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  1. So Musk has announced that a new ASDS (Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship) is coming, by the name of A shortfall of gravitas from the science fiction novel (and the name gets out of my head..i cant remember) also a question to answer:

    why use a barge? 

    well, for a Return To Launch Site landing (RTLS) requires more fuel and as the payload (satilite which is to be delivered)'s mass goes up, we need more fuel to get to the velocity of:


    Mu is GM (Newtons Gravitational constant or 6.67*10 to the -11) and M is the mass of the body in Earth's case being 5.29*10 to the 24 kilograms, and if we times G and M we get aproximately 3.9*10 to the 14

    r is the altitude that we are at PLUS the radius as in orbital mechanics, all values are measured relative to the center of the planet's mass on a 2 body system not an N-body system.

    a is the Semi Major Axis (SMA) which is formulated as the mean of the apogee (r1) and the perigee (r2) taking all this into account:

    Apogee: 200km

    Perigee: 290km - note the perigee MUST ALLWAYS be lower than the apogee otherwise we get some strange errors

    SMA = (r1+r2)/2 

    r1 = 200000+6378100 = 6578100

    r2 = 290000+6378100 = 6568100

    i hope i havent killed you with the mathS

    1. Drewbug0301


      wwwwoooooowww *Wink*

  2. It's official, the Falcon Heavy's central core stage was lost

  3. yup we probobly lost it as SPX has announced a conference contary to PAO


  4. i think we lost the center core :( 

  5. just waiting on confirmation of core landing

  6. main core landing...

  7. succsessful landing!

  8. all systems continue to be nominal  

  9. soo well starman!

  10. MECO - Stage separation and Merlin 1D Vac ignition!

  11. all systems nominal!