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  1. IGN: DoctorWhoniverse Age: 18 Discord: DoctorWhoniverse#0079 Hello, I am DoctorWhoniverse. Most people call me Doc or Matt. I'd like to apply to be staff on Diamondshaft because I think I could help the community. I used to own my own server, however it got shut down because of lack of money. I currently also own a Discord server, which is fairly popular. I am not currently active on Minecraft in general, however I can be more active. Thank you for reading, and please consider.
  2. IGN: DoctorWhoniverse Age: 17 Discord: DoctorWhoniverse Hello! I am typing an application for staff. I go by Doc, or whatever nickname I have on. I'm 17 years old from Pennsylvania. I'd like to help out on Diamondshaft, since my personal server got shut down due to lack of funds. I currently do have experience as a staff member on my server. I know a little bit about logblock, but I am more skilled in Coreprotect. I can be on somewhat often, however I do have school. I've got a fairly high end computer which can run Minecraft well. I usually have a flexible schedule. I can't think of what else to add, as I covered most of it. I am also good with people which I can bring to being staff.
  3. Thanks. I will not steal ever on Diamondshaft again. I really don't want to be banned again.
  4. So, apparently I got banned for stealing. Not exactly sure why. I haven't stolen from anyone since my last ban, which was around a year ago. So if you could let me know who I apparently stole from, please make sure to let me know. I'm honest now, and I wouldn't steal.
  5. Username: DoctorWhoniverse Age: 19 TS: I don't use / Discord: Bill Cipher Hello, I am DoctorWhoniverse, but I go by Matt. I'm 19 years old, and I will be 20 on April 17th. I'd like to apply for GIT because I like DiamondShaft, and I've always wanted to be staff. I know how to logblock and how to roll back. I am curious that, when you interview me, will I have to talk? I don't use a microphone, as the one on my computer makes me sound 5 years younger than I actually am. I enjoy gaming, researching facts, and a bunch of other things. I currently work as an Auto Mechanic, and my shift usually ends around 2:00 EST. I'm usually active almost every day, usually when no staff are visibly online. I know that, from watching, that most servers give 3 warnings/kicks for caps/spam, then tempbans that last for usually 2 days. I know how to ban people, but I may need guidance on commands for temporary bans and ban evidence. I don't have much experience as staff, mostly because I play on very few servers, and the servers I do play on never hire for staff, or I miss the deadline. Thank you for viewing this and taking it into consideration, it is much appreciated. Have a Good day.
  6. I did help out in the battle in some aspects, unfortunately Garbanto eventually killed me. I did not place any bets.
  7. Ok, problem is, I didn't get one. Ideas? I'm not re-donating
  8. I heard from a friend when you donate you get 'legacy gear'. I'm not sure what that is. Do you earn it or something? Please let me know.
  9. Did you like season 9? (doctor who)

  10. On my laptop I average around 20-50 fps
  11. I got myself a new computer, even though its technically not new. It's windows xp, it's a Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz, 1.28 GB of ram. It's not much, and its a bit slow, but it will do. I currently get about 4 fps on minecraft, please recommend how to up that. I've currently had a program type this for my skype friends: Hello Dear Friend! If you are reading this, you have been put on my information friend list! What's this you ask? No worries! It is just a list that says that these messages are due to receive to friends close to DoctorWhoniverse! This first message is an informational message, saying that DoctorWhoniverse has currently gotten a new computer! This computer will be under maintenance for a while! Please find a way to contact DoctorWhoniverse in a different way. Thanks, and have a good day! So msg me at some point pplz.
  12. oh ok I'm fairly new to the forums. :l @Possessed
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