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  1. Hello everyone . I want to make a state for Bolp .Bolp is one of the best staff in the server .She helps me soo much when i need help as everyone in the server.She is also very active and very kind with people .My question is why she is not an Admin yet . I think she deserves it a lot.Also she is a long time a Mod and i think she has prooven how good she is .Same thing for Totie.He is one of the best staff in the server and a very friendly person.i Also think he deserves promotion.I dont know if there are any hidden rules .King Anthrax will choose so he probably knows better .Nvertheless th
    3 points
  2. Turtle will now be permanently banned, pending an appeal for these reasons: Totie has temp banned Turtle for Disrespect/Caps/Other Stuff DK have temp banned Turtle for Spam Lucy has temp banned Turtle for Disrespect bolp has temp banned Turtle for Sexism King has temp banned Turtle for being Inappropriate Papa has temp banned Turtle for Spam Camo has temp banned Turtle for Spam Snor has temp banned Turtle for Homophobia/Racism Perm banned 26/04/2016 by Snor
    3 points
  3. Snor is just wow, that's a good thing. he has really helped the server shape up to optimal condition.
    2 points
  4. If there would be a round of promotions i really think totie should get a chance of being mod and dk should be admin.. but im sure king and phantom will promote the ppl they think deserves it when they think they need more staff of the specific rank..
    1 point
  5. @Dentakill Thanks bud. But if King/Phantom don't see me capable of handling the responsibility (and not abusing it) of being a Mod, then it's just a matter of trusting their judgement and asking how you could improve. Really appreciate the gesture though <3
    1 point
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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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