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  1. How do I figure that out? https://gyazo.com/d169ac6fe690af1a06ab65c683189d71 thats the only thing i'm able to go off of.
  2. Username: I forgetServer: SurvivalBanned By: IdkDate of Ban: IdkReason: Griefing LB Proof Haven't played minecraft in over 3 months so idk what I griefed. I did destroy my house before I left so there is that...other than that I have no fucking clue. Okay I figured out my name is 12Tails. EDIT ^ Edit 2 Also, can I see some evidence? I don't do dumb shit without knowing it so I'd like to see what I did.
  3. im 11 so SHut the fuck up?
  4. i was high as HELL when i wrote this, as a joke. "act black" what do you mean where was i acting? i was being fucking stupid "t shirts" yes to ware "acopllo" is the christian god, for your information
  5. Wassup fam, me and @Coopsterboogie are building a town, anyone wanna come thru and live there we'll probably have a mall so you can buy t-shirts k thx from acopllo
  6. I'm chaning my name to ɹǝɔuɐɔ Because thats what you gave me
  7. I  lock to this server 3 days ago and i got ban for griefing but in the rules i dont see anything about griefing if that is the reason i have no problem of never griefing again if u unban please help me to be unban please do it.

    1. Dakokoz





  8. Username: DakokozServer: SurvivalBanned By: NeilDate of Ban: A couple weeks ago.Reason: Disrespect & "Causing Drama" Hello, I first of all would like to personally apologize for my disrespect shown in the last appeal for this subject. If you can understand my position in the matter, you would've understood why I might of been a little bit..."heated." Anyways, I forget how the most of the story goes. What I do remember is that I was building a house for my friends brother. Someone tp'd and killed us all, and kept coming back. Then some other random player said the complete opposite of the truth. He only saw what was in chat, which is not a legitimate claim. Anyways, I said some rather unjust things and was perma-banned. If any staff member would like to skype, or have a personal talk with me, a way I can go more in-depth that would work as well. This really wasn't my fault as I was trying to stop it and just got angry, but excuses are just excuses and I won't let it fall into that, please consider this appeal as an apology as to what happened.
  9. i think this idea is cancer
  10. Username: DakokozServer: SurvivalBanned By: NeilDate of Ban: 10/2/16Reason: Disrespect/...causing drama? So im building a house for my little brothers friend. Than someone teleports, I didnt really look and I thought it was my friend so I accepted. Than saw it wasn't. I kindly asked him to leave. And he didnt so he killed my friends brother. So we all attacked. Then some RANDOM ASS PERSON who we didnt even know claims he saw the whole thing when he wasn't. I don't know if you have TP logs but the only way he saw was through fucking chat. than the left foot or whatever the fuck his name is comes back. then the other person jmush the random ass person starts isntigating shit, so ofc I say some disrespect because everything he's saying is a fucking lie. and everytime the leftfoot dude says something its all just "yea smh" so how the fuck can you base anything of of what he says. i was literally trying to FUCKING BUILD. This server is so cancer because no one takes an in depth look. neil literally got evidence from someone who SAW THE FUCKING THING IN CHAT. It was me Meep_Merp and coopsterboogie. IS THAT not enough people against the ONE PERSON who was actually there? like what the fuck I litearlly used caps because the shit that I was saying NO ONE WAS PAYING A SHIT to look at. then thats 1/3 kicks. second is disrespect 2/3. then I got banned for disrespect/causing drama WHEN I WAS FUCKING BUILDING. LIKE HOW DO I CAUSE SHIT I ASKED LEFTFOOT TO FUCKING LEAVE THAT WAS NEGATING DRAMA BUT NO HE STAYED. It was literally yesterday when I was about to get BANNED FOR FUCKING GREIFING when I built the shit. Thats right. I FUCKING BUILT IT and was tearing it down because OTHER PEOPLE WERE GREIFING. LIKE WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK. This probably won't get accepted...someones gonna be like "Well you tecnically did use caps so thats a pretty bannable cause...ye sorry gtfo. I BARELY EVEN PLAY ANYMORE.
  11. Check Newegg.com, then find seperate parts, for cheap, you can totally build a gaming pc for 300. When i say build your own, do it.
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