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  1. Username: Jordan_hunter101 Server: Survival Banned By: alphabacca Date of Ban: 4 July 2016 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, I have been play diamond shaft for about a month now. I found it by my good friend neilplayz I was amazed by the server and instantly fell In love and I knew I would play on this server for a long time. one day I did a /rtp and I stumbled over a lot of things and I thought to my self I'm might just take somethings because it doesn't look like anyone lives right here anymore. Knowing I was risking my chance to stay on the server. Today I was trying to get on the server but soon realized I was banned by alphabacca. This was my first time being banned. Iknew I ruined my chances to stay on a server were every one makes me feel welcome and I could just hang out with my friends. I am truly sorry for my mistakes and I am willing to give everything up and start over just for another chance to talk to my friends. I now will follow by the rules knowing what will happen if I do it again. Thanks for your time reading this. Thanks again, Jordan
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