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    Username: Nettowert Server: Survival Banned By: toricat365 Date of Ban: 04/07/19 Reason: Griefing I'm not going to try to bullshit anyone. I griefed and there was no reason for it and I'm sorry to whoever was affected by my actions. I will admit that I have been banned for the same thing before on a much older account but that was actually out of revenge but as I said, there was no excuse for this time. I hope to see you guys again soon. I also hope nobody is mad at me. Sincerely, -Jack P.S.- I am known on the discord server as Jack (Professional Dipshit)#4294 so if I am not at all quick to respond to any emails or messages, etc. You can contact me there.
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    I was going to let you stay banned for another day, but I don’t feel that’s necessary. Just don’t repeat this action in the future and make sure you understand the rules and the consequences of breaking them. I will unban you once I return home (Around 3:10PM EST).
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    We don't rollback peoples inventories when they die...keepInventory is disabled for a reason.
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    I don’t have the evidence anymore due to my cat destroying my old laptop with everything on it. But I will unban you
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