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  1. CAN some one reply to this this person is annyoing just like me
  2. Happy birthday to you garb
  3. i got windows i tried bandicam screen-o-matic and OBS
  4. i am looking for a screen recording please help me to record some minecraft
  5. Garb banned me for griefing dont know why but never griefed anythin if i did i know i wont get unbanned just wanna know why i need to see photos
  6. Ok tea What About if he said Bad words Then Can i report Him??
  7. Username: Enitity303 Server: Surivial Reporting: 1jonnyvega Hello, I am here today to report the player "1jonnyvega". I am reporting him because About Being rude. he is Saying my Momma is Need help and caling her mental thank you for reading my report, Enitity303.
  8. What Uanz?? Not you Again!
  9. Username: Enitity303 Server: Survival Banned By: .snowman Date of Ban: 17.12.16 Reason: Saying bad things to sever I'd Like to be unbanned I Am Very Sorry About my Self i Had my ACT that Week
  11. Hello DiamondShaft i would want to be GIT Because i want to help people fix Griefing and if some one with unlocking chest that other people put in there houses so i would want to apply for GIT. Experience For Staff : i was mod on MonMan11 On Bigcrea and helper factions. Experience for Commands:Overtime i didn't know Now i know world guard and world edit and other commands. Experience for severs: i had at least 2 severs with my friend cybershif we had 10 people a day and 100 slots we had a lot people after the map reset we gave every one kits and we have ranks for the price you

About Us

We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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