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  1. TrevorATA

    What i watch in my spare time (14+)

    This is all great. I haven't laugh this hard at a video in a while
  2. TrevorATA

    Question for The Staff

    He still got a lot out of his rank so it was not a complete "waste" but it was his own fault that he got banned after paying $20. You don't get an exception to the rules just because you payed.
  3. TrevorATA

    New rank!!

    $60 for a rank on a minecraft server? The game itself only costs like 30 USD. Emerald was a stretch to get money, but this is way over priced for just a few extra commands. You are on the right track if you are thinking about a new rank, but it has to be something people are willing to buy.
  4. TrevorATA

    I helped break a world record

    It'll be MTV's new show "Pregnant Fetuses"
  5. TrevorATA


    I win everyone
  6. TrevorATA

    Look at dis dude

    What did I just watch
  7. TrevorATA

    Staff Update October 2015 - GIT Graduation!, Demotions

    Totie you should be happy that you are still staff instead of complaining you didn't get promoted to mod.
  8. TrevorATA

    Staff Update October 2015 - GIT Graduation!, Demotions

    Well it has been a lot of fun. I'm really upset I was demoted, but school and grades come first. I was probably going to be really inactive until like May. So unfortunately, demoting me was the best decision, but I wish DiamondShaft good luck, and I enjoyed my time as Guardian. To the newly promoted staff, I promise you will enjoy it! Good luck, and be active.
  9. TrevorATA


    Yea do that ^ and also don't make the topic in all caps. It makes the post and the user who posted it look bad.
  10. TrevorATA

    Ban Appeal

    Has no one unbanned you yet? This is a good appeal and it was your first offense, so if no one has unbanned you yet then I will.
  11. TrevorATA

    Why am i banned

    Ok there are 2 huge things that you did that you shouldn't do. 1. You spammed your post. We will get to it eventually spamming it just harms yourself. 2. You didn't follow the template. In case you didn't know, there is a ban appeal template that you should follow if you want to be unbanned. If you follow these rules then MAYBE you will be unbanned.
  12. TrevorATA

    I havent been on in a few weeks

    It is probably an old ban that happened right after you stopped being active. Also, please follow the ban appeal template if you want to be unbanned.
  13. TrevorATA

    please get me back on the server

    This is a good appeal and since it is your first offense, I will unban you
  14. TrevorATA


    Ok what I'm going to do is rban you. This will get rid of any block you've changed, which will fix everything you've griefed. Then I will unban you one last time. Get a Guardian or higher to get your stuff back.
  15. TrevorATA

    Unban Gispy

    I will unban you because it does never show that you have been on the server.