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  1. well done everyone looking forward to seeing the new staff members in action
  2. o the good ol' days po, danny, me, frynox, and neil where a group of misfits lol.
  3. But mom I don't wanna go to gram grams *throws tantrum*
  4. @AnnaPlays 142 Not trying to sound like a bad guy here but you were banned because our LogBlock plugin picked up that you broke blocks in that area. We then screenshot the log so we have evidence just in case the player banned would like to see it. Please make a ban appeal here https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/13-appeal-a-ban/ and I'm sure you will be unbanned. Although that is up to Bolp to decide. -RickRoss2000
  5. Ya whatever the big boss man just said... I'm just here to look pretty.
  6. I think a restart would be nice. It could bring out a few old faces and bring in new ones too. Maybe if we bring in a few new plugins , whether it be a few custom enchants or like a "warzone" mine (were ores are worth more in the overworld *would be used for cash only not for building blocks or trading with villagers) etc... The influx of players we could receive would be nice for the old community to make new friends and potentially bring some new players to donate and stay for a while. keeping the /Survival+ server on the /survival server would be the most logical thing to do unless we
  7. @RealGubugu101 i will unban you ... you should be able to get on
  8. date o f ban..... 12/25/2017 ... not a year ago lol
  9. @iPreferGeek ill unban you ... you should probably change your password so your friend cant have access in the future just incase something does happen.
  10. We don't need super nazi staff members. lol
  11. hey bird come back to the server

  12. @The Gaming Rebel im sure thats why u post so much in the discord
  13. I came to my house only to find this little shit giving me a cake
  14. Happy birthday slut 

    1. RickRoss2000


      Thanks you bird bitch

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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