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  1. you already stand out. dont worry son
  2. I feel like keepInventory should be enabled in certain areas like spawn, the nether, and possibly towns. This would give a higher incentive to towns and also minimize the risk of losing all your items over a pool of lava. Or maybe there would be certain safe spots like a large area of nether from the portal at spawn. This area would be open to the public and people could do stuff like mining without worrying about some crazed bloodthirsty lunatic murdering them in two seconds. The risk of crossing the safe zone would be no keepInventory and PVP enabled. This would allow for PVP for those who w
  3. If there were no rules some hacker would join and create chaos
  4. There is a problem with these solutions. The people could sell the items or hand it off to another person to store. Also for keeping track, after one person has their base rollbacked 2 or 3 times, they could "grief" their friends base and get that rollbacked which doubles the profits. I do understand that this situation is unlikely but I believe that it is best to take all the necessary precautions before attempting to implement such a system into the server. Also, since this is starting to sound like factions, I think it would be best to change or create a server (if possible) which allo
  5. I have a small question for the rollback part. Since you are able to recover lost items 2 or 3 times, players could exploit this and basically duplicate items by filling up chests with valuables and having someone "grief" them. Also, how would you keep track of what builds have been rollbacked and which ones haven't? Because of the constant logging on and logging off of staff, people who already had their build rollbacked several times could trick new staff or lie to different staff that their build was not rollbacked before. (I am not sure if there is a way to keep track of this so sorry if I
  6. I have a suggestion. I'm fine with any outcome but what if you just deleted the current Survival+ world and kept the regular survival server as it is. Just a small suggestion.
  7. STD


    While flying is possible for peacocks, they cannot fly very far which means Camo will probably catch you before you even get very far
  8. Wait cursing in public is bannable now?
  9. STD

    Major Grief

    hmmm could be a problem when my greif got rbed. cuz we rollbacked a part of the forest and it might have affected ur town
  10. Username:SKD_ Server:survival Reporting:greif So cron informed me of this and im pretty sure its agaisnt the rules
  11. not really. im just pointing out what i did and what i DIDNt do
  12. im chillin over here. i have no idea what shes doing
  13. plus isnt going around the houses SURROUNDING IT????

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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