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    I'm Back

    I thought of this as soon as I read your post:
  2. Anthrax

    Two Things

    The OG 1.8 map was corrupted and I deleted it a long time ago, about a month or so ago we went through and played on all the old map saves that I had. I only have the last 1.8 map (The one with the poop brown wooden spawn) and the 1.9 map. The final 1.8 map that I have is around 50GB in size as it was before we started enforcing regions caps. The 1.9 map might be possible with just the wold size as its half the size of the 1.8 world but would still be pretty big. Either way we likely won't be allowing public downloads of our map saves as they contain minecraft trade secrets and we don't want to just hand over the original Diamond Shaft secret sauce.
  3. Anthrax

    Ban Appeal [Firingblind] (Unbanned)

    Apparently I banned you on my 19th Birthday? Alright, I will go ahead and unban you.
  4. Diamond Shaft Network Official Universal Rules All rules that are listed on this thread are in effect as of May 2015 and apply to all ranks on the Diamond Shaft Network. The following rules apply to the Diamond Shaft Minecraft Servers,TeamSpeak. All of the chat rules apply to any of our chat systems we have, an example of this would be private message or party chat. All users are to read and follow the rules to avoid the punishment of kick or ban. If for any reason a rule needs to be changed or modified, the Diamond Shaft Administration has the right to do so. Using an alternate account to avoid punishment such as a mute or ban is prohibited on the Diamond Shaft network. If caught doing this your ban/mute may be extended and the alternate account will be banned. (1.1) Respect All Staff Members All decisions made by the Diamond Shaft Staff Team is considered final. Please do not argue with a judgement made by one of our staff members. If you feel a member of staff is abusing you or others, please use the Contact Us button at the bottom of our forums. (1.2) Respect All Users RAU - Respect All Users, we are all human and we all like the Diamond Shaft Network. Please be respectful and kind to others while playing games, or even lounging in channels. Forum respect will be enforced, do not write something that will be considered rude, it does hurt someone’s feelings in the end. Discrimination or threats of any kind is not tolerated and will result in possible warnings, then ban. We will NOT allow the following: Racism Sexism Ageism Remarks about Disabilities Religion Or any other kinds of Discrimination Also a note on other languages, it is not considered racist if they don't speak your language. English is recommended when asking something from an English Staff Member, though we do not require you to speak it. You are free to speak any language on the Diamond Shaft server (In Private Chat, Party Chat), but speaking any other language in the main chat, swearing or breaking chat rules in another language will not be allowed. Please be mindful of others when speaking in chat, we do have children playing on the network with you. Direct Cursing (swearing) is not allowed. This also includes the naming of 'pets'. Profane or offensive pet names will not be tolerated. (1.3) You are Responsible for your own Security Any breach made by a family, friend, or random stranger is on you. The Diamond Shaft Network does not take responsibility for your security on your Minecraft accounts or forum account. If a rule is broken under an account, that account will be punished. No exceptions. (1.4) Do not Impersonate or Act as a Staff Member Impersonating is a serious offense on the Diamond Shaft Network, as we do not take this lightly. If you witness someone impersonating a YouTuber or Staff Member, please contact a Moderator ASAP. Impersonating to be staff on the forums is not allowed, please do not trick someone to think you are able to do something that you can’t. Moderators will have the light red [Mod] prefix, and all Administrators will have a dark red [Admin] prefix for identification. (1.5) Do not Attempt to Attack our Servers Attempting or threatening to attack or take down any of our servers will be dealt with promptly by a permanent ban without appeal. DDOSing or other forms of this will result in contact with law enforcement agencies. Threatening to 'hack' the server or gain unauthorised access will result in a permanent ban. (1.6) Staff Team Decision (repeat offending or disruption) Staff team decision. Repeatedly committing offences after being punished or warned previously will result in a ban or causing any form of disruption to our forums, TeamSpeak or ingame server will result in a ban at the discretion of the staff member. (1.7) Advertising is not Permitted Advertising other servers on the Diamond Shaft Network or TeamSpeak without staff permission will result in an immediate permanent ban from the Network & Forums. This includes sharing an IP or Website/Domain (other than that of Diamond Shaft) in public chat, messaging system, forum post etc. (2.1) Do not Spam or use Excessive Capital Letters Spam of any type is not permitted. The minimal requirement for it to be classified as spam includes, but is not restricted to the posting of same or similar messages consecutively, a repetitive number of times within the space of a few or more seconds. Messages comprising of all or a large amount of caps is also considered spam. Spam on the Forums will not be tolerated, spamming posts or threads will either get you suspended or banned from the forums. (2.2) Offensive Skins are not Permitted Skins that are offensive or sexually explicit are not permitted on the Diamond Shaft Network. All who have a skin of such nature will be warned at first, but further consequences may follow if use of the skin is continued. (2.3) Offensive Capes are not Permitted Capes that have offensive or sexually explicit content are not permitted on the Diamond Shaft Network. As capes are an extension of your skin inappropriate capes will be treated the same as inappropriate skins. All who have a cape of this kind will be warned first, if you do not change or remove the cape then further action will be taken. We are aware that players can be bought capes without their knowledge and they can be offensive. In this case, if you are warned by a member of staff that you have an offensive cape on we will require you to take it off. If not then you will be punished in the same way. (2.4) Offensive Usernames are not Permitted Usernames that could be considered offensive like, sexual topics, bad words or distasteful are forbidden. If you don't follow that rule you will be permanently banned from the server. Please don't forget that we want a server family friendly. (2.5) Offensive Builds are not Permitted Builds that are highly inappropriate or profane will result in the build being demolished, and the builder being tempbanned, warned, or banned if the staff member so decides. (2.6) Client Modifications/Hacks are Strictly Forbidden Use of modified clients or hacked clients is strictly forbidden on the Diamond Shaft Network. Any modification that will help a user win a game or give them an advantage is considered illegal. If caught using Hacked Clients or Modifications, will result in a temporary ban or permanent ban from the Diamond Shaft Network. Types of modifications that are allowed: Mods that are purely for aesthetic purposes, eg: Shaders Mods Mods that provide enhancement to the way Minecraft performs (FPS etc), eg: Optifine. Rei's Minimap and Better Sprinting are now allowed as we can limit certain options. Types of modifications that are not allowed: Mods that provide enhanced player movement, eg: Smart Movement Mod. Mods that allow flight, 'speed hacks', and extended reach. Mods that provide additional data to the player that would otherwise not be seen, eg: Radar Chest Mods. Mods that exploit the AFK prevention system by constantly pinging player movement, eg: Macros and 'Rave Mods'. Macro Mods are strictly prohibited to staff use, anyone using them that isn't a staff member will be dealt with accordingly. Mods that change your gamma and allow brightness other than that found in normal minecraft. (This includes modifying your client to increase gamma) Texture packs that increase your brightness or gamma beyond that found in normal minecraft. (3.0) Teamspeak/Discord Rules ts3.diamondshaft.com / https://discord.gg/yKncNjP Rules that are listed above are still enforced in the TeamSpeak and Discord servers, do not think that only the rules below apply to you on TeamSpeak/Discord. Please read the rules below that relate to the Diamond Shaft TeamSpeak/Discord. Playing Loud Music or Sound files is forbidden, unless approved by all users in the channel. Using a voice changer is not allowed. Names that can be considered offensive or inappropriate are not allowed. Voice Recording on TeamSpeak or Discord without user agreement or staff agreement is considered forbidden in all events. In some countries/states it is considered illegal to record voice without the user’s permission. (We do not take responsibility for your actions.) Tags in usernames such as [MVP] are not permitted. Trolling, Screaming, or acting childish will not be tolerated. Switching Channels continuously is considered spam, don’t do it. Do not annoy or bother the staff members too much! Failure to follow TeamSpeak/Discord Rules will result in a kick, then a tempban (or kick/bans from the Discord server). If you have history of rule breaking you will be permanently banned. Can also result in ban on the server itself if the admins decide to. (4.0) Rules for those Interested in Helping Ingame Currently there are quite a lot of problems with people getting annoyed at being told what to do by a non-staff member, on top of this there is also a lot of you wondering how you can become a staff member if you keep getting told off for helping. Well here are some guidelines/rules for you to follow to stop this confusion from happening. (4.1) You can answer players questions, there is nothing wrong with that. However, don’t answer questions if you are unsure on the answer, its not game related or it’s not directed at you. It’s okay to answer questions such as “how to equip a hat” “how to join factions” etc, basically any information that can be spotted on signs around lobbies or under /help. Answering questions on how to buy ranks, upgrade to ranks or even where to report stuff is acceptable, but once again if you are unsure please remember don’t answer if you are unsure. There is nothing worse than giving out the wrong information as it just causes problems at a later date. (4.2) You cannot be rude to any other person even if they’re being rude to you, treat people with respect you don’t know what the situation is at the other end. On top of this you can’t be giving out orders regarding the rules, for example “STOP SPAMMING” there should be a staff member in the server, a Guardian is a staff member even if their provocative is to help they’re still staff and have commands to control these situations. If the staff member in your lobby isn’t responding to a question or isn’t dealing with said rule breaker, and its now been 20-30 seconds of a user spamming an IP or breaking a rule, try /msg to the staff member or better yet screenshot what is going wrong and report it here on the forums. You can also seek another staff member from a different serer, but please don’t take the situation into your own hands and try telling them what to do, it tends to make the situation worse. (4.3) If you aren’t a staff member we don’t want you using macros, since it can cause unnecessary spam with yourself and the staff member answering the question at the same time. It can also be a problem if you use the wrong macro as that leads to false information. Staff members shouldn’t need to be racing to answer questions in case a Donator gets there first, this itself can cause mistakes and we want you guys to be enjoying the server. So you really want to be a staff member or know someone who does? You aren’t going to impress the staff if you are annoying them by beating them to the post, causing problems by giving out the wrong information or even telling others what to do when you shouldn’t be. (4.4) You can impress us by helping when a staff member appears to be AFK, answering the smaller general questions, reporting rule breakers on the forums, being on the TeamSpeak server often and talking. If a staff member asks you to ease it up a little don’t be offended its for all the best reasons, just be polite about it. (4.5) Causing commotion or an argument with a staff member will put you on their bad books, lowering your chances. The staff are one huge family in a way, meaning if you annoy one it will spread badly to the others. (4.6) Someone who isn't liked by staff members won't get accepted as it will cause friction which we can't have among staff. It’s not fun for the staff when they have players running around yelling at them for doing their job, we are volunteers and there to help and moderate that is what we have been chosen for. All we ask is that you don’t take the fun away for us but instead start to help us, if you are unsure be sure to /msg any moderator if you have concerns on what you can and can’t do. (5.0) Administration The Diamond Shaft Network Rules are subject to change at anytime, you are responsible for keeping up to date with them. The Diamond Shaft Administration has the right to add, remove or modify any and all items on the list of rules and regulations. Thank you for reading the rules and following them.
  5. Anthrax

    Interviews & Tournament

    We have made certain exceptions before in the past for people who can't make it during the specified times. I'm sure we can make some kind of arrangement that allows you to do your interview later in the evening as it would be morning time for you.
  6. Anthrax

    Not being able to remove trails? (Accepted)

    Can I get you to try the following command:
  7. Anthrax

    Someone Explain

    Right, I think I did that last night... I was running around shooting eggs on the ground after teleporting to that TF2 Soldier guy.
  8. Anthrax


    There you go This was the best "Wow" reaction I could find on google that wasn't extremely small or had a white background, eg. not a PNG. Feel free to let me know if there are others you want added and I can take a look.
  9. Anthrax

    Someone griefed Meh house (Accepted)

    What are the coordinates? I just flew around your town and couldn't find where you took this screenshot.
  10. Anthrax

    Banned for Not 'replanting' (Unbanned)

    Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this! We are sorry to hear about your ban issue. Unfortunately, we require you to follow the proper ban appeal template structure which you can see here: Let us know once you have updated your post to follow this template and we would be glad to unban you from the server! Regards, King_Anthrax.
  11. Anthrax

    How long is the sale

    Just set the prices back to normal last night, sorry if you weren't able to purchase them within the set timeframe.
  12. Anthrax

    lost home

    Here you go, a screenshot of location and co-ordinates.
  13. Anthrax

    Bug? (Rejected)

    I see, yeah I didn't doubt that it could have been him. I was mostly referring to the huge lines that are created by not selecting your position prior to using commands, not the crater.
  14. Anthrax

    Bug? (Rejected)

    Possibly, but unlikely for the massive tunnel. It looks exactly like someone forgetting to set their positioning correctly and did a // command taking out everything to where their last position was. Trust me, I've done it before and seen it done countless times.
  15. Anthrax

    Bug? (Rejected)

    Just looks like someone failed World Edit school 101.
  16. Anthrax

    Just wondering...

    Okay... This topic has turned into a shit fest now so I am just going to close it.
  17. Anthrax

    Just wondering...

    It's not rocket science.. I was able to figure these things out when I was your age, and Snor probably could have done them 3 years younger.
  18. Anthrax

    Just wondering...

    Is it possible to get a virus when downloading illegal content? Yes. However, if you are getting torrents, from popular sites, eg. TPB, as long as you are downloading content that is uploaded from trusted users you are generally safe, highly seeded VIP/Trusted uploaders are safe and I haven't heard of anyone having issues doing it that way. In terms of privacy and possibly facing criminal charges? I guess, it could depend on your country, for the most part, ISPs don't do anything about it and at best, if your IP gets seen by a tracker, they will submit a report to your ISP who will then forward it back to you. Definitely can seem scary, especially since your ISP knows everything you are doing. This is where a VPN comes in handy, I bought one from the humble bundle when they had a software bundle for like $10, I got a 1-year subscription which allows the use of torrents. I have used it for several months now and never had any issues with it, speeds might be a little slower but its no big deal for me.
  19. Anthrax

    Show off your PC

    Just noticed that I had never actually posted pictures of my PC. There have been a few updates to it since this thread was created, however nothing too drastic. Here we go, let's start off with my PCPartPicker list: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel - Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz 6-Core Processor ($504.99 @ Amazon Canada) CPU Cooler: Corsair - H105 73.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler ($139.98 @ NCIX) Motherboard: Asus - X99-A ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard ($299.99) Memory: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4-2666 Memory ($191.61 @ Amazon Canada) Storage: Corsair - Neutron XT 480GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($199.99) Video Card: Asus - GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB Video Card ($849.99) Case: Corsair - 750D ATX Full Tower Case ($179.99 @ NCIX) Power Supply: Corsair - 760W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($214.99 @ Amazon Canada) Operating System: Microsoft - Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit ($0.00) Case Fan: Corsair - Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition 67.8 CFM 140mm Fan ($22.99 @ Amazon Canada) Case Fan: Corsair - Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition 67.8 CFM 140mm Fan ($22.99 @ Amazon Canada) Case Fan: Corsair - Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition 67.8 CFM 140mm Fan ($22.99 @ Amazon Canada) Case Fan: Corsair - Air Series SP120 PWM Quiet Edition 37.9 CFM 120mm Fans ($34.98 @ NCIX) Case Fan: Corsair - Air Series SP120 PWM Quiet Edition 37.9 CFM 120mm Fans ($34.98 @ NCIX) Monitor: Asus - VE247H 23.6" 1920x1080 Monitor ($179.99 @ Amazon Canada) Monitor: Asus - PA248Q 24.1" 1920x1200 Monitor ($439.99 @ NCIX) Monitor: Asus - PG279Q ROG Swift 27.0" 2560x1440 165Hz Monitor ($1049.99 @ Newegg Canada) Keyboard: Ducky - Shine II Wired Standard Keyboard ($150.00) Mouse: Logitech - G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Wired Laser Mouse ($79.95 @ Amazon Canada) Headphones: Beyerdynamic - DT 990 Pro 250 Headphones ($200.00) Total: $4820.38 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-08-15 18:01 EDT-0400
  20. Anthrax

    nihoelist build team app

    Hmm... Let me see here, no dirt houses... check. No cobblestone sky builds... check. Okay! Welcome to the Builders Club! omg is that an R34
  21. Anthrax

    I'm not sure what's happened

    The server should now be updated to 1.12.1 Please ensure that all clients are switched over to the new update so that you can get back on the server!
  22. Anthrax


    Ripperino... The good ol' Lazytown:
  23. Anthrax

    Forum Club Rules

    Hello Everyone, The new "Club" feature was something that has been recently added with the latest update. As such, we are creating this topic here to state the rules of these Clubs, keep in mind, the Clubs must still follow our community guidelines which can be seen here: https://www.diamondshaft.com/guidelines/ For starters, all "Clubs" will need to be manually approved by one of our staff members, after we review your club and it meets our standards, it will be approved. Failure to follow the rules mentioned below will result in termination of your Club as well as a permanent warning on your profile. One Club per User: This is to prevent a flood of different groups all created by a single person. Attempting to create multiple accounts to bypass this breaks our CoC and will result in termination of the other account/club as well as a permanent warning on your main profile. "fan clubs" for specific members, or yourself: Attempting to use the club for these purposes will result in an immediate termination of your Club. Spam Clubs: These are Clubs which are constantly creating useless topics/post with the intention of increasing reputation or post count. Your club will be removed and you will receive a permanent warning on your profile. "ethnic" group clubs, or anything similar: We are a Minecraft community, we do not want to see these kinds of clubs. "religious" groups: This is a very similar situation as the topic: Again, we are a Minecraft community and would like to keep these discussions outside of our forums. Thank you all for taking your time to read and acknowledge these rules! Regards, King
  24. Anthrax

    Forum has been updated

    You can create a club, however, it must still meet our guidelines: https://www.diamondshaft.com/guidelines/ We are now making clubs per approval, this is to prevent clubs which would be against the CoC or to prevent people from spam creating clubs.
  25. Anthrax

    Forum has been updated

    As you probably noticed, the forum looks quite a bit different. This is due to the latest update from the Forum software that we are currently running. We may make some alterations to it here and there but for the most part, it will likely remain the same. Hopefully, you will enjoy some of the newer styles and features this update has added. For those of you curious on what this entails, check out this page: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/