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Red13 (Poe)

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Red13 (Poe) last won the day on November 22 2016

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  1. Are u knew? Bc I am an elder from like 2013 or 2014 but never got to making a forums account 

  2. Cus my 13th B-day was 1 month ago I'm just gonna say it, my real name is Nathan. You finally know my name.

    Also I am so exited,  tomorrow in getting Pokemon Moon. Since the beginning I was #TeamPopplio and I still am. I will be posting my ban appeal soon.

  3. Once I get unbanned I plan on waiting to get on full time until the servers next reset, im also changing my nick to "Red13". (you happy now @Possessed that my nick won't be Poe64)

    And I have big plans for when the server resets and I'm unbanned. So peace out.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Red13 (Poe)

      Red13 (Poe)

      1. I like the name Red13

      2. Ik

      3. Not until Nov. 10th maby.

      4. : P I         I like planning stuff.

      5. Probably not, well maby vehicals for decoration. 

      6. ITS SECRET!!!!!!

      theres your answers @Possessed

    3. Possessed


      1. No vehicles.  Well at least no sport cars, they're my thing.  

      2. If it's so Fucking secret why make a status update about it 

    4. Red13 (Poe)

      Red13 (Poe)

      1. Ok

      2. Idfc, as long as I don't say what it is

      (Added to 1) Well I build space ships at least and weird cars

  4. i wish i was able to get on for this, i want moneys.
  5. Happy b-day to me ,and @DannyBoi, happy b-day to me'e... happy b-day to me!!!, and DannyBoi to!!

    now only 1 month until Pokemon Sun and Moon is released, and I can't wait for it. 

  6. Happy birthday!

  7. I have found my new fav Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, this is Kommo-o image.png

    it is ( I think ) the first Dragon/Fighting type Pokemon, Abillity: Bulletproof or Soundproof, height: 5'3", weight: 172.4 lb. From what many people have seen, many people speculate that Kommo-o will be a new pseudo legendary. Here are its 2 pre evolved forms,    Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o


    Plus it's 4 days until my be day, and Danny_Boi's too

    1. DannyBoi



  8. I can't wait for the demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon when I comes out on the 18th, aka the day I turn 13 yr, does anyone else going to get Pokemon Sun and Moon?

    1. DannyBoi


      I'm jot sure if I will but my birthday is on the 18th too! Your are exactly 2 years older than me!

    2. Red13 (Poe)

      Red13 (Poe)

      It's  pretty weird that our birthdays on the same day right. Are you going to get the full game of Pokemon sun or Pokemon moon when it comes out? Ik I'm getting it on the 18th of November right when it comes out.

    3. DannyBoi


      Well probs sun. 

  9. Well I only put lava on tori once, later its was the fire aspect of my sword... And that still was just pushing her into lava as a joke
  10. Date: 9/30/3016 banned by: NeilPlays Reason: disrespect, arguing, illegal pvping. I know I have caused some trouble today but the reason was, stuff I tried to keep secret was just invaded, I was being annoyed a lot , Cree killed my beloved dogs( I saw him right before my game lagged out before I got banned), and when I asked for people to stop anoying me / getting into my business they were rude and would not stop. Plus I have been under a lot of stress lately cus of school so, you can sorta see why I did that stuff. Diamond shaft is the only server I am able to play on with
  11. I knew you were joking @Ratchet29 I just said that to make you think i did not know you were joking . But realy do you know what I could do to get access to more space on minecraft
  12. My Pokemon stuff is on my iPod @Ratchet29 I got this stuff on my ipod
  13. Ok so you see my minecraft is slowly running out of space to hold what I have so I need help to let my minecraft access more space, without the need to have 64 but Java or deleting a lot of stuff. Plz if you know what I can do to get my minecraft access to more space tell me.

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