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  1. Sparklepants77

    Voting Rewards (Accepted)

    Yesterday when I voted, I didn't get my diamonds. Today, it happened again. The message says that I received 5 diamonds but then i look in my inventory and nothing is there. I made sure there was room in my inventory both days and I still got nothing. I don't need the diamonds but I don't want other players having the same problem.
  2. Sparklepants77

    I need ideas

    A GIANT TACO!!! Or a display room for unused weapons.
  3. Sparklepants77

    Who's starting school soon

    I start school in a week and my mom is WAY too hyped
  4. Sparklepants77

    Report A Player - Captain_Sparps9 (Denied)

    i can handle the mending book and the sword itself but im yes thanks poe i can handle some enchantments but i dont have much xp. also i can help with ur god pickaxe the enchants were mending,sharpness 5, looting 3, fire aspect, knockback 2, and unbreaking 3 i think
  5. Sparklepants77

    Hilarious Shit For Some Reason

    i crapped my pants
  6. Sparklepants77


    You broke and stole my enchantment table.
  7. Sparklepants77

    Report A Player - Captain_Sparps9 (Denied)

    I was playing my favorite server(diamondshaft) when i tpad to a friend to solve thier problem of a player living in their house. We were chasing the other player away when i accidentally dropped my sword.The player picked it up and ran away. When we found the player, they kept saying that they had burned my god sword. the player was captiansparps thanks, sparklepants77
  8. Sparklepants77

    Help me please

    thanks preston
  9. Sparklepants77

    Ban appeal

    camo's right also, he's cool
  10. Sparklepants77

    Help me please

    thanks with mending?
  11. Sparklepants77

    Help me please

    I was flying around with my mending elytra when I got glitched into a wall. I usually take off my elytra and put it back on when this happens, but this time, I died. when I looked in my inventory, my elytra was gone. I found the place where I dropped it and it wasn't there. Please help me. the elytra had no damage on it so it didn't break
  12. Sparklepants77


    Username:sparklepants77 Server:Diamond Shaft Banned by:bolp Date of ban:7/7/2016 Reason:Griefing lb proof I was recently playing my favorite server (diamond shaft) when my mom told me I had to go. I signed off and later decided to go back on. I was very confused when it said I had been banned for griefing because I haven't griefed anyone's house. I admit I have done it before but not anytime recently. I'm very sorry if I did do anything. Thanks, sparklepants77
  13. and ill replant the farm she destroyed if you fix the farmland glitch