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    Congratulations you looked at my steam profile and found what City and Province I live in.
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    anyone want to know his address? ill sell for coin, 500 coin
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    I know where camo lives Parma Ohio United States Parma Ohio United States
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    Read this post for more reasoning to why we changed many things for 1.13 https://www.diamondshaft.com/topic/4328-1131-server-release-date-changelog/ All in all, it definitely helped the servers activity immensely for the first few months. As for now we're all waiting for 1.14.
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    That's exactly the point.. Diamonds are pretty much worthless to use /sell hand on, people want them so you can make more money by selling them to players instead of to the void. By having the prices low it increases player to player transactions instead of just selling everything. As for beds, I'm pretty sure we added a plugin to solve this issue at the start of the map, as long as 50% or more of the players are in bed you can skip the night and wake up at day.
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