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  1. I like them both, you should do some more so we can see what they are like.
  2. Its a great idea, but I agree with Bonnie, they could abuse it and the probably would.
  3. Some of us don't know you, but I hope you have a great time in life, enjoy it while you can, we will miss you! Have a good life and bye if this is the last time we all see you
  4. Nice Devin, hope you have a good life etc, it was great knowing you
  5. My most enjoyable moment was probably when I went to the Superbowl 50 game Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots. I have many, I'm just guessing this is my favorite one lol
  6. RudeBruh


    Lol I don't think anyone knew that there was a rumor going on until you posted it (:
  7. I listen to the following songs: talk dirty to me turn down for what party rock summer Its my birthday thinking out loud animals sugar rude loyal timber shake it off Moves like this U can't touch this Nothing on you The monster rhyme or reason G.D.F.R Moves like jaggar One more night payphone maps thank you classic this is how we do it jealous chains am I wrong say my name happy fireball dumb love take you there fire burning baby got back play the girl glad you came yeah Dj got us falling in love again can't stop won't stop scream numb hey daddy omg more young wild and free And thats it. I

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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