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    ... You need to A P P E A L https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/13-appeal-a-ban/ @AnnaPlays 142 MAKE DAT APPEAL THING
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    Ah, I feel really stupid now. I'm from Sweden and I didn't understand what it meant, thought it said "Not replanting appeal" as in that it was a reminder to appeal, instead of "You were banned for not replanting, appeal @diamondshaft.com".
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    before you go change your location to AN anime palace
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    We have just completed interviews, and have chosen new GIT's, and promoted some Guardians to Moderators. Congratulations to all below! GITS @Tori @TrevorATA @StarzInDarkness @Madisonp01 @97daebak Guardian to Moderator: @WickedRainG @KristinaPickle
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    Hey you, yea you, u have big gay
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    I have gotten permission from Kat to unban you, Kat is currently very busy. Welcome back and enjoy!
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    The server Updated to 1.13.1 dood
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    Well though I don't actually know the exact reason behind this error, I know that is it caused by your internet. So try resetting your router, if that doesn't work try using your windows troubleshooter, if that doesn't work, try changing your DNS address to the google or cloudflare addresses. If that doesn't work, rip ~Rain
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    well done everyone looking forward to seeing the new staff members in action
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    Congrats @KristinaPickle @Tori @TrevorATA @StarzInDarkness @[email protected]
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    IGN: 97daebak Age: 21 TeamSpeak: N/A Discord: 97daebak Why apply for this position? I just want power. Power to kick the king when I see fit. Besides that, I guess I don't mind helping around when I am online. My builds are ok-ish and I do like to build so I mean you could hire me like a part-time roofer or floor installer. I am trained in CPR in case someone does take an attack on the heart so I can be your health and safety rep. I have been in the server since January of 2018 so I am not very known. I do know how to build so that's something (more than most on the server apparently). I am very old so I am somewhat wise, I do have two diplomas and when combined I am the ultimate dealer with autistic children.
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    So me moving your farm, built against the rules in Sunset Isles, without asking = EVERY staff member is "strict" and "mean". If anything, only I should be constituted as the "meanest" staff member. You clearly have not had the time to personally get to know each and every staff member, because some of them are the nicest people I've known. You should know that, staff are only mean when players choose that it is best to just ignore us, so we have to start hauling in the bitchiness. Another example of us being assholes is if you complain to us when you don't obtain GIT, on multiple occasions. We aren't very strict, if anything we just enforce the rules like normal and do our jobs. In fact we once demoted a GIT because they were acting way too strict. I never apologized for moving your farm; and I won't. You told me you'd let "bygones be bygones" when I honestly didn't care for the matter, so we moved on. I don't care if you leave or not, I could probably predict you'd come back anyways, so do what you want. I also like to believe this server has changed for the better, and with something special coming up I believe we'll get more members. If not, then I'm fine staying at a cool 20 player average. We worked hard for this reset and for wanted ideas to be implemented. Also, it's just a Minecraft server, no need to be so dramatic.
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