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  1. I think the most recent one before I lost control of it was MikaTheWhale
  2. Yeah, pretty much, but I don't think I've logged onto that account yet
  3. Username: I have a new account, but I don't think I'll be able to join any time soon. (MikaIsAlive) Server: Survival Banned By: CamoVampy Date Of Ban: 3/22/17 Reason: 1x1 Pillars Hello. You probably know me as the 12 year old that got himself banned for stupid reasons. Fast forward a couple, and here I am now, I turned 14 a while ago, and making an appeal once more. I'll admit, yes what I did was stupid, yes, I should have known by then not to repeat stupid things, and yes, I should have been more aware that my actions had consequences. I make this appeal, not only for my previous bans, but all my faults to begin with. I do this not only to try and make an effort to redeem myself, but to really try and make things right. I actually think I've changed, and If I break another rule IF I get unbanned, then I'll accept that I've not changed. I apologize that I've done all of this, and I think that I can change. Thanks for reading this. -MikaIsAlive Also, I've finally managed to get rid of my typing habit.
  4. Username: DragonCoreX25 (Now It's PulledA_Mika But Whatever) Server: Survival Banned By: CamoVampy Date Of Ban: 3/22/17 Reason: 1x1 Pillars Heya, I Know I've Been Banned Like A Couple... I'd Say About 4 Times Total, But I REALLY Am Sorry For Making The Pillar. The Reason Why I Originally Made It Was To Test The Elytra On My Own Because I Am Terrible At Flying With Them. I Died, And I Couldn't Go Back To There To Destroy It, So I Thought I Was Screwed. BADLY. So Here's My Appeal Because I Actually Regret Doing This Deed. Thanks And Cya On The Flip Flop. (:P)-|--<
  5. NOTE: THIS IS MY SECOND APPLICATION FROM EDITING THE ORIGINAL! Mc User: DragonCoreX25 Date Application Created: 3/10/17 Reason For Application: GIT Age: 12 Ok, My Name User Is DragonCoreX25, Or As Others May Know Me As Mika. I'm 12 Years Old And I Have Interests Of Becoming A GIT, Or Guardian In Training. My Reasoning For This Is Because I Would Like To Support All I Can Into This Server And I Want It To Grow More So Everyone Can Be Satisfied. However, I Cannot Do This Without Being A Staff Member. Therefore, I Decided To Apply For GIT. This Was One Of The Options I Had, So I Decided To Go With It. Now That That's Done, Here's A Little About Myself. I Like Playing Rpg Based Games, And Sometimes, I Play Stuff Like Terraria And Minecraft, And Sometimes League Of Legends. My Birthday Is October 3rd, I Like Apple Juice, And I Like Playing With My Friends. I Barely Have Any, But When I Do Play With Them, I Feel Happy, And I Forget That I Am Hated By People Who Have A Big Impact On School/Video Games. I Normally Wear A Hoodie And A T-Shirt, And I Like To Sleep. This Is My First Year In The End Of The 3rd Quarter For Me In Middle School, But I Am Doing Good So Far. I Have Skype, Though I Barely Use It, And I Mainly Use Discord. I Cannot Be Online From 4:00 am - 3:30 pm Eastern Time Because I Have School. However, I Sometimes Have After-School So That Takes Up An Extra 3 Hours. That Is Only Sometimes, So I Can Be On After 3:20 pm Eastern Time. Sometimes, My Homework Is Difficult, So I Cannot Be On, But I Am Normally On Daily. Obviously, I Have Access To Forums, And I Normally Check There Frequently If There's Something New. I Don't Really Understand Any Big Plug-Ins, But If The Staff Can Teach Me, I Would Get Better With Helping Out The Staff Team. Thank You For Reading This To This Point, And I Hope You Have A Good Rest Of The Day. If I Missed Something, Please Tell Me And I Will Edit This.
  6. Username: DragonCoreX25 Server: Survival Banned By: NeilPlayz Date Of Ban: January 6 2017 Reason: Making Mob Farms In Creative + Afk Machines Hello, I'm going to be honest, I didn't bother to check the rules before I went off like an idiot making a mob farm. I was Stupid. REALLY Stupid. So Yeah, I learned my lesson because if I make a mob farm in creative again, I'm pretty sure I'll get banned again. Thanks For Reminding me 'cause I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have listened in any other form. Sincerely, DragonCoreX25
  7. Username: DragonCoreX25 Server: Survival Banned By: cupcakegirl1218 Date of Ban: June 18, 2016 Reason: Griefing Lb proof Ok, let me make this clear, I am so so sorry for griefing. I didn't mean to, I feel really ashamed of myself. So please Unban me. I've been playing on this server for so long now and I screwed up for the 3rd time. I really am sorry. I may have screwed up from time to time, but I'll try not to grief again. I'm sincerely sorry and thank you. -DragonCoreX25
  8. Look. I'm so sorry for griefing. I didn't mean to. I honestly didn't know that I was but when I logged in, It said that I was kicked from the server and that I was still on 1.8.8. but when I logged in today, it appeared that I was banned. So I am sincerely sorry. Please unban me and thank you.
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