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  1. merry christmas everyone i hope you all have a happy holiday spending time with your family and lots of love! -neil
  2. Please tell us the coordinates and we will get to it immediately.
  3. hello everyone.... :)  v

    work work work from home by 5h harmony

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYH!! I wish people would do this for me too on my birthday! HAHA! jk.
  5. No. Buying a rank would not remove your ban, especially if you have been permanently banned before.
  6. Im very sad and sorry to see you go bolp. You truly are one of the staff I like the most because of your dedication and the amazing effort you put in the server. You are a very helpful person and very open minded which I really admire of you. I would just like to apologize, if there are some mistakes I did that you might of not liked. I wish you the best of luck in life and Thank you for being a part of wonderful and life-changing memories I've experienced here on the server. Good luck , Thank you, and We will all miss you
  7. Please refrain to comment on any ban appeals or reports in the futur because staff will deal with it. Thanks!
  8. You will be unbanned. I appreciate your humble attitude and admitting your mistakes. Thanks for appealing and dont do it again
  9. You'll be unbanned. Dont do it again.
  10. Theres a calendar telling the drop party that occured last saturday so making a post before isnt needed lol
  11. This is just a recap of the Saturday Drop Party that just ocurred, in case anyone missed it! We hope the event was very fun especially to all of those who had participated! I personally enjoyed it because of the spectacular and useful items that dropped, and Im sure most did. Below are the screenshots of the said drop party. Thank you again for participating! And a quick reminder, are normally held during the first Saturday of every month so if you missed this one, there are still a lot of opportunities to come! Donations for the party are always very appreciated I hope to see you in the next drop party! Events like this always give entertainment for the server a twist.
  12. Happy Birthday!!! @QueenVampy
  13. Please follow the ban appeal template
  14. I told you, follow the TEMPLATE. So make your appeal, following this MODEL here: https://www.diamondshaft.com/appeal
  15. Please follow the ban appeal template found in this link then post an appeal again https://www.diamondshaft.com/appeal
  16. Thanks for reporting, he will get banned,
  17. They're going to get banned, before, they also spammed a couple of times, so this deserves a ban. Thanks for reporting. They did not even stop after you told them to, which is also Disrespect. They will be able to appeal. Thanks for reporting. Any offense, even if its in the past is still an offense no matter what.
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