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  1. Report a Grief (Accepted)

    that one was me the others idk
  2. Emoji Movie Review :) ;) ;D :D >:) >:D 8)

    ...uh ok... HELP
  3. SuRe

    Po im supprised you would wish me a happy birthday by telling Pintrest to fuck off Danny how can i kill the staff team if...(no don't even say that)...i have left the server
  4. Happy Birthday To Me I Guess

    not any more its now my birthday no one makes a topic for me
  5. Happy Birthday To Me I Guess

    Im next! happy birthday rick also lunning isnt a "little shit"
  6. @Godsofbossi like how its called a procedure

  7. Is it True?

    20 ban appeals i think...
  8. I'm not sure what's happened

    yes i noticed that yesterday
  9. Ok, heres whats currently happeneing

    the dedline of August 4th has been moved 1 day forward to august 5th, if 9 people support me and dont want to me to go, i stay. If that isn't the case i go.

    also i need to pick a Vice or a succsesor to the Diamond Nations (or Nationes Diamond Pectus) I would prefer a staff member or an Ex-Staff member

    I will thank you all in advance when the deadline has passed ill make my verdict August 7th 12:00 BST

    1. Drewbug0301
    2. The Hardcorps

      The Hardcorps

      Hi minecrafteez not sure if you remember me (felixthegreat03) but i played on mcamusement around the same time as you and coincidentally just stumbled on your account today.  Thought i'd say hi and see if you wanted to go on to mcamusement sometime for the bants xD

    3. Minecrafteez


      ah I remember you!

  10. Soyuz launch complete, nominal timeline :)

  11. On August 20th the Voyager 2 Spacecraft lifted off from Cape Canaveral aircraft station, Florida on a mission to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune using a Titan Centaur rocket in July of 1979 Voyager 2 approached the largest body in our solar system, Jupiter, the king of the gods, the next stop was Saturn being propelled in what is called a Gravity Assist or slingshot, stealing a bit of velocity from the planet boosting itself to Saturn, it arrived in the Summer of 1981, it is the only planet in the solar system less dense than water 1 year earlier Pioneer 11 had detected a gassious atmosphere on titan scientists sent voyager 1 to follow up...it has seas not of water but of Liquid Methane..that ended its grand tour sending it above the plane of the solar system 5 years later Voyager 2 reached Uranus it found that its Axis of rotation is 90 degrees Voyager 2 discovered 2 new rings with particals the size of a fist


    the most anticipated event was the close encounter with Miranda a canyion 19km deep. Miranda may have collided with another moon...

    12 years after launch it then speed towards its Rondezvous with Neptune remarkedly it flew by 35 Km off course and 1 second off schedule after traversing the entire solar system...THATS ACCRUATE it then flew by the coldest body in our solar system, Triton orbits in the Retrograde direction it is likely a captured asteroid on the surface jaggered mountains were found the most bizzare was the presense of geezers, Triton is also Gologicly active breaking its self appart

    then on 14th feburary Voyager 1 seen Earth as a single pixel 

    they run on Plutonium Isotope Thermoelectric generator generating electricity through radioactive decay but even that doesnt last

  12. happy birthday (or is it a test? i cannot remember)

    1. Anthrax


      My Birthday is on the 27th of July, where I live, it is currently the 26th lol

    2. Minecrafteez


      its currently the 27th here so happy birthday!

  13. Forum has been updated

    WOOPIE right wheres my grandpa joe meme? also @Anthrax why does it count a club post as a club i would honestly recommend switching that setting off if you can
  14. so what have i been doing recently

    1. fighting my parents for a rank for @Ashe

    2. mining for @Possessed to give clad 64 emeralds to give CladBoat to get Ashe a rank

    3. got told by my parents to get a pre-paid debit card (not a hope in hell)

    4. being the booster officer of the ISEA and attending their launches which you can see here at 14:00 - 15:00 EDT which is our launch window today :)

    1. Minecrafteez


      5. may have found the awnser to my case... thanks  @RickRoss2000!