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  1. It's March 15...

    Happy Denzel Crocker Day!

  2. Happy March 2017. Nintendo Switch, here I come!!! (And 17th birthday this month, here I come!)

  3. Hype for Nintendo Switch! Can't wait to get mine on March 3, 2017!!!

  4. 1 hour until 2017 for the US East Coast!!!

  5. Happy New Year's Eve 2016! Let's finish this year up and FINALLY get into 2017!!!

  6. Magitroopa

    There's been a disturbance...

    I mean, there are people who don't watch Star Wars or don't even know what Star Wars is. Not that many compared to those who like/know Star Wars, but it is still a group that exists.
  7. Magitroopa

    There's been a disturbance...

    Other than Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder), I think this death has hit me the most in 2016. Carrie Fisher was really awesome, and just a few days ago, we were told she was in stable condition after the incident on her plane. But I guess that somehow changed. RIP Carrie, we will miss you forever. <3
  8. RIP Carrie Fisher. You will surely be missed, even in galaxies far, far away.

  9. Magitroopa

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays, everyone!
  10. Merry Christmas Day 2016, US East Coast!

  11. Magitroopa


    hey guys who r thoose peeple woh r "kids who quiet coeming back" i dunno woh thhey r
  12. Happy Thanksgiving 2016, everyone!!!

  13. So hyped for the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 event on January 12! Price, release date, and launch games to be announced!!!

  14. Magitroopa

    Thoughts on the Nintendo NX?...

    Meh, it's more so an opinion of his liking. If he chooses not to like Nintendo, fine by me.