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    Staff Charter Staff must also promote a professional and friendly environment. These are the basic rules that govern staff members. 1. Abuse of power is absolutely prohibited. (This includes, kicks/tempbans/ban without reason. Force moving people between channels etc.) 2. Cursing to be kept to an absolute minimum. (If you are frustrated leave the server to vent.) 3. When dealing with players staff are to conduct themselves as professionally as possible. 4. Inter-staff issues are to be calmly discussed and resovled in private. If this is not possible all involved should go to a higher tiered staff member to find a solution. 5. Staff are reminded that they are to perform all duties required of them while in the game. Failure to do so WILL result in demotion. 6. Staff are also reminded to make every attempt to be as respectful as possible of both their fellow staff members and of the players they interact with. (This includes racist remarks and discrimination in general)
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