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  1. Hello, Thank you for appealing your ban. I've gone ahead and unbanned you on the server here now, so you are more than welcome to continue playing. Sorry for the delay, I don't check up on the forums a whole lot these days. For future reference, I would recommend reaching out to someone on the Discord server about your appeal to get an update back sooner.
  2. Hello Drew, Thank you for your report, Sorry about the late reply to this, I'm just checking the report now. Has this issue been sorted for you? Or is it still griefed? Messaging us on discord about a grief is generally the fastest way to hear back from us. If you can let us know the co-ordinates (Pressing F3 on your keyboard will show them) We can then teleport and assist.
  3. Hello, Unfortunately as we have stated in other posts regarding similar requests, we are unable to provide downloads to the world files. There are a few reasons that we cannot, however the primary reason is due to the upload size associated to it. Most of the worlds we have had on Diamond Shaft have ranged in the 100+ GB file size. It just isn't really feasible for us to store these map files somewhere for people years to come to download. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. - King
  4. Hello, thank you for letting us know! You are correct, the issue was with the recent minecraft update. I've since fixed this by updating the plugin and it is working correctly again!
  5. Try joining again now, I've tried removing mcbans.
  6. I see, I would recommend ensuring that this time your account is secure and you have access to the email to be able to get it back if anything goes wrong. Otherwise, if you end up getting a new account and lose access to this one in the future, you would need to purchase the rank again for the new account.
  7. This has now been done. Moving forward, we won't be able to just change the rank over to another account. Instead of purchasing a new account when you want a different name, it would just be easier to use the Minecraft name change feature inside of your profile. https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360034636712-Minecraft-Usernames
  8. Hello, Yes the server is down at the moment due to a power outage in my province caused by hurricane dorian the provider is working on the issue and hopefully the server will be back up later this afternoon.
  9. Congratulations you looked at my steam profile and found what City and Province I live in.
  10. That's exactly the point.. Diamonds are pretty much worthless to use /sell hand on, people want them so you can make more money by selling them to players instead of to the void. By having the prices low it increases player to player transactions instead of just selling everything. As for beds, I'm pretty sure we added a plugin to solve this issue at the start of the map, as long as 50% or more of the players are in bed you can skip the night and wake up at day.
  11. I have done some maintenance today on the server that involved updating spigot/bungeecord to the latest release, optimizing the database, clearing out some logs and resetting the nether. Hopefully the issues you are facing here should be resolved now. If you continue to experience issues, let me know and I can try to investigate it further.
  12. I thought of this as soon as I read your post:
  13. Anthrax

    Two Things

    The OG 1.8 map was corrupted and I deleted it a long time ago, about a month or so ago we went through and played on all the old map saves that I had. I only have the last 1.8 map (The one with the poop brown wooden spawn) and the 1.9 map. The final 1.8 map that I have is around 50GB in size as it was before we started enforcing regions caps. The 1.9 map might be possible with just the wold size as its half the size of the 1.8 world but would still be pretty big. Either way we likely won't be allowing public downloads of our map saves as they contain minecraft trade secrets and we do
  14. Apparently I banned you on my 19th Birthday? Alright, I will go ahead and unban you.
  15. We have made certain exceptions before in the past for people who can't make it during the specified times. I'm sure we can make some kind of arrangement that allows you to do your interview later in the evening as it would be morning time for you.
  16. Right, I think I did that last night... I was running around shooting eggs on the ground after teleporting to that TF2 Soldier guy.
  17. There you go This was the best "Wow" reaction I could find on google that wasn't extremely small or had a white background, eg. not a PNG. Feel free to let me know if there are others you want added and I can take a look.
  18. What are the coordinates? I just flew around your town and couldn't find where you took this screenshot.
  19. Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this! We are sorry to hear about your ban issue. Unfortunately, we require you to follow the proper ban appeal template structure which you can see here: Let us know once you have updated your post to follow this template and we would be glad to unban you from the server! Regards, King_Anthrax.
  20. Just set the prices back to normal last night, sorry if you weren't able to purchase them within the set timeframe.
  21. Here you go, a screenshot of location and co-ordinates.
  22. I see, yeah I didn't doubt that it could have been him. I was mostly referring to the huge lines that are created by not selecting your position prior to using commands, not the crater.
  23. Possibly, but unlikely for the massive tunnel. It looks exactly like someone forgetting to set their positioning correctly and did a // command taking out everything to where their last position was. Trust me, I've done it before and seen it done countless times.
  24. Just looks like someone failed World Edit school 101.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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