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    Hello, everyone. I'm sure most of you have been wondering what is going to be put in place of creative mode for 1.16, along with some other changes that we may be doing. I've been looking at a bunch of things to add to the server or to change for when we decide to update. I keep being asked when 1.16 is going to release however the update is still in it's snapshot phase so really it's up to Mojang. I'm hoping for at least June personally. Here is the list of changes/ideas. I would love to receive feedback on any of these to see what people would like to see change. All subject to change. [Green] - Guaranteed or already added. [Yellow] - Maybe. [Purple] - Very unsure or needs more thought/feedback. Rank Changes Removal of /creative. Separate world strictly for creative (Unsure. If done, may vary from rank to rank. Likely Diamond+ for build access.) VeinMiner (Diamond+) Silk Spawners (Gold+) Color /nick, color your chat text with /color (Diamond+. This will not include decorations like bold and italics.) Toggleable /keepInventory (Emerald) Lib's Disguises (Each donator rank will get varying options to disguise as mobs/entities. Usernames will still appear above heads.) Kit updates (still undefined.) Trails will be made to work again. Survival Titles (Earn a multitude of rank titles from completing certain tasks in survival and be able to switch titles at any time.) BountyHunters. Potential custom generated world with use of a plugin. (Unsure. may stick with vanilla.) Phantoms will remain disabled. OldCombatMechanics will remain. Harbor will now count AFK players towards the required sleep count. This is to avoid players "sleeping" without a bed. (Currently added.) AdvancedAchievements. Dynmap (Currently added.) Economy Lottery. Auctions. General price changes in worth.yml for most items. New shop plugin to replace ChestShop? (More ease of use.) Job payouts may be updated. Trade System may be added. Server New server video soon to be made. Few more videos planned (More build timelapses anyone?) New server logo to be made. Builder Rank For anyone wondering, you can no longer apply for builder. The builder rank is given to those who I personally believe to be the best builders in our community. I like to see how they develop their skills and further input their talent into their creations, and they may optionally help with official server builds. I will admit, my preference is biased though that is mainly because I don't want a huge wave of builders on the server. I do try to listen to peoples suggestions for other builders though. If you have any screenshots of your original builds (no youtube/copying from other sources) please post them on the #builds channel in our Discord, just do not ask for the rank specifically. For 1.16, Builder will retain creative and worldedit however both may be limited.
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    would like if you could add /sit
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