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  1. Bann this player: Chaterine1 im was in vacation just some days and weeks and im hadd my name on my chest so she/he shuold know someone lives here butt she/he dident care. And that is my defends she/he ruin my house and set a house in my house and she/he stole some items chest, full set diamond armor atchament, dark oak, 5 stack wheat or more. and im want my stuff back and rebuild my house to finish where it bigined. written by: Brandrex
  2. when im going to join the server it says im been kicked from factions and it says: im still on 1.8.8 and im joined and everything is difrent why are we on 1.8.8 what happend with 1.9.4
  3. ok it began when shuold go down and mine and before im gone to mine im look at my chest it had not been stolen but after im was finnished mining and im walk back to my house but then it been stolen im had one stack of glass and wood stairs and two stack of dark oak and allot of random things. And im think it been stolen yesterday in my country/sweden. And im pretty sure the burgler know that is my stuff becase im hadd names sign and everything. stolen from: Brandrex
  4. how is the money system working 

  5. ban overtimed? 

  6. im not unbanned? 4 hours late.
  7. sorry for some damage butt im dident know, somebody lived on that place butt, it dident have a private sign on it or anything and it looked, destroyed so im took some supply and begin with those blocks. And it looks messy with unfished or destroyed houses so im will say you shuold have some better rules to know exactly like dont build and leave something behind most have a private sign to know that is not a destroyed building, building on progress or abanned building. And im respect the server rules butt it need more. write by: Brandrex reason: griefing ib proof Ban from: garbanto Ban Type: local
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