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  1. Joey

    Plugins/Ideas for the future.

    Pulled up on your bitch inside a U-Haul I just sent a dick pic ur bitch said its too small add a modpack server or imma kiss ur jaw
  2. Joey

    How do I delete my forum club?

    wtf is a forum club
  3. Joey

    Event Plaza Unveiling

    why does Portugal and Spain not have the same time zone, look at them. And then UK is different too. Look at Russia, it has 12 different time zones, and china only has one. The time zones is based off of countries too much
  4. Joey

    Build Team

    Since when was i on the build team
  5. Joey

    Interviews - July 23rd

    thanks to lucy
  6. Joey

    reporting Legacy Changer (direct swearing) (Accepted)

    What Mod are you using?
  7. In new York I milly rock
  8. Joey

    Survival+ (Early Open)

    wut all you need is literally just a computer.
  9. Joey

    Suggestions please!

  10. Joey

    Administrator Changes

    Me and obviously King were i guess the only ones that actually knew camo when he was admin the first time. That was like 2 years ago tho
  11. Joey


    Haha this kid plays league, the only league a real man plays is Rocket League my guy
  12. Joey

    Any Jobs?

    yeah i was thinking the same my guy. If you be my minecraft girlfriend and play roblox with me ill pay you $5 a month (ingame)
  13. Joey

    Unban Appeal - OGamerCris_2003 (Declined)

    Was it a good man cave?
  14. Joey

    Lol wtf

    Bruh he be mad buggin
  15. Joey


    This is what I thought of when I watched that song. And it also tells everyone its your birthday on the front page of the forums. But Happy birthday