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  1. HEY, i'm back, I might change my name to N3d0. my logo would be an upside down OPEN sign. What do you think? maybe not that exactly.
  2. Roke3000

    New logo?

    I can remove anything or add anything to it.
  3. Roke3000

    New logo?

    I have been inactive for while and i got bored on Photoshop and remembered a discussion about the logo a while ago, so i made one... I am a Photoshop noob, but my dad has 8 years of experience so he helped me
  4. A user by the name of MCarmy bought a place to build a shop on my island. He then broke rules and said he was going to leave my island and take the store with him. I said he could stay on a sign in front of his store. I stopped seeing him online and did /seen. look what it said: Is it griefing if i destroy it?
  5. someone did something because i am out!
  6. is that what happened to you Riley?
  7. Diamond rank has 20 homes
  8. the exact same thing happened to me look can you tp me out too
  9. i will relog and try again Nope i am still having the same issue.
  10. i only like the painting part
  11. a redstone shop would be great
  12. whenever i enter chat or my inventory or even press the escape key it closes automatically. i recorded the screen to show you but it won't let me because it is over the size limit but here is a link to it -> (i cant even tell people about it in chat because it closes) I know it is a problem with the server because this does not happen on other servers. i have told bolp and anthrax plz tell me what to do Quote Edit I cant do anything!
  13. Roke3000


    We all know the 1.10 update snapshots offer new content like blocks and mobs. this update would fit the server well by adding new features and improving on the lag everyone is complaining about! It could also attract new members to the server! If this server ran on a stable snapshot of 1.10 these things could (finally) happen!
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