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    We have just completed interviews, and have chosen new GIT's, and promoted some Guardians to Moderators. Congratulations to all below! GITS @Tori @TrevorATA @StarzInDarkness @Madisonp01 @97daebak Guardian to Moderator: @WickedRainG @KristinaPickle
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    ...You have to make your own appeal. Not copy the entire template.
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    Username: cherrybestos age: 16 discord: cherrybestos#8198 As someone who has been playing for years on this server, I always wanted to become a GIT ever since applications for staff were released. I was introduced to this server through a close friend of mine in the fifth grade. Now a junior in high school, I've definitely seen a lot of griefing situations and those who need assistance when staff members are not online. I have changed my username a couple of times within the last few years. I used to be known as Queen_of_Hearts. Throughout my years of playing on this server, I got to know some moderators, guardians, and GIT. Sadly, most are inactive now. I've even spoke to the owner via text chat a few times. I confidently say that I am a positive, fair, and friendly person fit for this placement. I'm actually a graphic designer and streamer on Twitch. My passion is really video games. I applied years ago, and now that I am back on the server, I wish to fulfill that position I attempted to receive years ago. My younger brother was also introduced to the server not too long ago, as I had recommended it to him. I am here to set a healthy example as an older sister, and staff member. Even if I cannot get this position, it is greatly appreciated that you took the time to review this.
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    So I'm assuming this will not come as a suprice to most of you but for those of you it does not I'll explain. I will not bash on the staff team or anyone for giving me a hard time or something because honestly the staff team and some diamondshaft players may be the best friends I have ever made and I do not regret a single minute spend on that. It were these people that kept it fun and interesting and I am really thankfull for meeting them. So for years Minecraft has been my "main-game", I played nothing else and I was fine with this but recently it started to bore me. I know that there are people who have played this game for way longer than I have and still find joy in it and that is fine but I do not. I feel like I have done everything that can be done on alot of fronts, I have maxed out survival minecraft several times, got thousands of wins on minigames and filled lots of plots with redstone creations. Maybe I'll refind joy later but for now im completely burned out of this game. Also I have recently found joy in gaming again (after barely gaming for a few months) because I tried new games. I would love to writte something personal for everyone but I honestly am afraid of forgetting someone so instead I'll will give a more general message. When I first got introduced to this server by a friend I was a no-one, my english was terrible and my "mineman-skills" were nooby af. But then people started to give me chances and I started to gain friends. This really enhanced the gaming experience, I slowly got somewhat addicted and almost ruined my grades. At this point I started to get interested into the guardian position and applied, after 2 failed attemps I gave up but kept normally playing. Now skipping a few years ahead I already started to loose interest but then out of nowhere I recieved GIT rank wich brought back alot of fun. I really appreciate the chances given to me to become a staff member after several failed applications but it feels somewhat unfair to keep the guardian position instead of someone who still forfills the requirements for it. I have never been good at writting these kind of things but I hope it got the message across. Again I really appreciate the friends I've made here and even though my mineman adventures end here I hope the friendships don't. I'll try to stay availeble at discord but don't expect instant replies. I wish everyone the best of luck in their lives with whatever they wish to do. -Mrreds
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    thank you all for coming to my wedding. I truly do believe that one day I can be a true redneck housewife, six incest babies, abusive husband and the whole lot. Much love for my chicken flavoured uncle/husband @Anthrax and to my dad/god/brother-in-law @CamoWisp and my maid of honour @Kat_1910 and all the rest because tbh I cbf to @ all the rest of em but if you were there you prolly know #blessed
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    Right, I think I did that last night... I was running around shooting eggs on the ground after teleporting to that TF2 Soldier guy.
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    IGN: 97daebak Age: 21 TeamSpeak: N/A Discord: 97daebak Why apply for this position? I just want power. Power to kick the king when I see fit. Besides that, I guess I don't mind helping around when I am online. My builds are ok-ish and I do like to build so I mean you could hire me like a part-time roofer or floor installer. I am trained in CPR in case someone does take an attack on the heart so I can be your health and safety rep. I have been in the server since January of 2018 so I am not very known. I do know how to build so that's something (more than most on the server apparently). I am very old so I am somewhat wise, I do have two diplomas and when combined I am the ultimate dealer with autistic children.
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    In Game Name: StarzInDarkness Age: 14 (Soon to be 15) Discord: Starz#8904 Hello everybody! I've considered applying for staff in the past but unfortunately I was too young. So now that I've grown up and matured some more, I've decided to apply for the GIT position on DiamondShaft. Being (possibly) staff would allow me to help others on the server since it's in my nature to help others in need. Instead of always relying on staff for things myself it would be much easier if I could also get the job done myself instead of having to ask an Admin, Moderator or Guardian to take a small amount of time out of their day to help me (if I needed it) fix and/or clear something up with another player. Another reason why being possibly staff would be a new, interesting experience for me and to be able to more or less help out behind the scenes of the server. In e.g helping to plan out the extra things that go on in the server. I have befriended a few of the staff members over time and gotten to know them on a somewhat more personal level and one of said friends was eager for me to make this application so after a few minutes of being convinced it led me to write what you're reading right now. Now for a bit about myself; My name is Angelica and I live in a southern city in Ontario, Canada. I'm a nice and shy person but I'm able to have authority when needed. I'm a pretty creative person in both building and designing, well at least in my opinion, and I have an interest in plants, nature and cooking. Unfortunately I do have some confidence issues when it comes to new things like this but by seeking help when I don't understand something in training I'm sure I can gain some confidence in that task. I don't know much about LogBlock but with the help of youtube and other staff I'm hoping I'll learn enough so I can be useful. If any of you need to tell me anything, you can find me in the DiamondShaft Discord as I usually talk a bit in it. Lastly, I'm also a part of the Build Team so I know how to use the basics and a few more commands of World Edit. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my application. And I hope I can be a part of this amazing staff team! ~StarzInDarkness
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    Hey guys as mayor of the new Spawn Town(Timber Springs) I just wanted to create a little forum thingy to get feedback and some suggestions for the upcoming town. If you don't plan on joining the town, that's okay it can still serve a purpose to those who don't choose on living in it. The town will have many places to go and adventure in such as shops, hotels, aquarium?, restaurants, and many more cool and creative things soon to be built by the player base. I also wanted to address because many of you are used to my normal towns, that this one will work a little differently: There are now FREE to claim plots The town will be very player based so I encourage you to benefit to the town in some certain way(a shop, business, town job, etc). I also wanted to ask if anyone was interested in creating a SpawnTown discord so you guys can easily access me if something goes wrong, or so you guys can have an easy place to communicate with other citizens. if you have any suggestions or comments please leave them down below. SpawnTown Sweepstakes: So for this map, I will be holding sweepstakes for one lucky player to win the Timber Springs Manor, a luxurious mansion, with class and elegance, that will be envied upon. To enter please message me(via forums)the following: Your favorite thing to do in Minecraft The coolest thing you've done in Minecraft Why you love DS please include your current username as well. May the best player win! (enter by Sunday, September 2rd, results will be posted shortly after)
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    Hello, everyone. This is the changelog & information post for our servers 1.13.1 update. This is quite long, and a tl;dr will not cut it whatsoever. I implore you to read it though, as you may need to know quite a bit of info before going onto the server for the update when it releases. There's not much else to say as the rest of the post covers it for me. COMMUNITY FEEDBACK Since this update more than likely faces the most changes the server has seen in years, we will be paying attention to reports, feedback and [constructive] criticism from the community to decide whether or not to make changes and decisions accordingly, if substantial and logical enough. I myself already foresee many complaints considering specific changes that have been made, so please, before spouting off about a certain change, think about a constructive way to discuss it whether that be on the Forums, Discord, or in-game. This update & specific plugins are somewhat buggy, and just about every player will come across a specific issue or more. If this happens, please report them to Administrators so that we may attempt to fix them. If the issue relates to an exploit, or something a player can abuse to gain an advantage in Survival, a direct/private message would be more preferred so that information doesn't get leaked to others playing Survival. An important side-note, ranked kits will be disabled in the first two weeks of Survival. This is so every member starts off relatively the same to be fair. Imagine spawning with the normal starter tools, then an Emerald shows up and automatically has full enchanted diamond everything in the first second. Donators during that time will still receive their commands, legacy items, and money bonuses as normal, but will only have access to kits once the two weeks are up. Drop Parties are also on hold until the end of the two-week phase. SERVER RULE CLEANUP We've decided to "clean up" some of the rules on the server. Certain useless rules have been removed, or merged with others to make the /rules list a bit shorter, while the forums will be the most in-depth take on the rules for those who wish to read it. The current /rules number is 20 from 34 (this may end up being lower or higher in the future.) The reason for this being is that over the years, many different rules have been broken by loop-holes and thus, bam, new rule had to be made. Though at the same time, some rules have lost relevancy as they only applied for certain situations years ago that are no longer applicable today (whether there have been changes in permissions, plugins, or vanilla Minecraft.) If you complain about the number of rules our server has, just remember this server has been up for about 5 years and we've had many, many members constantly break new rules that we've had to create. It's difficult for us to have a low number of rules without things going south. SPAWN Spawn has been built to be smaller & less detail-heavy for less lag. keepInventory is enabled in spawn, and other regions set. mobGriefing is disabled in spawn, and other regions set. Stealing is not allowed in spawns/certain regions, if even possible. The Nether and End portals have been completely removed from spawn. Players build portals on their own or find them. Basic rule board. Rule book now has a basic rule list. I have created a new "Useful Commands" book players start off with for easy command reference (/help may show too much.) These books can be re-spawned with /kit ServerBooks. Portals to the other servers. Recommended Towny towns board (soon to be added after towns are established.) SPAWN TOWN Down the road from spawn, there will be a growing non-towny town that players can join when joining the server for the first time. You may optionally live in the town for a period of time (or forever,) or go out into the wild. The towns purpose is to give a somewhat calmer start-up for current/new members. Though this town is non-towny, it still follows towny type rules. The town will be managed by staff members and TEAtime2012/certain other users. ADMIN/SPAWN SHOPS The admin shops are all in one area for compact and easy usage. + Builder - The new bark blocks (6-sided log.) - Styled stone bricks (cracked/mossy/chiseled.) - Stripped bark blocks. - Stripped log blocks. - Smooth variant of blocks. - Mushroom Blocks. - Quartz (chiseled/pillar.) - Red Sandstone (cut/smooth.) - Sandstone (cut/smooth.) + Blacksmith - Stone Tools. - Stone Sword. - Leather Armor. - Bow. - Arrows. - Iron Tools. - Iron Sword. - Iron Armor. + Basic Foods - Bread. - Raw Cod. - Raw Salmon. - Raw Chicken. - Raw Rabbit. - Raw Mutton. - Cake. - Apple. + Spelunker - [Expensive] Dragon Egg (post-ender dragon.) - [Expensive] Dragon Head (post-ender dragon.) - [Expensive] Elytra Wings (post-ender dragon.) - [Expensive] Certain Mob Eggs. - [Expensive] End Portal Frame (post-end portal opening.) This will allow players to create their own End Portals at home. + HeadDatabase GUI NPC. + Bounties GUI NPC. NOTE: Shop items can be edited at any time. SURVIVAL/CHAT World difficulty has been lowered from Hard to Normal. keepInventory is now disabled in the wild. When dying upon PvP, you will not drop your items. Your items will still drop upon PvE and other deaths, however. XP will still drop. mobGriefing is now enabled in the wild. TNT is now enabled in the wild. This allows players to finally once again be able to use mcMMO's blast mining. firespreads/doFireTick is now enabled in the wild. Fire will spread again, so be careful where you light fires. Stealing is now allowed in the wild, however only dropped items. Stealing from containers or in spawn/towns is not allowed. mcMMO may have higher personal incentive to be used/leveled. FrameProtect has been fixed. Your item frames, paintings, and armor stands are automatically protected after placement. MoreFish has been re-added for daily fishing tournaments each day. CraftableHorseItems plugin has been removed. AwesomeLag plugin has been removed. RandomTeleport command cool-down and teleport radius have been increased. SimplePets configured to fit in better with Survival. ChatFeelings has been re-added (now with spam prevention.) MyChristianSwearFIlter plugin has been added. Memes aside, this allows players to censor swears for themselves with /mcsf toggle. PartSleep plugin has been added. This allows the night to skip when a certain percent of players are asleep. Currently 50%. TOWNY & TOWNS Stealing is not allowed in towns. Though it may still be possible to steal, if the rule is broken the player will be banned and the items returned. Towns considering mobGriefing are mayor/plot-determinant. Towns considering PvP are mayor/plot-determinant. Towns considering PvE are mayor/plot-determinant. Towns considering firespreads are mayor/plot-determinant. Warp rules have been edited a bit. Look on the forum post for more info. Towns that run out of funds will no longer be demolished, however there are still consequences of running out of town funds. - The town plots will be removed upon a town "falling into ruin." The mayor must re-place every plot created. - The town is then susceptible to wilderness rules, meaning the town community may be less safe until the mayor replaces the town plots/claims. - The /t spawn (town spawn warp) will be removed until the mayor replaces the town plots/claims. ECONOMY /sell and /worth have been heavily configured. Auctions plugin has been removed. /jobs are now one of the main sources of money. Jobs has been configured to fit in better with economy. Mall shops and other types of shops will hopefully be used much more considering the new /sell prices. Money is now mainly player-regulated. The only "infinite" money source would come from the Jobs plugin, however you have to work for it. Every player spawns/starts out with $100 to get things rolling. PVP Bounty Compass price increased from $1,000 to $3,000. Added the PvPManager plugin. - Players are protected for about 5 seconds after respawning. - PvP kill spam/abuse is "not allowed." You are automatically kicked after killing someone 5 times in a row. There's a 120 second check frame for this. - Players become "tagged" upon attacking another player. Leaving the server in this time is considered PvP logging and you will lose items. - No more PvP logging. - No more quickly using commands during PvP to escape or gain an advantage. - No more flying while in combat. - No more gamemode switching while in combat. - You gain $15 for killing a player, while that player also loses $15 to avoid duplication and exploitation. - New players are protected for 25 minutes, their choice to disable it. (/pvp disable.) - When dying due to PvP, your items will not drop. However your XP will. OldCombatMechanics (1.8 PvP) has been re-added. - No more attack cool-down. - Sword sweep disabled (particle effect still shows up.) - You can still craft & use shields. - You can still use your off-hand. - 1.8 Armor stats. - 1.8 Weapon/tool stats. - 1.8 Golden apples. - 1.8 Potion effects. - 1.8 Player regeneration. - 1.8 Fishing rod knockback. - 1.9 Ender pearl throw cool-down. - 1.9 Player collision. NOTE: Try setting bounties on players if they are being a nuisance. Other players may wish to hunt them. CREATIVE Creative mode has some new rule changes. - You are no longer able to build with GMC for other players who are in Survival, unless they are building in Creative as well. - You are still able to build & sell houses with GMC in Towny towns. This is for town builds to be easier and less ugly looking. - You are not allowed to assist a survival resident with building on their plot whilst in GMC, unless they are in GMC as well. Creative server soon to be re-opened. MCMMO HORSES mcMMOHorses has been re-added. - /h claim to claim a horse after taming and placing a saddle on it. - Your first horse claim will cost $200. Every horse after that multiplies the price by 2. Your second horse is $400, next is $800, and so on. - /h summon to summon the horse at any time with a cool-down. - /h banish despawns the horse for summoning later with a cool-down. - /h set [Horse] name [Name] allows you to rename your horse for free. - /h sell [Price] [Player] allows you to sell your claimed horse(s) to another user. - /h buy allows you to accept a players sell offer, or you can /h decline. - /h kill [Horse] to permanently remove (kill) your horse. - /h me to show your current horses. - /h stats [Horse] to show your horses levels & stats. - Emeralds can color their horses names. This plugin also gives horses special capabilities that level up over time through mcMMO. - Swiftness: Increases the speed of your horse (activates when the horse jumps/double-jumps.) - Agility: Increases the chance of dodging attacks (activates when the horse is attacked.) - Vitality: Increases the health of your horse (instantly activates/increases when your horse is attacked.) - Wrath: Temporarily disables damage and increases speed (activates when the horse is attacked with a projectile/thorns.) RANKS/KITS Kits now have a higher cool-down rate. Was 2 days, now 4. Curse of Vanishing has been added to all ranked tool/armor kits. Upon PvE death the items will disappear. - This gives kits more personal value and incentive to keep them safe until the cool-down is over. EditableSign plugin added. - Type /es to enable the ability to edit signs. - Iron ranks and up can edit signs by shift+left (or shift+right) clicking them. - Emerald ranks and up can edit/create colored signs. Kits are disabled in the first two weeks of Survival. NOTE: Anyone who donates in the first two weeks will receive their bonuses such as money & legacy items, but still won't be able to use kits. EVENTS Event team "hiring" will take place sometime soon. Frequent events are planned, but not promised. Drop Parties are now every two weeks instead of one. - First party will be held at the end of the first two weeks post-release. 1.13.1 DEVELOPMENT CREDITS @Lucy [Spawn-Lead, Mall, Staff Area, Spawn Town-Lead] @TEAtime2012 [Spawn-Lead, Mall-Lead, Staff Area, Spawn Town-Lead, Drop Party Area-Lead] @CamoWisp [Spawn, Mall, Drop Party Area, Staff Area, Server/Plugin Configuration, Tester] @Anthrax [Server-Side/BungeeCord Setup, Server/Plugin Configuration] @DK Knight [Server/Plugin Configuration] @TrevorATA [Spawn, Spawn Town, Despacito 2 & All-Star 2, Tester] @Sorrrow [Spawn, Mall, Staff Area, Tester] @ConnorWolf [Spawn, Staff Area, Arena] @KingBootyMunch [Spawn, Staff Area] @KristinaPickle [Spawn] @StarzInDarkness [Spawn] @Possessed [Spawn, Arena-Lead] @WickedRainG [Tester] @KingOfWizards [Tester] @Taramagnificent8 [Tester] @_Zavo_ [Tester] And, once again, @KingOfWizards for inspiring the 1.13.1 DS Update. Without the ideas bounced back-and-forth, our 1.13.1 would have just been a "make spawn smaller and call it a day" update.
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    In case you missed the chaos here you go! The Featured People @CamoWisp @iiPhlox @Kat_1910 @Anthrax @RickRoss2000 @aye_its_eddy_ @_Zavo_ @WickedRainG
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    Hello, everyone. As you know, we've just had interviews, and we've decided to pick more staff than usual. There are 7 new staff members, and two of our current Guardians were promoted to Moderators. GITS: @_Zavo_ @iiPhlox GUARDIANS: @KristinaPickle @WickedRainGaming @bolp @Lucy @CelticSikes MODERATORS: @Lunning155 @RickRoss2000 Congratulations to all of them!
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    Wow and I was so confident I had that Head Admin in the bag
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    I don't even know how to go about this because I know it seems silly. Is there anyway we could get more reacts like the wow emoji? I'd ratjer be nice and not respond to some post using words and the only way to do that is with the react function. We all know I can be rude if I choose to be and have actually changed quite a bit. The only joy I get sadly is using reactions instead of being immature and responding to "some" posts on these forums. I will admit I have. Not going to lie. Sadly the only thing I have to suggest ever is more reactions. Don't have anything nice to say? Use a reaction. A "nice". Reaction.
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    Congratulations you looked at my steam profile and found what City and Province I live in.
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    I was around when we had a Factions server. I can attest to the fact that it was even more lifeless than the Survival server has ever been. also hi, if you're a newbie to the server then I'm a middle eastern dude called Totie (no that's not some sort of exotic arabian name, it's just an IGN) and i just opened the forums for the first time in almost a year now, and started playing on here in 2015 or something. i like green and i can dry swallow pills. farewell, scoundrel.
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    Eddy posting on forums?
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    Hey Guys! Just wanted to show you guys what I've been working on recently! It's a small walled city named Iona, the terrain is all custom made by myself and I'm using the Conquest resource pack, and conquest of the sun shaders. Obviously this is only a work in progress at the moment, but I'm putting in a lot of time on it most days, so hopefully, it's done soon!
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    Name: Danny (Damon is my name but I like Danny better) IGN: danny_boi_cola Age: 12 (Turning 13 in October) Discord: Google Drive#0311 Timezone: BST, GMT outside of daylight saving time. Applying for: GIT Greetings. I'm Danny and you've probably heard of me before, either due to the fact you know me as a friend or ally or the fact I play for very long periods of time. Either way, you've seen me online before and probably for a while. I've decided to apply for staff today because I believe I'd be a good addition to the staff team and I have improved as a person and as a staff candidate since the first time I became GIT, where I was immature and impulsive. So, without further ado, let me tell you why I should be selected. Why would you like to be staff? There are many reasons I would like to be staff. The main reason I'd like to join the staff team is so I could look after the server while other members of staff aren't on, since I've been on for expansive amounts of time while other staff weren't on. I think that my ability to cover the server staff-wise during times when other staff aren't online would benefit everybody. What could you add to the staff team? I admit, I wouldn't add too much. However, that's only because current members of the staff team are able to do their jobs just fine. I'm not trying to top them. What I can do, however, is extent the coverage period of the server and be on when other staff aren't as previously mentioned. How long are you typically online for? I've never checked properly but I estimate I spend a few periods of 1-4 hours online each day. Outside of my in-game hours I'm also almost always online on Discord, able to talk or deal with issues. I'm not very active on the forums but that's only because I don't spend much of my time doing dedicated internet browsing any more. I would easily be able to dedicate more time to moderating the forums. Do you have any previous moderation experience? Certainly. Two notable communities I've moderated are the community of a friend of mine, an artist and animator, who ran a Discord server for a while, and the Mine-Imator community, a community with over 15,000 members centred around the Minecraft-themed animation program, Mine-Imator. This experience is valuable and has taught me much about the virtues of moderation, such as being able to make choices maturely and being unbiased about decisions. I've also helped out at charity and community events in real life so I know how to help people properly. How have you improved since the last time you were selected? When I was first selected as GIT, I was immature and I made impulsive choices. I didn't take the task seriously and I was dropped the day everybody else was promoted. Despite this, in training I learned about things other than how to deal with other people and situations, such as how to use LogBlock, how to search chatlogs, how to roll back griefing, moderation actions such as kicks and bans and finally, how to retrieve stolen items. Aside from my previous knowledge making me a good staff candidate, I have also improved a great deal on the things I did wrong, namely my interaction with members. I once remember banning somebody and after they posted their appeal, rather than unbanning them I proceeded to argue with them for an extended period of time. I'm now a lot less volatile and I understand that rather than arguing with somebody for hours, you should do your job and unban them. Since my initial selection I've experienced and dealt with a whole lot in my own life, ranging from undesirable situations to large-scale disasters and accidents. This has added to my ability to successfully deal with problems. Have you ever been banned before? Yes, once. After the server was raided, I went to the server of the raiders and raided their server. This was shortly after my demotion so as well as being impulsive I was also angry. This is something immature that I would never (or not likely, at the very least) repeat. In short, I believe I would be a good member of staff because I am active and able to cover hours that the other staff aren't able to play during. Despite being young, immature and unfit at the time, I took some information from a previous GIT training period meaning I would be able to get going as a GIT a lot faster and learn from my mistakes. I also have actual experience helping people and dealing with issues now which would make me good for dealing with all types of problems. I'm glad you had the patience to read through my application (or at least the conclusion) and I hope you consider me as a member of the staff team. - Danny
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    hello AnnaPlays142 1. You have to appeal your ban in the appeal a ban section. Not here 2. i banned you as i found some griefing you did at warp north. if you wanna get back on the server you have to make an appeal in the right section and if you want the proof of the grief please ask for it in your appeal and i'll provide it.
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    Hello, everyone. Recently, a member on the server, @KingOfWizards, created a document with a bunch of potential changes and ideas that he, and some other staff members have had for the future of the server. These ideas mostly relate to the servers Economy and how that would boost Survival playtime, and have a major focus on Towny (I removed Towny's ability to automatically remove towns when running out of funds.) However, through more discussion, we wanted to see the communities opinions on all of these ideas, so we get a good idea on how our 1.13 should work. Keep in mind that we've already talked it through and we've decided not to remove Creative from Diamonds/Emeralds, though potential changes MAY be made. We also shifted focus on potentially having griefing be enabled in the wilds, to give towns a higher incentive. The farther you go out into the wilds, the less of a chance of you getting griefed, as opposed to living in the wilderness directly by spawn. Nath suggested the idea of, if you are griefed, we can rollback, but after two or three times, we will no longer rollback that specific players builds and suggest they live in a town or find a better way to hide their home. We ask that you have a mature outlook and response to these ideas, as we don't just want complaints or shit like "NOOO DON'T", but constructive criticism. Personally, I think his ideas for the Economy, Towny, and Spawn are mostly perfect, and all strive for more playtime and for everything to be much more worth it in the long run. The document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YezENA2kyPBzigaoYCymzvs9HTugsuQ8a0ANBZn0d2c/edit
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    Hello, everyone. Recently we've been brainstorming on how the next version of the server will work. Considering we wish to have more usage of Towny, and thus a better Economy, there needed to be a higher incentive to use Towny. Today, survival has no real point on our server. When you die, you keep everything. You and your builds are completely protected by everything. It is essentially a peaceful mode with plaything mobs, with the occasional no consequence death. We wish to see what you think about disabling keepInventory, and enabling mobGriefing in the wilds. keepInventory Right now, you keep every item and xp level in your inventory when dying. This provides no challenge in Survival. If keepInventory were to be disabled, it would give players an actual reason to be careful, work to prevent death, and pick out specific items to bring when travelling or mining, etc. There would be more incentive to use Towny, as PvP and mob spawning are usually disabled in towns. Of course, it would still be possible to die in town, however it would have to be on you, meaning starving, drowning, falling, or being crushed, etc. Stealing in towns is not allowed, so you could run back and grab your items. keepInventory would be enabled in Spawn and other server builds with regions, like most Arenas. As for ranked items? We can add "Curse of Vanishing" to donator items, so when you die with ranked items, they disappear so no lower ranks can pick them up. We are also contemplating adding a higher time limit to using kits, the higher the rank, the higher the time limit. This is to prevent donators getting an extremely quick advantage over everyone else. Also thinking of disabling kits for the first two weeks, give or take. However, we'd still like to hear your opinions on this topic. mobGriefing In the wild, currently, mobs like creepers cannot damage builds like they do in vanilla. I will admit, this can be annoying, but once again it will help to make survival more like "survival." If this were to be enabled, it would give players a reason to be cautious of creepers once again (and similar griefing mobs.) And give more of a reason to join a town, as they would not be able to damage any builds. NOTE: If you are concerned that we are trying too hard to push the whole Towny aspect of the server, know that we are trying to make everything "optional" and "player determinant (in terms of Economy/Towny)" If you wish to go on your own, or with friends, and do Survival without bothering with towns or economy, then that's what you can do. Or you can ignore Survival somehow and just live in a town and focus on jobs & shops for money & items.
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    Hello Diamondshaft, This is ZelphionGaming or most of you know me as LightmagicMC, i have taken a long hiatus from minecraft and more importantly my home known as diamondshaft. I decided after gaining some inspiration and wanting to play and bring back my home to its former glory. I remember how the server usually had a lot of people and people would talk all the time we would do group projects and everything. I want to work on bringing the server back to that former glory, so for my plan is for me being on the event team i will start working on events for the upcoming reset when the new version comes out for everyone to play and enjoy and hopefully release events everyone one to two weeks maybe involving some prizes that may or may not be ranks coming out of my pocket! But something i need the community is to leave comments to let me know what types of events we wanna see and even some suggestions as to what they could be. If you would rather contact me through my discord i will have it down here on this post. But as for the rest i hope you all are enjoying your time and days and hopefully we will come back to our former glory of being populated and having fun like the good old days. Enjoy the rest of your day and please if you have any comments leave them in this post or send them to my discord and i will answer when i can! Discord: ZelphionGaming#6654 Teamspeak: ZelphionGaming Skype: lightmagic.123 IGN: ZelphionGaming
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    Okay, will keep that in mind. Thank you!
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    Player: MLGPERson21 Ban Date: 2/1/18 Reason: Griefing LB Proof He broke glass and other blocks. Player: Sockoram Date: 2/1/18 Reason Griefing LB Proof
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    Nathaniel may post his recording soon, lmao Nathaniels recording (full video)
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    There you go This was the best "Wow" reaction I could find on google that wasn't extremely small or had a white background, eg. not a PNG. Feel free to let me know if there are others you want added and I can take a look.
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    I'll jew out and remove all emerald permissions just for you
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    So I looked around...apparently it is possible to use Cheat Engine on multiplayer servers, at least on Minecraft. Of course it's much more difficult with servers that have NoCheatPlus, like we have, however you can still attempt to modify walk-speed. I also have a screenshot of what looks to be you walking in place, while I was in vanish (server was not lagging, the ping was fine.) You've also had very questionable behavior on the server, especially seeing how I was following you in vanish and you broke into Kat's house, replaced the blocks, and proceeded to look into every container in the build, and stated you wanted to "take everything inside." Obviously you didn't, however, considering those actions, and usage of Cheat Engine (having anything like that installed would raise the question of any staff member on the team,) I believe the ban is very justifiable. I don't believe there is a need to rethink my decision. On another note...we don't post ban evidence literally two seconds after we ban someone and they immediately make an appeal. We usually wait until after they've made an appeal and post our screenshots in the response. Either way, considering hacking/modding is one of the higher rules on the server, you will have to appeal again on 3/29/2018. Entering Kat's home: Running in place: Confirmed use of Cheat Engine:
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    Username: Nettowert Server: Survival Banned By: toricat365 Date of Ban: 04/07/19 Reason: Griefing I'm not going to try to bullshit anyone. I griefed and there was no reason for it and I'm sorry to whoever was affected by my actions. I will admit that I have been banned for the same thing before on a much older account but that was actually out of revenge but as I said, there was no excuse for this time. I hope to see you guys again soon. I also hope nobody is mad at me. Sincerely, -Jack P.S.- I am known on the discord server as Jack (Professional Dipshit)#4294 so if I am not at all quick to respond to any emails or messages, etc. You can contact me there.
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    If you want to do it then go ahead. I just see this being a potential issue as, even if people are not participating, those people may end up getting "pranked" despite refusal and will end up getting annoyed, bitching to staff, etc. Though, at the same time the server has not had any sort of event in a long while so it'd be nice to see some activity like that. I can't be active much too often to moderate this sort of thing, I work 9 hours almost every Sunday and Monday, then usually 4 hours around 4-6 days a week, mixed with school. Days off are best bet for me, so you guys will have to watch out, I feel like it's inevitable that some little shit will try to ruin it.
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    IGN: OddDoktor Age: 20 Discord: Doktor#9877 (applying for GIT) ------------------------------------------------------------ About me: I have not been on the server for too long, however I've already met everyone (who is on regularly). I've grown to love the server and it's community. I am a freshman in college, and having so much free time got me back into Minecraft. While searching for servers, I couldn't seem to find one that fits. I personally like smaller servers with an emphasis on community, hence why I came to enjoy DiamondCraft, but it's hard to find small servers that have dedicated staff and reliable servers! I grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, TN. I've been a huge gamer my entire life but I enjoy fighting and football as well. I grew up boxing, and eventually went to MMA around age 16. I have won two state titles in boxing, and I also won state with my football team in 2015. My main positions in football were fullback and linebacker, but I played almost every position throughout my high school career (we had a small team). I had scholarships for football, but it was time to end my career due to injuries... However, I still decided to go to college after a 2 year break from school. My goal after college is to become a Pararescueman in the USAF, or a pilot, I haven't decided. My other hobbies are motorcycles, hunting, fishing, trucks, shooting, and enjoying nature as a whole. I'm your basic redneck XD. I own a DR650SM and a Raven Edition R1, both of which will be sold soon, as well as a 2002 Duramax. Why you should consider me: Like I mentioned, I am in college, and I have a LOT of free time. I'm a bit of an introvert, and I rather stay home playing games, reading, and watching TV instead of going out partying. I have been on the server so much I thought I should apply simply because of my playtime. I will be able to watch the server when many others can't because I don't have a job while in school, and I am typically on all different hours of the day. I can also leave Minecraft open while working on school assignments, so I will be available to resolve any issues most hours of the day. Besides the fact that I play often, I also have a lot of experience as a staff member on servers. I have been a part of MANY servers since I started playing, the biggest of which was SUPER-EARTH. It is a server that closed in 2014 (If I remember correctly) that had hundreds of members on all hours of the day. I had the privilege of working my way up to moderator in my time there. I have been anything from a simple "helper" to head administrator on many different servers, most of which have closed. Because of my experience, I could bring a lot to the server (although I'll have to re-learn a lot of the commands XD)! I'm good with people, and I'm also honest, which of course is the most important thing when it comes to selecting staff of a Minecraft server. There's not too much to say; I will be available/playing most of the time, and I know how to handle myself as a member of staff. I simply want to help the server grow, and do my part in keeping the community thriving. It's hard to show my character in a forum post, but let me know if I left anything out that you would like to know. Thank you, Doktor
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    ... You need to A P P E A L https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/13-appeal-a-ban/ @AnnaPlays 142 MAKE DAT APPEAL THING
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    Ah, I see. You're a man of culture as well.
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    I thought of this as soon as I read your post:
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    That was fun to see xd.
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    Welcome to the ban appeal template! I take it you are reading this because you were banned. Well I'm not here to judge, I want to help you get unbanned and come back on our server! For starters lets let you know some rules when creating your ban appeal! - Please do not say "I don't know why I was banned." There should be a reason for you being banned, you can find it by trying to connect to the server. If it states "Griefing LB Proof" That means you were banned for griefing and we will have proof. If it actually doesn't give a reason then it can be acceptable to not know why you were banned but 90% of the time you will know why. - Do not create ban appeals for "Friends" or "Family" we require the original player who was banned to create the ban appeal. - Do not message staff members asking to be unbanned. Appeal and be patient. - If you have already been banned once there is a less likely chance of you getting unbanned so please don't flood the forums with appeals. Now that you are aware of some of our rules here is a template we would like you to follow when appealing your ban: Username: Ice_King Server: Survival Banned By: Snorlax Date of Ban: 25 May 2015 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for two months. I first found it while watching a YouTube video of the server. I am fairly familiar with the rules however I noticed that a player had built a home right next to my home and I wanted to take a look in his house. His doors were locked so I had to break into it to get a peek. Whenever I got into it an Admin by the name of Snorlax tped to me and banned me instantly! What the heck! I was going to place it back too! Would you be able to give me one more chance, I am very sorry for the trouble I caused and I will never do it again. Thanks again, Ice_King!
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    Hello, everyone. Recently, the PvP arena that was being worked on has been finished, built by @TEAtime2012, ErikValen, and @ConnorWolf. I also have the PvP Arena plugin ready to test and set-up everything. The tournament will be held this Saturday (or Sunday, whenever Tea is free. Will edit later.) If I'm not able to set up the plugin in time, then Tea will do things the old fashioned way. I also believe it is time to do interviews, and bring in some new staff members. We will be holding staff interviews on Saturday, 2 PM EST. This also means the Drop Party may have to be delayed until after the tournament, or the following Saturday. If you want an interview, you must be on the DiamondShaft Discord server, in the Waiting Room voice channel. If you cannot join the channel, chances are you are denied an interview. This is not required, but it certainly helps to have an application posted on the forums for us to review. Interview Requirements: Joined DiamondShaft Discord. Waiting in the "Waiting Room" voice channel when we're ready (under Community Voice.) Have been on the server for longer than a month or two. Over 12 years of age. Forums account. (Must view the forums at least a few times a week.) Have a mic, please. We can't do interview-by-text. (Optional) Well-known in the community. (Optional) Application on forums. It also helps to not be an "overly-serious" staff member. We'd like for our staff to be serious about the rules when necessary, however, it's best to be somewhat lenient most of the time. We don't need super nazi staff members. INTERVIEW TIMES: California (U.S.A - Western): 11 am Chicago (U.S.A - central): 1 pm New Jersey (U.S.A - Eastern): 2 pm Charlottetown (Canada - Prince Edward Island): 3 pm London (UK - England): 6 pm Denmark (European): 7 pm Hong Kong (China): 2 am
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