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  1. Pill

    I am Stupid

    Well I played since it was ranks like VIP
  2. Pill

    I am Stupid

    I am AbcPvP I found my account
  3. This is Pill, I have recently discovered that you have to build grinders in survival and I was quite bummed. Firstly because I have spent a lot of money on a rank just to get the perks. I normally use gamemode creative for building (mostly grinders). To be honest I spent 40$ on a rank mainly for building grinders when they first were allowed but now i just don't feel like doing it as i cannot do it any more. Sooooo.(sorry for the long wait) I think people will go with me as we spent 20-40$ to go gamemode creative and if we can build grinders in that form it will open up a massive oppurtunity. Yours Sincerely, Pill Opens up a big oppurtunity!
  4. From PillZilla, I came on today to find i was banned and realised why. I had been banned for auto farms and remembered that there has been a lot of talk that you can do it. So forgetting to check the forums I went a head and did it. So I am very sorry I didn't realise and I will make sure to check the forums next time P.S this is my first ban Yours Sincerely, Pill
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