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  1. Username: vgame24 Server: Survival Banned By: bustounnuez Date of Ban: 9/19/2016 Reason: Griefing Hello, Three years ago I was been playing on Diamond Shaft . I first found it because I was recommended from a friend. I am fairly familiar with the rules however I thought I had a claim to a piece of land. Some other player built his house on my land, so I decided to take a look. To be honest I made slight changes to the house but nothing major. This was a simple misunderstanding of land claims. Thanks again, vgame24!
  2. Hello, My name is vgame24 and I am creating this ban appeal today. I was banned for griefing someones house because I didn't know it was still being used, and it looked abandoned. I apologize for my actions on your server and it was wrong of me to assume. Diamond Shaft was the first Minecraft server that I played on and I would like to play on it again. Thank you for reading this, vgame24
  3. Username: vgame24Server: SurvivalBanned By: cupcakegirl1218Date of Ban: 7/13/16Reason: ban evading Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft and now I have been banned. I was ban because I was ban evading. I let my friend who was banned play on my account. I had no idea it would get me banned. I am very sorry for what had happened and will never do it again. I really like this server and I really want to go on and play again, so i would really enjoy it if you would give me another chance to play again on this amazing server.Thanks again, vgame24
  4. Hello, My name is vgame24 and I was banned for ban evading. Im sorry I broke the rules and I will not do it again. I would like a second chance on the server because it is the best server I have ever played on. Thank you vgame24
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