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  1. SeanCollinsVevo was abusing the chat dropping f bombs

    north korea is hear!11!! run4 ur lifs
  2. holy shit... i am currently running premium minecraft on my school computer and even tho no one probally gives a shit, this is an amazing moment for me

  3. Major Grief

    hmmm could be a problem when my greif got rbed. cuz we rollbacked a part of the forest and it might have affected ur town
  4. Reporting greif (Accepted)

    Username:SKD_ Server:survival Reporting:greif So cron informed me of this and im pretty sure its agaisnt the rules
  5. I'm so sorry

  6. I'm so sorry

    yea its a temp ban but its alot of people who got banned i wouldn't call this karma i would call it a mis understanding cuz i probally misunderstood sparkle's perms she gave me to build a wall. cuz i asked if i could build a wall around her base and she said yes soooo well i cant realy get on to check but brad, trex, and possibly some other people were banned too
  7. I'm so sorry

    ok guys as you may know some of my friends and i have built a giant wall around a small town. to everyone who got banned im so sorry. i really dont know what to say im so sorry you all got banned. to brad, trex, silver, ender, cookie and maybe more i am so sorry guys. i never knew that it would get so serious. i meant it as a joke guys. since sparkle said we could build a wall around her town i might have taken it the wrong way please forgive me im so sorry. im gonna say sorry again because i really am and i cant really express how i feel right now. sorry to all this is a picture of the wall
  8. Report (Accepted)

    not really. im just pointing out what i did and what i DIDNt do
  9. Report (Accepted)

    im chillin over here. i have no idea what shes doing
  10. Report (Accepted)

    plus isnt going around the houses SURROUNDING IT????
  11. Report (Accepted)

    well u got more space to expand ur little civilazation now also i didnt fully surround it in a wall. theres a mountain u can go up but we can make another wall if u want
  12. Report (Accepted)

    oh well idk???
  13. Report (Accepted)

    i asked if i could build a wall around, u said yes
  14. Report (Accepted)

    u said we could build a wall around ur house. i have a screenshot if u dont beleive me. therefore i beleive the case is closed
  15. Report (Accepted)

    hey look we were pranking u when we put the obsidian and stuff (we put everything back) but u gave us permission to build the wall and stuff. im wasnt sure about saying harrasing isnt a rule i just quickly skimmed over the rules rlly quick and i might have missed something. i was just joking when i didnt tp u back. also im just overall sorry. oh yea trexygirl had nothing to do with this she was just observing. sorry again to all the harm i did i just wanted to have a little fun.