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  1. When telling a manager is to mainstream
  2. i just forgot to set home @Atron RIP you will be missed
  3. RIP. You were recognized on snapchat yesterday as a day dedicated to you. Also atron could u get on the server soon @Atron
  4. As most of you know I have started on my town and it's called Rivers_Side!!! It not completely done but when it is it will have -large plots -a mall -a pvp arena -a mine -a town hall -a roller coaster so if you would like to join just message me on game!! Also if you have a job at my town it pays 50 bucks daily so that 300+ dollars a week and 1500 bucks monthly depending on the job!! Anyway message me in game to join! Bye!!
  5. 47Driver


    What is your favorite songs??? Mine are: 7 years trapqueen break up in a small town kick the dust up in the night
  6. 47Driver


    On 9/11 my dads friend was there.He went outside to call his wife at the exact moment that plane hit.He lived.
  7. This was clearly meant to be a joke but it was still funny to watch you all argue
  8. So Da_Hungry_Turtle had a nick name that said Arnold so MrArnold said in gonna report Da_Hingry_Turtle.Hungry then changed his name to Poop and Arnold said his name is to close to mine.I simply said his name doesn't say Arnold is says poop but Arnold just blamed me for being the person with the nicknames and I was gonna be banned if he reported me.I told him it wasn't me.I just want to clarify it was not me!I cannot be blamed for this.Thankyou
  9. coolguy, have you ever heard of a joke because when I said driver is back because she never left because she is right here was a joke
  10. Wow way to bum me out
  11. Driver is back because she never left because she is right here
  12. I am making this on behalf of LandMan56 he but the diamond rank last night. But today when he logs on it still hadn't showed up for him. It shows that he bought it on the website please help.
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