. Throughout my years of playing on this server, I got to know some moderators, guardians, and GIT. Sadly, most are inactive now. I've even spoke to the owner via text chat a few times. I confidently say that I am a positive, fair, and friendly person fit for this placement. I'm actually a graphic designer and streamer on Twitch. My passion is really video games. I applied years ago, and now that I am back on the server, I wish to fulfill that position I attempted to receive years ago. My younger brother was also introduced to the server not too long ago, as I had recommended it to him. I am here to set a healthy example as an older sister, and staff member. Even if I cannot get this position, it is greatly appreciated that you took the time to review this.
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    If you want to do it then go ahead. I just see this being a potential issue as, even if people are not participating, those people may end up getting "pranked" despite refusal and will end up getting annoyed, bitching to staff, etc. Though, at the same time the server has not had any sort of event in a long while so it'd be nice to see some activity like that. I can't be active much too often to moderate this sort of thing, I work 9 hours almost every Sunday and Monday, then usually 4 hours around 4-6 days a week, mixed with school. Days off are best bet for me, so you guys will have to watch out, I feel like it's inevitable that some little shit will try to ruin it.
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    I can't find any proof that you were an old member, but this is an amazing application. Also, very rare to get a graphic designer/twitch streamer in the community, I personally only know of a select few. We may be doing staff interviews on Discord sometime after we update the server for 1.14, so stick around till then. Here is the Discord link: https://discord.gg/KuCYPm
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    Hello everyone Zavo here again. I made a video so I wouldn't have to type a long explanation. Also a reminder I hope to start the Prank Wars on Saturday January 26th. The rules are subject to change at any time... 1. Obviously No TNT. 2. If you participate in this event, please ensure you are able to handle being pranked on. This is a two way street, prank and be pranked. 3. Fire is acceptable as Fire Spread is not on. However, high quantities of fire is annoying so try and limit fire use.. 4. No pranking people that are not participating. If you do then you will be out of the prank wars and could potentially get banned depending on what you did. 5. Griefing is accepted to a certain extent. Breaking someone's house and stealing items is not pranking so therefore is not allowed. Relocation of items is allowed however, the intent of keeping another person's items is punishable. (Some exceptions might be made depending on the prank.) 6. If you have an idea for a prank and you don’t know if it is allowed feel free to ask staff about it. 7. All pranks must be done in survival only. Some participants may not have access to creative so it would be unfair to use creative for a prank. 8. Make sure to be considerate to others. Server rules against Inappropriate, Racist, and offensive builds still apply. 9. This isn’t a major rule but we encourage you to leave a sign saying at least who did it so staff can tell the difference between a grief and a prank. You can choose to add riddles or something else if you choose to, but the rest is up to you. Last thing I want to say is if this doesn't pan out to be fun and its more of a drama starter it will be stopped and prank wars will end. Please also either direct message me on discord or comment down in the comments of the topic to "Sign up" for the prank wars to let us know you are participating. You will be added to a list. EDIT: If you could provide your base coordinates from F3 that would be greatly appreciated. (Example X:456 Y:20 Z:5665) Happy Pranking!
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    I meant on the forums
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    Suck the fun out of it why dont you
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    Sounds pretty gay to me
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    Stop arguing on here. Mott you locked other people's chests without permission, even if it was as a prank, it's been weeks, and I've seen you lock some other players chest other than MagicalFluffy. Anyways I will unban you tomorrow at this same time. ~Rain EDIT: You have been unbanned. ~Rain
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    I will unban you, however if you act like how you did again, I can't guarantee that you will be unbanned again. See you on the server! ~Rain
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    Boom, better than all of that combined (that's actually my cat)
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