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    Username: AbcPvPServer: SurvivalBanned By: GarbantoDate of Ban: 2016-06-17 00:37:17Reason: auto farms and making mob farms in gmc Hey I have changed names since I got banned so I used to be called something like _V_and_V_ I am emerald rank and was very stupid of me to do it as I had not read the rules since the last reset and so I started to build mob farms in GMC I have played on this server now for 4 and a half years and I played back when the ranks were stuff like VIP and so I have played on different servers and I realised that they are not the same as DiamondShaft as you have a freedom as big as ever to express your creative knowledge with very little rules. Sadly I was stupid enough to break the rules. I would like to appeal for an unban and i promise I will not be stupid like I did 6 months ago. Merry Christmas and I hope to see you soon on Diamond Shaft
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