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  1. Sorry, I have no clue about coords!
  2. Name: ccee633 Date: Sept. 11th Server: Survival UPDATE: Also my farm has been lightly griefed, -4113.805, and a little more in it. Thank you! Someone climbed into my sheep pen and placed a furnace and crafting table in my sheep pen, I can't break em' because there's iron in the furnace, but I want this person gone. The coords: -4093.247 Thanks, ccee633
  3. ccee633

    Report a player- Unknown (Accepted)

    Username: ccee633 Server: Survival Reporting: Unknown My farm was griefed by someone, coords are in the screenshot. They broke a fence to get in to it. Signs were also placed near my signs that said not to grief. "what could we harvest??? LOL" (I also noticed my base was broken into. Wall dug out around private door, blocks placed to get into a platform, one floor block broken in library, ) Thanks, ccee633
  4. ccee633

    I'm resigning

    I remember you helped me when I was a sad noob, you always cared for everyone. You were my favourite staff ember, I always thought of you as 'the best one'
  5. ccee633

    Peace Out

    Goodbye tea, I will miss the laughs we shared together and the fun of Oakland plains. You were always so creative and had the best ideas. That tea base was awesome. I clicked on this post in disbelief, but I sort of agree with you. I take many breaks from the server these days aswell. I wish to preserve your legacy, so may I take care of the land where you and Lucy blew up the houses? I want to make sure it goes into good hands. Sorry I suck at these emotional things. You are the best builder -ccee633 (I hope to remember the fun and not so much the drama. ) (Ps: going to make a memorial for you and derk now. I know you won't like this, but it'll be of your heads.) <3
  6. ccee633

    Gunna Be on more

    A status update, you can stop posting these topics not everyone cares about and post them on your status so people who care will see.
  7. huh, If you took before the fence it means that you took before I claimed.

    1. Zippr1


      Well I don't remember seeing a fence around the village/crops

  8. ccee633

    Not replanting ban appeal (Unbanned)

    You just took some crops, it's alright. Also did you take the crops before or after I placed a fence around the village? By the way your ban is just temp so if you don't get unbanned it will just expire and you'll be able to play again.
  9. ccee633

    Not replanting ban appeal (Unbanned)

    You took from a village that I claimed. But I forgive you (I know I am not supposed to comment on ban appeals, but he wanted to know who he stole from)
  10. ccee633

    Unknown griefer (small) (Rejected)

    So I have came onto diamondshaft after a few weeks of inactivity, and I think somebody might have girefed, not sure. a block was missing (temporarily patched it up) My itmes in the item frame were gone My nearby outside house has a small tunnel leading into it : It appears nothing was riaded but this alarms me because I live in a fairly secluded area. Thanks, ccee633
  11. Hi tea it's me! Sorry I have not been on at all, on a minecraft break atm. DX

  12. Username: ccee633 Server: Survival Banned By: Unknown Date of Ban: 1st of April 2017 Reason: Giving out legacy items Hello everyone. I came on to the server today and It said I was banned for giving out legacy items. I know full well of the rules and do not recall giving out any legacy items so I am a little confused. I am not jumping to conclusions here but I have a hunch that while donating to the drop party I may have accidentaly given out an item from /kit. I know I was extra careful not to accidentaly donate any items of that nature but alas, I have a hard time distingushing /kit items and normal items. (They don't really have anything saying that they are laegacy items.) I am very sorry for breaking one of the servers rules. I know I have been banned before, but I must tell you that my most recent one was when I hadn't read the rules in a while and made a mob farm in gmc and the other was when I was new and thought the sign said I could break stuff and since I was very naive and confused at the time I went and broke stuff. I am truly sorry for my terrible mistake and will be careful not to do it again. -Thank you for your time, ccee633
  13. ccee633


    Oh, I remember your many appeals. They were amusing to read. I also remember this conversation: You: Ur new right? Me: Nope! Been playin' since summer! --Months later-- You: Yeah you are very ew compared t me I am proud to be ew.
  14. ccee633

    DerkDragonfly, The Next TUN President!

    Tea said there would be no vice though.
  15. ccee633

    DerkDragonfly, The Next TUN President!

    Neil said Derk would be choosing a vice?