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  1. wait fuck 1 year since i had the most liked content bruh

  2. ok which one of you wannabe black hats decided to try and change my fucking password.


    you have my attention

  3. Waiting for this reset be like

    *waiting noises*

  4. This is some illegal shit here


  5. My dolphin not working

  6. I have decided, to make a book;: “May she rest at the back of our mind - a story on how I rose and fell”


    no idea how to publish it, it just a hobby project, marked under a may release status upon completion 

  7. Today marks 3 years since the Falcon 9 landed at LZ-1 at cape Canaveral, Florida on the mission ORBCOMM OG-2 to take 11 satellites into space for communication.  This mission marked the first time we had landed an orbital class rocket back on land. Although it would take until June 10th 2017 to complete the first relaunch of an orbital class booster, the first booster to land on a barge landed the next year on April 8th 2016.  SpaceX has had two landing failures this year, Falcon Heavy Core stage (B1033.1) failed due to a lack of ignitor and CRS-16 where the first stage (B1050.1) Experienced a grid fin issue upon entry although it still landed.


  8. This is awesome, a Russian version of Silent Night :) Just what i asked for, also im getting a book and CD on the Russian language | Это огромная, Русская версия тихая ночь только то, что я попросил, а также им получить книгу и CD на русском языке

    (please note i will do bi-lingual status updates

  9. >be me
    >gets depressed over not asking out someone 2 years ago
    >gets asked out
    >brain doesn't realise
    >Gets told next day
    >becomes even more depressed

  10. At times i feel as if i have completed life yet i have not.


    which brings me onto todays philosophy question for you guys!

    What is the meaning of life?

    (if one of you put 42 im gonna be mad and reeeeee until the end of time)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. QueenDD


      To be happy and enjoy the time you have with friends and family.

    3. WickedRainG


      @QueenDDThat's subjective though, different people have different opinions of what the meaning of life is. I guess the most objective answer is 42 lol

    4. Drewbug0301
  11. bloody heck ive just realised ive been a member of this forum for 2 years

    Where has the time gone, down the toilet?

  12. WHY IS IT SNOWING!!!!!


  13. beware beware the restart bear.

    it creeps up on you like a hare

    don't switch game modes upon the research bear

    it will steal your items and leave your inventories bare

    at first they wont understand and by extent care

    beware beware the restart bear.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Drewbug0301


      all hail the poet and town idiot minecrafteez

    3. Minecrafteez


      Could we also get the hashtag givecraftreshisinventoryback going

    4. fluffymatt


      Siri this is so sad can we beat fifty orphans #givecraftsomestuff.

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