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  1. Happy 2019 folks.

  2. It's March 15...

    Happy Denzel Crocker Day!

  3. Happy March 2017. Nintendo Switch, here I come!!! (And 17th birthday this month, here I come!)

  4. Hype for Nintendo Switch! Can't wait to get mine on March 3, 2017!!!

  5. 1 hour until 2017 for the US East Coast!!!

  6. Happy New Year's Eve 2016! Let's finish this year up and FINALLY get into 2017!!!

  7. RIP Carrie Fisher. You will surely be missed, even in galaxies far, far away.

  8. Merry Christmas Day 2016, US East Coast!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving 2016, everyone!!!

  10. So hyped for the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 event on January 12! Price, release date, and launch games to be announced!!!

  11. Nintendo Switch. Coming March 2017. My 17th birthday should be very fun next year :D


  12. Happy June 2016 everyone!!!

  13. Goodbye April 2016, Hello May 2016!!! :D 

  14. Happy birthday to me!!!

  15. If anyone ever wants to talk to me when I'm not on the server, not on the forums, in school, etc, best bet for you is to contact me on Twitter!


  16. Happy Valentine's Day 2016! (Good thing this was built right where I built my house by someone else, complete coincidence right before Valentine's Day!)