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    Snor, I believe you pronounce it: "Devin Frashes"
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    He has to make an appeal him self.. and the appeal has to follow the template.
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    are you not the dude that got banned for god knows how many times and after 20ish appeals never got unbanned ?
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    In case you missed the chaos here you go! The Featured People @CamoWisp @iiPhlox @Kat_1910 @Anthrax @RickRoss2000 @aye_its_eddy_ @_Zavo_ @WickedRainG
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    Bolp i'm sorry to see you go, you've been one of the best. Just preparing the next drop party shows how much you do care, i promise i will take care of your town and hope we can catch up on skype or discord every now and then. Goodbye Bolp. Give christian my regards.
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    well thank god im still staff becuase ivy hate me to his guts
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    jlandhl has been banned for creating the Nazi flags, and the entire build has been rolled back.
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    This topic is a shit-storm of shitposting and random likes.
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    Always hear people suggesting to make a video, why doesn't someone try to make one themselves instead of forcing someone else to do it? There is no restriction on who is allowed to upload videos to YouTube. If you want a video so bad you should help contribute to the server and make one, who knows you might get popular in doing so. Rather than pestering someone else to make one, you could have used that energy and done something that would actually contribute to the server. If and when I want to make a video I will, however I shouldn't have to be the only person that makes them.
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    at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time tomorrow a game show will be hosted at Tea's theater with lots of prizes including - mending books - misc enchant books - diamonds - money PLEASE ATTEND TICKETS ARE FREE and you have a great chance to get some great stuff!
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    I had to go and collect the proof myself. You not only took 2 Dragon Eggs from Garbanto's red shulker box, but you also took; 320 Arrow, 1 Elytra, 5 Name Tag, 5 Skull Item (which I assume might've been wither skulls), 3 Golden Apple, 1 Diamond Axe, 11 Diamond, 1 Bow, 1 Potion, 2 Blaze Rod, 1 Enchanted Book, 48 Ender Pearl, and 1 Purple Shulker Box from surrounding containers. All of which seem to be pretty valuable or at least useful. I'm guessing the weapons/tools were also enchanted. I feel as if you tried to give others these items, or at least the Dragon Eggs, so you wouldn't be caught or something, but we still have LogBlock. If you honestly thought you could just ignore what I said, steal tons of valuables from a staff member, and think you would not get banned, you are probably one of the most ignorant members I've seen to date. Either way, what I've said is true. After stealing all of this, you will not be unbanned. If you happen to e-mail King again, or post another appeal, you will be restricted from posting indefinitely. Closed.
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    I was around when we had a Factions server. I can attest to the fact that it was even more lifeless than the Survival server has ever been. also hi, if you're a newbie to the server then I'm a middle eastern dude called Totie (no that's not some sort of exotic arabian name, it's just an IGN) and i just opened the forums for the first time in almost a year now, and started playing on here in 2015 or something. i like green and i can dry swallow pills. farewell, scoundrel.
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    Hey Guys! Just wanted to show you guys what I've been working on recently! It's a small walled city named Iona, the terrain is all custom made by myself and I'm using the Conquest resource pack, and conquest of the sun shaders. Obviously this is only a work in progress at the moment, but I'm putting in a lot of time on it most days, so hopefully, it's done soon!
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    hello AnnaPlays142 1. You have to appeal your ban in the appeal a ban section. Not here 2. i banned you as i found some griefing you did at warp north. if you wanna get back on the server you have to make an appeal in the right section and if you want the proof of the grief please ask for it in your appeal and i'll provide it.
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    So I looked around...apparently it is possible to use Cheat Engine on multiplayer servers, at least on Minecraft. Of course it's much more difficult with servers that have NoCheatPlus, like we have, however you can still attempt to modify walk-speed. I also have a screenshot of what looks to be you walking in place, while I was in vanish (server was not lagging, the ping was fine.) You've also had very questionable behavior on the server, especially seeing how I was following you in vanish and you broke into Kat's house, replaced the blocks, and proceeded to look into every container in the build, and stated you wanted to "take everything inside." Obviously you didn't, however, considering those actions, and usage of Cheat Engine (having anything like that installed would raise the question of any staff member on the team,) I believe the ban is very justifiable. I don't believe there is a need to rethink my decision. On another note...we don't post ban evidence literally two seconds after we ban someone and they immediately make an appeal. We usually wait until after they've made an appeal and post our screenshots in the response. Either way, considering hacking/modding is one of the higher rules on the server, you will have to appeal again on 3/29/2018. Entering Kat's home: Running in place: Confirmed use of Cheat Engine:
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    @DiamondSkullKing creates a post about how he's leaving @DiamondSkullKing creates a GIT application days after leaving.
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    I game across a post farming topic
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    Very nice appeal, one of the best i've ever read. The signs were taken care of yesterday so you don't need to worry about that. Just be careful of your account next time. I will unban you. ~ Lucy
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    Pretty much but its still a fun project
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    I believe this issue is already resolved. Unfortunately, we will not roll back the tnt damage to your property. This is because YOU, yourself was the one who placed tnt on it in the first place. It is not a grief or anything.
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    IGN: Demonic_YT Age: 15 TeamSpeak: Demonic_YT Hello everyone my name is Demonic_YT or Demo. I currently have been on the server for over a year and have enjoyed every single moment of it. I want to become Guardian for one, to be able to fix grief's that need to be fixed and, to make sure the server works properly. I have become friends with a some people on the server. I have helped staff when they need it and have broken a rule, but when I didn't know about the rule, but then again I read the rules fully so I understand them. Now about myself, I am 15 years old. I live in a small town in the state of Nebraska in the United States. I will soon be a sophomore in high school and am going to be a Technological Engineer. I plan on learning how to build my own computer so one day it's powerful enough to run a majority of my games and have enough space to hold them. The staff are very nice and I treat them with great respect. I have TeamSpeak which is Demonic_YT. I am on the Diamond Shaft server on average two or three hours a day (altogether). I currently know a lot about Minecraft varying from different versions. I don't know too much about the minecraft comands and how to help people with their problems, but I am willing to learn and to help people without hesitation. The help of the other staff members can probably get to know how to be a Guardian works within an appropriate amount of time. I also have Skype. I can obviously get on the forums which my name is DemonicMinecraft. If I left anything out please let me know and I will change it. Thanks for reading, -Demo
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    I thought of this as soon as I read your post:
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    Hello, everyone. We have set up a donation page on our Buycraft for the "Head Database" plugin. This plugin adds an easy-to-use GUI for buying/spawning heads that the plugin creator added to his database. There are currently 11,000+ heads in that database, all with different categories and a search function integrated into the chat. Not only that, but we (the admins) can add custom heads as well. I had planned on adding all current staff members + old/well known members in the DS community. However the plugin costs $6.99 USD. (The buycraft page shows $7.99, this is because PayPal has a transaction fee.) This being said, whoever buys it will receive special permissions more than Emerald users get (to be determined.) They will also be able to obtain every single head in the database for free. Thanks to @LightStar for recommending this plugin! These heads will mainly be used for building, but if you wish to use them as hats, then you can. Link to the Buycraft page: https://diamondshaft.buycraft.net/category/1090059 EDIT: The plugin can only be bought once from the Buycraft. If someone else buys it, don't worry about wasting your money. EDIT: The plugin will be integrated whenever the server updates.
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    Each day, we stray further and further from God's light. Help us. Please. -QueenVampy
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    Since when was i on the build team
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    Okay so I originally did not want to create a topic on the subject but I figured it would be the responsible thing to do. Yes, after three long years am leaving DS, for good I'm not kidding. I've found the server has lost its 'touch' at least in my perspective the community is split and there is much rivalry, I do admit though most of it is my fault, lately I've been immature, inconsiderate and honestly just a flat out cocky asshole. I apologize to those I've hurt, and to my friends. It's not just the drama though I'm bored, I have no inspiration and when I do get the chance to steal some its destroyed by my anger(if that makes any sense). As some know I will be starting high school in the fall and I've been thinking about how this little minecraft server will affect it, I don't want to get distracted by petty drama, unneeded anxiety and stress all caused by a cube game that honestly doesn't matter, it was making me miserable. Obviously, this means I resign as staff and the mayor of my town, and the person in charge of arena tournaments... I don't care what happens to my belongings, anyway goodbye DS, this is my final message. PS: thank you Lucy, Camo, Kenzie, Bolp, Kat, Eddy and DS Admins for making my time worth while, although I'll be gone Ill have my memories. Peace Out XOXO -Tea
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    this ban apple ws so beautiful it mad m cri ;( unband+u r now admin 2 replace me
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    why are we not allowed to salvage kit armor and kit tools ??? wolfy was salvaging a hell of a lot of kit armor and tools so i really dont get the point ???
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    Dude... I was being fucking sarcastic.
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    Possibly, I'll see what I can do unless problems rise.
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    Please read the topic about how to post a proper application for GIT. https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/18-before-you-apply/ Thanks, -QueenVampy (Please lock topic)
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    And now this. You have been banned three other times, you have been kicked multiple times, tempbanned, and have been given warnings. 1x1 Towers is a small rule to ban for, but I gave you a final warning. I think it's obvious you will not be unbanned anytime soon.
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    Name: Zack IGN: _Zavo_ Age: 14 Discord: _Zavo_ Hello there, my name is Zack and I am 14 years old. I have been on the server for almost 6 months if not a year now, and I am on for about 30-80 minutes daily. I would like to be a Guardian so that I can help out others and make sure that everyone is happy and has fun on the server. I am friends with some people on the server and a select few are helping me gain confidence to fill out this application you are reading now. I live in a small city in Massachusetts and I am a weather fanatic. My hopes are to go to college and become a meteorologist some day. I have a discord, _Zavo_. I have little to no knowledge of big plugins and how they work, however I feel I would learn the basic guardian commands quite well. I hope this explains a lot about myself, and hope to be working with the server in the future.
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    Happy Birthday Garbanto!!
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    Are you really asking for likes ? Anyways we have had one before and even tho I cant deny that it was quite usefull to show someone something you wanted to recreate on the survival no one used it. Plus having more servers requires better server specs and since the server can already by laggy at times I dont think it would be smart to ad another server. (Like if you agree !!1!1+1!+!11 jk)
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    Ah, I feel really stupid now. I'm from Sweden and I didn't understand what it meant, thought it said "Not replanting appeal" as in that it was a reminder to appeal, instead of "You were banned for not replanting, appeal @diamondshaft.com".
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    Please follow the ban appeal template. https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/4-ban-appeal-template/
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    Username: supy28Server: SurvivalBanned By: ikillnerdsDate of Ban: 29 March 2015Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello all. I am supy28. I have not been on the server for several years, and, in fact, have not played Minecraft in many years. Today I stand before the court to appeal my ban that has been in place for the last two-almost three- years. No proof has been submitted onto https://www.mcbans.com/ban/5430256 as of today. I request to be admitted onto the server to "reconnect", if you will, with my old pals. Though I am aware of the serious consequences of griefing, I first joined this server in 2012 and had no dislike for the server (until later on, but, still, I am no griefer.) Even if there is proof of me griefing, I would like to say I am mature. I am now an adult, as opposed to the 12 year old I was when I joined "Tremble Gaming". I shall never again grief (if I have before) and shall never cause any disruptions to the server. And so, I leave it into the hands of the admins. Please unban me. Love, supy28
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    This texture pack is so bad pls get help
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    So, I've been working on this computer program in python 2.7 for the past few weeks, and I've been looking for other things to add to the game. So, please post your ideas and suggestions here. Source Code: https://repl.it/JEV1/2
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    how many people will play on this one :thinking:
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    cool , if you need help decorating let me know
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