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  1. Did you like season 9? (doctor who)

  2. justsenne

    The Netherlands is bae

    Are you redstoned? bwaha
  3. justsenne

    The Netherlands is bae

    Must be hard in Britain, a lot of the voters didn't even know what the EU was.
  4. justsenne

    Home Commands

    OMG Well kick me in the crotch while i yodel the greek alphabet backward!
  5. justsenne

    The Netherlands is bae

    Here everyday is pancake day. But without the pancakes.
  6. justsenne

    The Netherlands is bae

    Renting is cheaper. Near my house https://www.pararius.nl/studio-te-huur/deventer/PR0001309481/pothoofd 300 / month to compare, a rental in upper west side new york is cheapest at 2400 / month (I know you weren't serious)
  7. justsenne

    The Netherlands is bae

    So i told possessed and other peoples that i was making pancakes for dinner. They be like whaat. i be like yeah. The point is, In the Netherlands (and other country's in the EU (Suck it Britain)) you can eat Pancakes for dinner. Here are some photos of me bragging about it. And a video. P.S. You can hear a dark ritual in the background of the video. VID_20160701_174518.mp4
  8. justsenne


    I use faithful 512x512 with Seus v11 shaders Edit: 3rd craft looks nice to
  9. justsenne

    My W.I.P. SNES cover album

    I have a NES with Ducktales, but lately I've only been using it for child sacrifices. But keep up the good work! Edit: I do not recall saying child sacrifices.
  10. justsenne

    Logo suggestions. (Pending)

    So I thought: "yeah i could give that a try" This is how the banner would look like. (-ish) (i used my old youtube account as test. https://www.youtube.com/user/12345senne/featured) (the size needs to be 2560 x 1440 for tv, and the logo safe area is 1564 x 423)
  11. justsenne

    Sever crashed, again.....

    I live in the netherlands, Keep getting disconnected.
  12. justsenne

    Praying for Turkey

    Yeah it's really terrible, my parents are on vacation in turkey right now, but they can get home at the end of their vacation. Anyway have fun in turkey! it's a really nice country!
  13. justsenne

    Logo suggestions. (Pending)

    Must be Staff only then. thanks anyway! Edit: I found a post about it.. Sorry for your trouble.
  14. justsenne

    Logo suggestions. (Pending)

    Thanks! On an unrelated note though, how to you make a signature for your posts? (like the automated thing at the end of your message)
  15. justsenne

    Sever crashed, again.....

    ^ What he said