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  1. _Zavo_

    Is this server still active?

    Yeah, kinda, sorta, will be more active when it resets for 1.13... Hopefully.
  2. _Zavo_

    Ban appeal (Unbanned)

    So It seems as though bolp hasn't responded to the appeal, You will be unbanned because it's been a few years and we don't see why you would not have gotten unbanned unless bolp comes back and says otherwise. Have fun on the server and welcome back.
  3. _Zavo_

    Returning to diamondshaft + future events

    This would be awesome, server has been lacking in the events aspect.
  4. _Zavo_

    Banned (Declined)

    Please follow the ban appeal template found here: Also state who banned you please.
  5. _Zavo_

    Gubugu101 (Unbanned) (Unbanned)

  6. _Zavo_

    Server event idea

    Okay, will keep that in mind. Thank you!
  7. _Zavo_

    I need help to a simple question...

    There is a post made by CamoWisp, you should find it here:
  8. _Zavo_


    You can't leave.... who will I mess with?
  9. Bottles in the cluubbbb

  10. _Zavo_

    _Zavo_'s Ban Evidence

    Player: MLGPERson21 Ban Date: 2/1/18 Reason: Griefing LB Proof He broke glass and other blocks. Player: Sockoram Date: 2/1/18 Reason Griefing LB Proof
  11. In case you missed the chaos here you go! The Featured People @CamoWisp @iiPhlox @Kat_1910 @Anthrax @RickRoss2000 @aye_its_eddy_ @_Zavo_ @WickedRainG
  12. _Zavo_

    Staff Update - 1/27/2018

    Should be /warp pvp but may not be open till the event. Edit: I meant /warp arena
  13. _Zavo_

    Staff Update - 1/27/2018

    Will try my best, hopefully won't rollback the server a week.
  14. _Zavo_

    _Zavo_ GIT Application v2

    Name: Zack IGN: _Zavo_ Age: 15 Discord: _Zavo_ Hello there, my name is Zack and I am 15 years old. I have been on the server for well over a year now , and I am usually on for about 30-80 minutes daily. I would like to be a GIT so that I can help out others and make sure that everyone is happy and has fun on the server, as well as to interact and help new members and help them not make any mistakes. I live in a small city in Massachusetts and I am a weather fanatic. My hopes are to go to college and become a meteorologist some day. I have a discord, _Zavo_. I have some knowledge of some plugins it may or may not be the ones your server may use, however if that's the case I can learn the GIT/Guardian commands. I hope this helps to tell more about me, and hope to be helping around in the server in the future.
  15. "I'm not sexy and i'm not afraid to admit it" -Zavo 2018