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  1. Interviews & Tournament

    We have made certain exceptions before in the past for people who can't make it during the specified times. I'm sure we can make some kind of arrangement that allows you to do your interview later in the evening as it would be morning time for you.
  2. Not being able to remove trails?

    Can I get you to try the following command:
  3. Someone Explain

    Right, I think I did that last night... I was running around shooting eggs on the ground after teleporting to that TF2 Soldier guy.
  4. Reacts

    There you go This was the best "Wow" reaction I could find on google that wasn't extremely small or had a white background, eg. not a PNG. Feel free to let me know if there are others you want added and I can take a look.
  5. Someone griefed Meh house (Accepted)

    What are the coordinates? I just flew around your town and couldn't find where you took this screenshot.
  6. Banned for Not 'replanting' (Unbanned)

    Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this! We are sorry to hear about your ban issue. Unfortunately, we require you to follow the proper ban appeal template structure which you can see here: Let us know once you have updated your post to follow this template and we would be glad to unban you from the server! Regards, King_Anthrax.
  7. How long is the sale

    Just set the prices back to normal last night, sorry if you weren't able to purchase them within the set timeframe.
  8. lost home

    Here you go, a screenshot of location and co-ordinates.
  9. Hey King, i have a question. Do you know if Tango's iron pheonix will work on the server? If yes am i allowed to build it?


    1. Anthrax


      As long as it follows the rules outlined on this page:


  10. Bug? (Rejected)

    I see, yeah I didn't doubt that it could have been him. I was mostly referring to the huge lines that are created by not selecting your position prior to using commands, not the crater.
  11. Bug? (Rejected)

    Possibly, but unlikely for the massive tunnel. It looks exactly like someone forgetting to set their positioning correctly and did a // command taking out everything to where their last position was. Trust me, I've done it before and seen it done countless times.
  12. Bug? (Rejected)

    Just looks like someone failed World Edit school 101.
  13. Just wondering...

    Okay... This topic has turned into a shit fest now so I am just going to close it.
  14. Just wondering...

    It's not rocket science.. I was able to figure these things out when I was your age, and Snor probably could have done them 3 years younger.