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  1. _Zavo_'s Ban Evidence

    Player: MLGPERson21 Ban Date: 2/1/18 Reason: Griefing LB Proof He broke glass and other blocks. Player: Sockoram Date: 2/1/18 Reason Griefing LB Proof
  2. In case you missed the chaos here you go! The Featured People @CamoWisp @iiPhlox @Kat_1910 @Anthrax @RickRoss2000 @aye_its_eddy_ @_Zavo_ @WickedRainG
  3. Staff Update - 1/27/2018

    Should be /warp pvp but may not be open till the event. Edit: I meant /warp arena
  4. Staff Update - 1/27/2018

    Will try my best, hopefully won't rollback the server a week.
  5. _Zavo_ GIT Application v2

    Name: Zack IGN: _Zavo_ Age: 15 Discord: _Zavo_ Hello there, my name is Zack and I am 15 years old. I have been on the server for well over a year now , and I am usually on for about 30-80 minutes daily. I would like to be a GIT so that I can help out others and make sure that everyone is happy and has fun on the server, as well as to interact and help new members and help them not make any mistakes. I live in a small city in Massachusetts and I am a weather fanatic. My hopes are to go to college and become a meteorologist some day. I have a discord, _Zavo_. I have some knowledge of some plugins it may or may not be the ones your server may use, however if that's the case I can learn the GIT/Guardian commands. I hope this helps to tell more about me, and hope to be helping around in the server in the future.
  6. "I'm not sexy and i'm not afraid to admit it" -Zavo 2018

  7. _Zavo_ Not Replanting Kat_1910 16 July 2017 I know it’s been a long time since I have been banned and I want to start fresh. I’m sorry for not replanting... I usually replant but in this instance I didn’t and I am sorry. I usually don’t greif or anything on the server and before the conflicts happened I was for the most part a respected member. I’m sorry for what I did and it won’t happen again... ~Zavo
  8. So after a long time I’m gonna slowly become more and more active... Like it or not :P

  9. welcome back  to  hell 


  10. I can't believe I'm saying this but i'm leaving as well... Not like anyone will care anyway.  Due to recent events that have happened while on the server and outside of the community I have decided to leave diamondshaft as a whole its been fun...

    Former Diamondshaft player



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      sup big boys, add me on grinder my @ is @BigDickBob27. you who add me your getting dirty tonight. ;)

  11. Who Are You? (Tell everyone a little about yourself)

    I am Zavo I am the age of 15 and most people may or may not have heard of me. I love to play video games, and am very fond of weather and have been for as long as I can remember. That's a little bit about me I'm a little lazy to say more but I may edit this in the future.
  12. What is your favorite game (other than Minecraft)

    Well I have a lot of games that I play, So its hard to choose just one. The games I choose are Garry's Mod, American Truck Simulator, and Cities Skylines. Let me explain ATS and Cities because they aren't as popular as Garry's Mod. ATS is a branch off of Euro Truck Simulator where you drive around 3 states picking up loads and dropping them off in real united states locations, although as of now there is only 3 states they will be adding more soon. Now cities skylines is basically sim city but 5x better in my opinion. You build a city keep your citizens happy and do whatever you want. (Money and population permitting). Also the sims you cant go with the sims
  13. Lightning and Thunder

    "Have you heard the lightning and seen the thunder" Does that make sense to any of you?
  14. Username _Zavo_ Server: Survival Ban Date: 15 April 2017 Banned by: CamoVampy Reason: Inappropriate Builds/Disrespect. I have been playing on this server for a while now. I thought I could pull a joke on WeirdzWolf and it would be ok. But I Obviously went to far. I apologize for that. And would never disrespect anyone directly because I know how it feels.I was banned by CamoVampy because of my immaturity and I have to suffer the consequences. I apologize for that and I hope that I can get back on the server again. Your fellow Diamondshafter, _Zavo_
  15. What was the first game you ever played?

    The Sims 2 for the Playstation 2 either that or Grand Theft Auto Vice City. I can't remember any farther back...