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    Hello Everyone, I would just like to make this post to provide the correct procedure to use when contacting a staff member as there aren't any official guidelines. If the issue is non-critical and you are simply asking a question or have a simple request, please feel free to create a topic on the forums, that is what they are here for. If you feel the question should only be for the senior staff please use the "Contact Us" button located at the bottom of the forum page. It will send an email which is distributed to some senior staff members and we will get to your issue when we are available. If you have a more critical issue you feel we should look into please use the following table from lowest priority to highest priority. If the staff member you contacted feels that the issue is something that a higher rank should look into, they can invite them into your message. [Guardian] First Contact (In game related issues, i.e: griefs, general issues, etc.) [Moderator] Second Contact (For Commands that are needed which the Guardians do not have access to, or for forum moderating.) [Administrator] Camo / DK Third Contact (For commands needed which Moderators do not have access to or Server related issues.) [Administrator] Anthrax (Final Method of Contact: Network Server related issues that Administrators do not have access to, donation problems, or to deal with issues regarding senior staff. Should not be used for general issues or reports) Please note our staff has multiple group chats we can use to contact each other, so if you need a mod/admin but can't get one ask a Guardian to send a message as they can assist in resolving the problem. Thank you all for your co-operation.
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