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    Welcome to the ban appeal template! I take it you are reading this because you were banned. Well I'm not here to judge, I want to help you get unbanned and come back on our server! For starters lets let you know some rules when creating your ban appeal! - Please do not say "I don't know why I was banned." There should be a reason for you being banned, you can find it by trying to connect to the server. If it states "Griefing LB Proof" That means you were banned for griefing and we will have proof. If it actually doesn't give a reason then it can be acceptable to not know why you were banned but 90% of the time you will know why. - Do not create ban appeals for "Friends" or "Family" we require the original player who was banned to create the ban appeal. - Do not message staff members asking to be unbanned. Appeal and be patient. - If you have already been banned once there is a less likely chance of you getting unbanned so please don't flood the forums with appeals. Now that you are aware of some of our rules here is a template we would like you to follow when appealing your ban: Username: Ice_King Server: Survival Banned By: Snorlax Date of Ban: 25 May 2015 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for two months. I first found it while watching a YouTube video of the server. I am fairly familiar with the rules however I noticed that a player had built a home right next to my home and I wanted to take a look in his house. His doors were locked so I had to break into it to get a peek. Whenever I got into it an Admin by the name of Snorlax tped to me and banned me instantly! What the heck! I was going to place it back too! Would you be able to give me one more chance, I am very sorry for the trouble I caused and I will never do it again. Thanks again, Ice_King!
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    Hello everyone, I'm Anthrax otherwise known as King on the server. I am currently 19 years old (turning 20 in July), I have been hosting Minecraft servers now for 4 years. Some of them are: Minecraftrail, Creeper Explosion, Tremble Gaming, Diamond Shaft. How It all began I was first introduced to Minecraft when I was 14 years old, I was at my Cousin's house and he was telling me about Minecraft. I thought it was an interesting game so I decided to download it and try it, I played it on single player and thought it was okay I then stopped playing it for a long time. It was around this time in 2011 that one of my friends said they were playing on a Minecraft server and asked me to join it. I hadn't played Minecraft in awhile so, I said "sure", not really expecting much. I had played on LAN multiplayer servers before, my older brother had a server that he and his friends used to play on, however, this was my first real "Multiplayer" server. I remember joining it and people were welcoming me, this server was what started my desire to start up my own server. It wasn't until July a week or so before my birthday I had some money and I decided to buy my first Minecraft server. Looking back at it now it was a bad deal but at the time I didn't care I thought it was awesome to have my own server. I had that server for around three months before I ran out of money to support it, I then took a break from Minecraft for a few months until I decided to start up a new server on my Laptop, that lasted for another 2 months before I got bored of it. It wasn't until March 2012 when I really started to get into Minecraft servers. I collected a bunch of parts from my brothers computer after he upgraded and Frankensteined it all together. I then started up what was to be known as Tremble Gaming and it was a bigger hit than any of the other servers I had ran in the past. On the first month I believe we raised $50 in donations which was enough to upgrade the Frankenstein computers ram to 8GB. I kept upgrading that computer until it became what it is today. However, during the Tremble Gaming path some of the members were talking about creating a hamachi server. I was feeling generous at the time so I said "I'll host you a server" and that was the birth of Diamond Shaft. It was originally a 10 slot server I gave to some players on my server, however after advertising it and creating the YouTube video for them it became the popular server it is today. I thank Kristina for talking about creating a hamachi server because if they hadn't of talked about making one, Diamond Shaft would never have existed.
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    Dear everyone on ds. The time has come for me to say goodbye to you all. I have loved meeting you and spending time with you but I no longer enjoy being on the server. I've put a lot of hard work into the server but I don't get the appreciation I deserve for it and for some reason the staff team has turned into something I can no longe accept. In my opinion it's not fair when you don't wanna be honest to people about their opportunities on the server. Why not be honest and let wicked know he will not get a chance at becoming staff and why not let snor know you all hate him and don't want him on the team either so they can get on with life? and why not be honest with me and just say Bolp we know you'd like to be admin but it's never gonna happen! I feel its time for me to find something else to do than be on ds. Every time I get on the server I get frustrated and I leave with a sad feeling inside that the server has become this sad thing where no one is honest and you don't have to follow the rules if you're just friends with the right staff. It has been nice knowing you all and I will never forget the friends I've made here. I wish you all well in the future and I hope you grow up to be nice and honest people. I have given my money and town to possessed and I've removed my shop at the mall. I've also made everything ready for the next drop party so you just have to push the button. I will keep streaming every now and then but my streams will be me drawing and maybe talking about stuff.. my twitch is still https://www.twitch.tv/jackeebolp and I hope to see some of you there every now and then Have a nice day and may you enjoy every minute of your life Regards Bolp
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    Hopefully the older players remember one of the 1.7 arenas, "Wortex" and for the newer members, you missed out. i sadly didnt get to spend much time in the Wortex because i had a terrible computer. but i know for a fact, many many people enjoyed ( @Godsofboss and other people) so i decided to recreate/reimagine the Wortex. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, burds and kitties, robots and tigers, foxes and whatever the hell Totie is.. i give you The Wortex Credit goes to PossessedPlayz, StarzInDarkness, Garbanto, FrynoxFC, EMCcat, ToriCat365. But mainly the first 2
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    Hello Everyone, I would just like to make this post to provide the correct procedure to use when contacting a staff member as there aren't any official guidelines. If the issue is non-critical and you are simply asking a question or have a simple request, please feel free to create a topic on the forums, that is what they are here for. If you feel the question should only be for the senior staff please use the "Contact Us" button located at the bottom of the forum page. It will send an email which is distributed to some senior staff members and we will get to your issue when we are available. If you have a more critical issue you feel we should look into please use the following table from lowest priority to highest priority. If the staff member you contacted feels that the issue is something that a higher rank should look into, they can invite them into your message. [Guardian] First Contact (In game related issues, i.e: griefs, general issues, etc.) [Moderator] Second Contact (For Commands that are needed which the Guardians do not have access to, or for forum moderating.) [Administrator] Camo / DK Third Contact (For commands needed which Moderators do not have access to or Server related issues.) [Administrator] Anthrax (Final Method of Contact: Network Server related issues that Administrators do not have access to, donation problems, or to deal with issues regarding senior staff. Should not be used for general issues or reports) Please note our staff has multiple group chats we can use to contact each other, so if you need a mod/admin but can't get one ask a Guardian to send a message as they can assist in resolving the problem. Thank you all for your co-operation.
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    I know I don't make as many posts here on the forums as I used to, as I usually only try to comment when I have something constructive or important to add to the conversation. I believe that this is one of those times. This is the first time all day that I've had time to get on a computer to read anything. Over this past month, I have been quite busy in my life, despite not currently being employed I have finally had time to experience life in a whole different way than I had when I was working. I've been outside a lot more and haven't really thought much about needing to go on my computer to play games. In addition, I have been working for relatives to help out with whatever they need. I've been helping my Father work on my Uncle's apartments and this past week I've been completely repainting my grandmother's house which has been keeping me busy most of the afternoon. I still keep my phone on me in the case of emergencies or if one of the staff members needs to contact me. I apologize if you have been meaning to speak to me about this, however, this seems to have been a shock to most of us. I completely agree with Camo's points, to start off about Snor, as far as I know, no one mentioned that they hate him. There are several staff members who have their own reasons for disliking him. For me personally, I tried to do everything I could to give Snor another opportunity to come back. Several staff members decided that it was time to remove some of the more "Inactive" staff members to try and bring in some new talent that would be more active. After several weeks of this being brought to me, I decided to put this plan into action, however, instead of simply demoting them, I decided to give them the opportunity to return to their full staff ranks when they became more active on the server. DK and Eddy were the two we noticed a significant improvement with activeness on the server, however from what I and the rest of the staff team observed, Snor simply wasn't putting in the effort to prove to us, that he was serious about becoming a moderator of Diamond Shaft again. The opportunity is still there for you Snor as Camo mentioned, It just depends on where your priorities stand, do you wish to play Arma 40 hours a week and Minecraft 0.3 hours a week? As we can see from your Steam profile finding time to play shouldn't be the issue, it just comes down to time management. Wicked, I know we don't really speak much, you may think I dislike you for that, however most of the time I ignore PMs or messages to me unless it's something important. I apologize for not communicating with you more. To be honest, when you were staff that would have been back whenever I was working and didn't have time to really do much for the server, as a result I don't feel we ever really interacted. I didn't really have any issues with you as I didn't interact with you that much, however, if I recall correctly there were several other staff members who had issues with you. We try to work together as a team, when there is one broken link in the chain, it splits our team apart which isn’t what we want. I trust Camo’s judgment and I believe him when he says that you have changed, we do give people second chances, hopefully, we may see you back again in our staff team. Now, bolp, about the Admin situation. As this was mentioned by several other staff members, we haven’t really had the need for another Admin especially since Camo was promoted to an Admin, being promoted to admin is something that can take time. Not everyone is promoted from Guardian > Admin in a matter of months like was the case with Phantom. In some cases, it can take years. I apologize if you were misled, or told you would never become an Admin. I assure you, that isn’t the case, you would have been one of the few people we would likely have even considered to become the next Admin. It’s very sad to see you go for these reasons Bolp, If it was for personal reasons I would understand more, if you were having issues and came to us about them, we would have liked to try and work with you to get them resolved. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. You will always be welcome back to our community! Regards, King
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    So me moving your farm, built against the rules in Sunset Isles, without asking = EVERY staff member is "strict" and "mean". If anything, only I should be constituted as the "meanest" staff member. You clearly have not had the time to personally get to know each and every staff member, because some of them are the nicest people I've known. You should know that, staff are only mean when players choose that it is best to just ignore us, so we have to start hauling in the bitchiness. Another example of us being assholes is if you complain to us when you don't obtain GIT, on multiple occasions. We aren't very strict, if anything we just enforce the rules like normal and do our jobs. In fact we once demoted a GIT because they were acting way too strict. I never apologized for moving your farm; and I won't. You told me you'd let "bygones be bygones" when I honestly didn't care for the matter, so we moved on. I don't care if you leave or not, I could probably predict you'd come back anyways, so do what you want. I also like to believe this server has changed for the better, and with something special coming up I believe we'll get more members. If not, then I'm fine staying at a cool 20 player average. We worked hard for this reset and for wanted ideas to be implemented. Also, it's just a Minecraft server, no need to be so dramatic.
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    I only have this to say.. I'm always sad to see ppl go but if the biggest problem is that staff is too strict you micht wanna take a look at yourself. The real problem might be that you can't follow rules. I don't mean to be rude or anything but the people that often say that staff is strict is also the people that gets banned or kicked a lot for not following the rules. If you're not able to follow the simple rules of a minecraft server how are you ever gonna be able to follow the rules in society? I only wish you the best of luck in the future and you can be sure we are some people that have nothing against you and I am very sure you are one of the people I will miss. I hope to see you online before you go..
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    Hello fellow Diamond Shafters! I'm pleased to announce some of the new upcoming changes with our Administration team! DK_Knight has now been promoted to Sr. Administrator, he will have access to more features on the forums and be able to assist with more forum specific issues that he was unable to do previously. Phantomheim has also been promoted to our new Sr. Administrator retirement program, he will spend most of his time in a relaxing retirement home where he will have the freedom to relax and play many different games, such as bingo! We are also welcoming a new Admin to the team! He is one of the few administrators who have been an admin before me! The almighty camocowboy!!! I would just like to congratulate all of you on your success and dedication to the server, your hard work has not gone un-noticed! Regards, King.
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    What the legit fuck, how do I even fucking start this? I literally spent more than a year and a half on this server. It gave me dozens of memories, but that's the thing. Memories are a great place to visit, but a terrible place to live in. And I guess right now I have so much happening in my life, it's hard to get any new memories from the server. And like @Rocky loves to tell me, I gotta stop living in the past. I think I stuck to DiamondShaft till now because it was one of my few links to my old school, since that's the school I was attending when I started playing on this server. I want to say so much. You guys don't understand. DiamondShaft really did shape me in different ways. I have so many people to thank, so many people I want to mention, but as not to single anyone out, I'll mention none. Instead I think all the names that come to mind were mentioned in the 2-year anniversary video I made... Last year. And now we're approaching the 3rd year of DiamondShaft. Time went too fast. But maybe it's supposed to. Maybe it's my wake-up call. Okay I'm sounding too dramatic now. Like some emo 15-year old in a movie where I suddenly realize life's secrets and turn into a happy Pinocchio goody-two shoes and gets a half-pretty girlfriend and move to South Africa or some shit. But fuck it. This is my last post, might as well make it as edgy as possible. So just fuck you all. I love you too much, I don't really want to say goodbye to any of you (except you @Possessed I hate you burd because I love you but I hate you fuck you) Why am I so frustrated? I think that's a feeling most people get when they say goodbye to something that was once great and wonderful, and now all they see in it is what it was, not what it is. Good luck to all of you. Many of you have told me about their problems and what they want to do. So I wish the best of luck to all of you, and you know if I'm talking about you. Love you all. Also, I will not be finishing the anniversary event. Sorry, but finals are approaching and I need to focus. I'll leave it up to the "Event Team" to finish it up for me, as a final request from a dying king to his children. Speaking of King, a big thank you for creating this server. Like a really big one. Like bigger than Charlie's appetite for sex. Speaking of @Charlie, I think I'd like to redeem myself. I want to finally come full circle, and forgive Charlie. I think it's in due time that I stop holding a grudge against her and hating her. I think we've all done dumb shit in our lives to impress others, including backstabbing and betrayals. So... Charlie. I forgive you. (Waiting for someone to comment that she probably won't read this.) So thank you all... Again. I'll try to remember you all as I grow up, but... No promises. Love you all. Call me what you want. Totie, Sayf, TotsMcGoats, Democracky, Moderator-wannabe (that's pretty sad I never got to be a mod but)... I'm out. Best, Totie.
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    I feel like some of the stuff said in this post would've been left better unsaid, or thought out more as if just makes the staff team look like a group of liars. You've been with us for a while, and while I cared for you a lot and tried to help you when I could, this was kind of a hurtful read for me. I would've also liked to have known that you planned to go and that you had problems so that I, and possibly the other staff could have talked to you about it, instead of it being hidden and Snor being cryptic about it to me. On the topic of @MrSnorman, I might as well say now that we do not "hate" him, but it seems the staff team have come to an agreement that he's not yet ready to come back to the staff team. For whatever reason, it was made "my choice" to promote Snor or not, and he would a couple of times try to butter me up or convince me to bring him back, and by asking, isn't the right way to do so. So I decided to consult the staff. I did plan to tell him soon, but I wanted every single staff member opinion, first. It might be obvious that some staff are upset with him, but on the topic of "hatred", I wouldn't go that far. As with @WickedRainGaming, we gave him an Interview, it might've been said before that he shouldn't get another chance, but I have recently seen a change with him that might've been for the better, so I gave him a chance. However, he didn't get as many votes as the other GITS, so he didn't make it. I apologize to Wicked that the staff thought ill of him at one point, but he's still human and has a good heart. All that aside, I don't know why the Admin topic is being brought up again. I heard about you being upset with Nathaniel for not appreciating your work, but I don't think it has to specifically be said. I'm sure Nathaniel appreciates the work of all staff, but doesn't just go to everyone and pat them on the back. I know you've been Mod for a while, but it's been said that we don't need another Admin right now, and we may not need another for quite a while. I've also heard many complaints about "drama" within and outside of the staff team. Honestly I don't see much drama within the staff team, and if there is it can easily be prevented. However, I do know of some outside drama. We're staff members, and I've realized recently that drama is much better off prevented, however there are people who do not yet realize this, and continue to make efforts to cause issues instead of resolving problems and moving on. I've seen it time and time again, and personally all I've ever done is help one side and push it forward, but it was time for that to change, I can't do that anymore. Bolp, I'm truly sorry to see you go, but it makes me sad that you think this way of us. If you ever need help or someone to talk too, I, and other staff are always on Discord. EDIT: I forgot to mention, maybe some things the staff do can be changed if we feel the need to do so, however any decision we make is made as a group. As shown above, a decision shouldn't be just put one person, but for a vote with the staff. At least, that's how I always preferred to do things. Most of the staff we have are my close friends, or they are very nice people to know, so that can sometimes throw off judgement in favor for them, and though sometimes it can be justified, some situations could be thought through better. I don't take Minecraft seriously anymore, I haven't for a few years. However, this community that I've watched grow since Tremble, I take very seriously. If the staff team are becoming what you say we are, then I don't want that to reflect off our community.
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    Hello everyone. As the majority of us know, we just had interviews today, the staff team had picked the new GIT's among the applicants. In behalf of the staff team, The new GIT's are: Kat_1910 WickedRainGaming DevinThrashes Demonic_YT Congratulations to those of you who have made it! We are so excited to have you in the staff team! For the new GIT's, you will notice a GIT section in the forums. That is where most of the commands are. You will have to learn them through out the program. If you have any questions, you could ask us and we will gladly answer. Also remember to make a Ban Evidences page for all the bans you make through out the program, which will last for 1-2 weeks. It is on the "Banned Players" section. More information are on the forums, GIT section. For those who didn't make it, Don't worry! You can always reapply and there is always another chance. Some interesting answers that occured during the interviews: "Whats your greatest strenghts?" - "Gaming" "Im sorry, I sound young because Im using a weird microphone"
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    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and Happy holidays over the holiday month in case I do not get time to say it to you personally. The server has also decided to get in the Christmas spirit and pose for us, I have attached the picture for everyone to see. Enjoy the Christmas season! From: The Diamond Shaft Staff
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    Firstly, you used a full caps sentence and I kicked you for breaking the rules like I would for anyone else. Secondly, you then started complaining that I kicked you saying how unjust it was. I told you to suck it up because you're the one who was at fault. Thirdly you continued to argue that I was abusing my power, needed to have some fun and that you should have gotten away with it as if you were special. I told you to stop arguing. You ignored me so I temporarily banned you for 5 minutes. Not a huge deal. However you decided that you wanted to continue being arrogant as soon as you got back on. Therefore you have earned the TEMPORARY ban you have recieved. Wait it out just like any other person would and come back when you can handle the consequences of breaking the rules. Thanks, Eddy and the rest of the staff members.
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    Hello DiamondShafters, I'm here to inform you of some staff changes, but first lets talk about the GITs. We would like to congratulate both @Lord_Frynox and @NeilPlayz for their time as GIT as they have both become a Guardian, unfortunately Danny has been removed as part of the GITs. We are also sad to see one of our older staff member leave, Papa_Smurf619 will unfortunately be demoted due to long term inactiveness.
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    Don't worry, when you come back the server totally won't be in flames with armies of morbidly obese witches. #BlameSnor
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    We have just completed interviews, and have chosen new GIT's, and promoted some Guardians to Moderators. Congratulations to all below! GITS @Tori @TrevorATA @StarzInDarkness @Madisonp01 @97daebak Guardian to Moderator: @WickedRainG @KristinaPickle
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    hi ur application is vry good! instead of bein git,,,,do u think ud accept 2 be admin???? we have 2 replace stinky chad.......yucky
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    *Clears Throat* ............No, No, and No. You don't need x-ray, since it's not that hard to find resources. Topic Locked
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    Stop spamming the forums with your ridiculous posts. Just take your drama up in the game. If it concerns you that much, message a staff member if they're online. Chances are they will put an end to it quickly where as putting it on the forums where the justice gets served 2 hours later. The only problems that I see in chat are you guys annoying the absolute crap out of them. Leave them alone, and they'll leave you alone. Simple as that. It seems that you guys like to start drama on the server. Good day to you, Derk.
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    Hello guys, It feels weird since i'm the one writing to be unbanned and not the one unbanning people, lol. Anyways, thats not the point. I am here to say sorry for my actions, i really wasn't thinking and i can honestly say i am truly sorry for what i did- and it will never happen again i can assure you. I've been playing on diamondshaft for just over a year and since being banned i have realized how much diamondshaft has been in my life, and how much i miss all the amazing people who play on this server. I understand if i'm not unbanned because what i did was wrong, and i understand that. I just hope you can give me another chance because i really miss all of you, and you will be happy to know that i promise i won't bring anyone from any of my other servers. Thank you for reading this, Best wishes to you all, Charlie. Btw, i know you guys made a bet that i wouldn't make an appeal but, here it is!
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    Bolp thank you for everything you have done for this community, you have to be one of the most hard working, dedicated and caring staff we have had. During times of difficulty for anyone you are always the one there to comfort them and look out for them and give advice. I feel like we've become friends since back when you were a GIT and we've talked about loads, I hope this doesn't change as I will still be in touch! As for your message I completely understand your frustration, and feel sorry that the only thing you thought you could do at this point was to resign. I feel like youve been let down by everyone in that sense as yes you have been taken for granted and no it isn't fair. For when I had my input I'll apologise on my behalf now.. I hope you may come back at some point, maybe to talk to some people on the server as I'm sure many will agree that you are all a great person and it will be a shame to not have you around. Hope to speak soon Snor
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    Username: PossessedHail Age: 15 NickName: Usually Po but someone took that so now its Pos Skype: PossessedHail Discord: PossessedHail Teamspeak: Too dead m8 Email: [email protected] Hello its Po as you probably already know, i would like to reapply for the GIT program. As most of you should know i was previously G.I.T but i was demoted before i made it to Guardian, because of this i have learnt new things and noted things i should work on (The reasons i got demoted) I asked staff members such as Lucy Bolp Snor and Neil what i would need to work on if i ever wanted to reapply. The main points they suggested were A don't spend as much time on minechat B don't ban rocky for 10 days C don't just keep posting in ban evidence section, edit it. Now i think i have this in the bag because minechat wont work, rocky is demoted and ban evidence isn't used anymore so i cant fail Of course i have GIT experience but i also have experience on the Event team which means i understand many commands i didn't before i joined (though a few parts of the /lb stuff may have slipped my mind so i could do with a brush up) Since i last applied i believe i have matured slightly (not much) which means i wont extremely unprofessional but i will still have fun. The main reasons i have reapplied is because of the new reset, before it i went sort of inactive though i hopped now and again i was quite bored with the game but now the reset has his i am spending most of my days on here, to quote my mother "make some real friends Harold" nuff said really. So like before when i applied i am really looking for a change of pace, i've been doing the same thing since the 1.7 map and of course i would never quit DS i have had a "short attention span" from time to time and really i'd like to start something new on here. I joined the forums when Totie, Choppy, Hayley, Rocky and papa were G.I.Ts (June 15, 2015) and i have been playing before that for quite some time (1.7 as i said before) which is about 4 years i think? who knows well i think I've made my point on that. For me, my main points of concerns are that i do have a history and present of mental illness (nothing serious) its mainly anxiety and stress which means i might not cope well in some situations, such as if I've had a stressful day i might get a bit angry but since i had a few talks with Snor i have learnt stuff to do in those situations, eg: leave for 5 minutes. (Snor is my Therapist) And i have a weird sense of humour which is another thing to do with stress, its sort of a coping mechanism. I have tried to be as honest as possible while making this application and i don't think i made it too long. Anyway thank you for reading my application i hope to have another shot at Guardian or GIT at least. OH one last point i am going on holiday for about 10 days in the summer holiday so i hope that does not cause troubles Yours sincerely Po
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    I swear you've said you are in your 30s? Geez
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    Error: wrong server , read user manual for more information
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    Dear DiamondShafters! After four long, hard and tedious weeks for our Guardians in Training we have come to the conclusion that the three remaining gits @Mrreds_ @TEAtime2012 @Tori Will all be getting promoted to Guardian! Congratulations to you all for putting in the effort and we hope that your motivation continues in the future. Also a big congratulations to @garbanto for getting a promotion to Moderator after over a year and a half of being a Guardian! Thanks to all the members for all your support over the past few months! MrSnorman (On behalf of the staff team)
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    Hello everyone, As some of you may have known, we have been working on a new map for the survival server for quite some time now. This has been something that was heavily requested for us to do for quite a long time now, I'm proud to announce that it is now officially live and available to the public. Special thanks to Mike (Mojo) for helping build the spawn, as well as all the other staff members on the team, it really was a group effort in getting everything put together and we truly do appreciate all the hard work you guys have put in. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have while working on it. Thanks, King.
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    Hello there, You were banned by me today due to your previous unban appeal in which you stated: Clearly you aren't mature enough to be allowed onto our server. Since you threatened to 'ban all admin' and 'grief the spawn' I feel it was perfectly acceptable of me to ban you for rules 1.5 and 1.1 Due to your immature behaviour and clearly not having calmed down you are being given a month to grow up and sort yourself out. Dont make empty threats. Merry Christmas!
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    This seems like a revenge report and you were baiting for her to shout back. Don't push people's buttons if you don't like having your own pushed as well
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    Have a nice day compadre Or have a nice ban session. We, on diamondshaft, are kind of like a family. Obviously not in the literal sense, but we are close. We do not like when arrogant, smug kids like you act like they're the most important being on the planet. See you never.
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    Lol, this is pathetic. You sir are what's called a shit stirrer and trust me, I've been there done that and seen it all before. Also you've been playing for 2 years? Bullcrap as much as I'm not that active at the moment I was very active last year and never saw you once. Maybe when you stop lying someone will unban you. If it was up to me I would IP ban you too. Class dismissed.
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    MC User: Lunning155 Discord/TS3: Lunning155 Age: 20 Possible Recomendations: Most of the staff hopefully. I've worked with all of you besides the newest Guardians. Hello, I'm Lunning and I have recently came back to the server after my life has finally slowed down. I was a Guardian and went through the G.I.T. program around a year ago. Had to stop for college and focus on school. I am hoping to be able and help this great server once again and be a guardian eventually. I know I personally loved being able to help people on a higher level than just a member and I firmly believe people enjoyed how constant I was and willing to help with even the smallest thing. I'm a people person and will always be in either chat or discord, If not message me and I will be there.I have been apart of this community for over three years now and miss it greatly. Now I want to give back once again. Thank you for time. P.S. Snor: I hope you saved Paublo the Potato for me this whole time.
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    @TEAtime2012, we'll be giving you a full day to decide, as this seems like a rushed decision. Please talk to bolp whenever you get the chance, and maybe she can help you. If you choose otherwise, I'm sorry to see you go. It's been nice knowing you for the few years on here, and I'm very happy you got to build for the server and helped us out on multiple occasions. I guess I'll manage Woodpine while you're gone, considering.
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    Hello everyone! As some of you might have noticed we've got some new gits. The new gits are Mrreds, The_Good_Old_Boy, TEATime, Uanz and Tori we wish you all the best of luck in the git program and we hope you'll enjoy your time as almost staff Then there's @Lucy we all know her as guardian but from today she is the new mod. we wish you the best of luck in your new position and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as you've wished for it the past few months Now to the sad part.. as we're on our way to get new staff members we also had to say goodbye to one. @ChristianMineMan has not been active on the server for a long time and is no longer part of the staff team but i'm sure you'll still be able to say hi to him on teamspeak. We wish you the best of luck in the future and we hope to see you back on the server some day. Now to all players.. please be patient with lucy and the new gits as they get to know their new powers its now always as easy as you might think to get to know all those new commands Have a nice day.. Best wishes from the staff team
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    you go ahead and try. you kept breaking the rules and therefore you'll be punished. you'll have to wait until the time runs out on your tempban to get unbanned and doing stuff like this will only keep you banned longer
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    Hello Everyone. As some of you may know, I have recently moved into an apartment with some friends. Currently the servers location is in my parents basement so I will be moving it over to my apartment tomorrow afternoon. I do not know how long exactly it will be down for as I will need to configure DNS settings and ports. I'm hoping it doesn't take more than a few hours though. I just wanted to make this post to let everyone know in case you notice its offline. Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this migration. PS. The TeamSpeak server and website will remain online during this transition as they are hosted on a remote server. Thanks, King.
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    Ok let me start I find out one of their players is advertising on here so I go to their community and file a report with the administrators. I then find out 3 of the players from here decided to advertise on here first (Nick before he comes on here and you and Danny after). Do you have ANY idea how stupid that makes us look? How stupid you look? The way it reflects on THIS community? Quite frankly as you can see in my post below I'm disgusted with your actions and ashamed of your behaviour. If someone advertises on here you report it you don't go and spam on there. Two rights do NOT make a wrong and you the fact that you did this is embarrassing. I've now got to go over there and apologise for your actions. Which I would not have to do if you had acted maturely and like an adult instead of a child seeking revenge. I will review this case in 48 hours to give you time to cool off and think about how you made us look.
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    "HI mom I'm just going to canada to meet with people I met online"
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    Snors mum is still better
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    Ok i really think this has to stop! I know snor has done a lot of bad stuff in the past but he isn't doing anything to anyone now and he hasn't done for a long while now. So please stop bullying him! This is not to defend him or anything but think about it.. how would you feel if everyone treated you the way you guys treat him? I know I wouldn't like it. I know hes been a bit of a bully him self but a lot of things has changed. He's more mature now and he's learned a lot from the past. The past half year has brought him lots of ups and downs but sadly most downs. Let's give him a chance to start all over and give him a chance to prove he's changed and that he can be nice too. So please stop bullilying him and let's all be nice to him from now on and give him a chance to get back on the server and feel welcome again. I hope you guys will be with me on this!
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    *clap clap clap* awesome... thank you.. i can now die in peace
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