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  1. Agreed that we need a way to get ranks in game. It would have to be very hard though, to still make it worth it to pay. My bad guys, did not no that was not allowed. Won't happen again.
  2. I mean sure, but if they add in too many things, they will not be able to claim that it is "vanilla survival" anymore.If they are adding something I would rather them add custom enchants as it still implies to the original game. The point is, if they wanted a more modded survival they would have done it and advertised for that. Good idea though.
  3. Lol not really i just want to see who agreed y u gotta be so harsh fam? And due to the fact it is bothering you i will take out that part If you look at other servers there is a hub and an option to choose the server you want to play on using a compass idk how they got it that way, but im sure there is a plugin for spigot. Just something to consider. Of course hubs are hard to make or get made, however it might help the server grow. And why has noone given their ideas?
  4. How was the server accessed? If the server was barely mentioned it would never be even known about.
  5. So, I have been thinking of ideas for the server an I think I have devised a pretty good one. Staff, I think you should consider adding a new server. Not separate IP, but an option to choose survival or the new server. My server idea was to add a creative server. My reasoning behind this? Well TBH I know that when I build something in my single player survival world I would test it in creative. This way it was perfect when built in survival. I believe this would be a good idea. Also anyone else who has what they think is a good idea reply. Lets get staff to see our ideas to make the
  6. If you are ever on and I am too, ask if you need help. (If no staff is on obviously)
  7. Hello my name is Ricky, or in game, RickstrMC. I am an 11 year old that loves video games. I played games before minecraft on the Wii such as Skylanders, but it was when I turned 9 I became interested in Minecraft. I had watched many YouTubers play the game and decided I would try it. Turns out I loved the game and still have a passion for it today. I began in single player having no idea the controls, but they were easy enough to figure out. About a month later I thought I was good enough to move on to MultiPlayer. I started with factions and Mineplex. I then got into hypixel and skyblock. Fi
  8. Now, I may have missed this, but if not I believe there should be a way to change your name and password. Reasons: My name is changed to RickstrMC, but my profile is still my old name, like many others. A lot of people realize the insecurity of their password and want to change it. If i did miss it, PLEASE, help me out
  9. it started one thing then turned to cats lel

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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