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  1. Well if you did that the are people like me who can get alot off diamonds really easy or emeralds so if you make the prices higher i would be the richest guy on the server in no time.Mcmmo makes you get alot of stuff easyer if you know how to use it and also you could make some nice farms to get some money p.s iron golem farms /gold farms /villager farms
  2. IGN: Garbanto Age: 20 Discord: Garbanto Hello everyone my name is Garbanto. I currently have been on the server for about 3-4 years and have enjoyed my time on here I want to become staff again , because a see a lot of the staff members are inactive and i would like to help people again cause i'm on at times that most staff members are not on.Most people already know me from before when i was moderator .To talk a little about myself, I am 20 years old i live in Greece and i got my own business . I am on the Diamond Shaft server on average 4 to 5 hours a day.I can obviously get on the forums which my name is Garbanto as well. I already know how to use world edit and logblock. Hope i get staff again Garbanto
  3. no really why are we not alowed to salvage kit armor and tools????
  4. why are we not allowed to salvage kit armor and kit tools ??? wolfy was salvaging a hell of a lot of kit armor and tools so i really dont get the point ???
  5. well thank god im still staff becuase ivy hate me to his guts
  6. i will unban you but dont do it again or your chances of getting unban will be less
  7. I will unban you but pls read the rules so you dont get banned again
  8. well with the 1.8 pvp you can just use an auto clicker and kill every one in seconds soo its not that good were in the new pvp you have to have freaking skill's to kill someone rather than spaming your mouse or using an auto clicker
  9. Well for me if we bring the 1.8 pvp back it will ruin the pvp becuase it will be who can spam more rather than who has skill in pvp
  10. pls dont spam the topic you could have just edit it how much beef you got sorry i couldnt just leave it there
  11. i will unban you but if any of the staff have any evidence pls put them here
  12. well i tempbanned you because you were arguing with as and as you said pleasure wasting you time soo you will have to wait the time
  13. i was running around and then you and charlie tped to me and then you started
  14. well i was a member when camo was a admin and he was chasing me with /smite
  15. Congrats camo for getting admin again
  16. garbanto

    ban apeal

    pls follow the ban apeal template
  17. you where tempbanned for 1day so you will have to just wait till the time runs out
  18. Your not allouwed to fly in the end thats why we have that rg that stops you from flying but you just found a way to exploide it but because camo forgot that your not alloued to fly in the end and told you that you could do it i will give you one more chance your unbanned
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