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  1. Ignore the quote thing. However, Thanks for the report they will all be punished accordingly.
  2. I am happy to help and will look into it. Sorry it took so long to reply. Also now you should be all set.
  3. Unfortunately I'm not sure if we can do anything at this time. Guardians currently have no permissions on the temp server, And furthermore in the temporary rules Camo had put in place before his leaving doesn't specifically state there is no griefing. However it does state to "Don't be an evil cunt" So I will talk to them about it. If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to either message my discord or DM me on the forums.
  4. I have personally gone to the nether and I have found no issues.It seems just to be you at the moment. Will keep on the lookout for anyone else having the issue.
  5. The server I believe did have factions in the past. Since I wasn't staff then I have no idea how that went.
  6. I will take a look into it. Sorry for the delayed response. Also please post this here https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/17-report/, Then start a new topic.
  7. I meant on the forums
  8. Hello everyone Zavo here again. I made a video so I wouldn't have to type a long explanation. Also a reminder I hope to start the Prank Wars on Saturday January 26th. The rules are subject to change at any time... 1. Obviously No TNT. 2. If you participate in this event, please ensure you are able to handle being pranked on. This is a two way street, prank and be pranked. 3. Fire is acceptable as Fire Spread is not on. However, high quantities of fire is annoying so try and limit fire use.. 4. No pranking people that are not participating. If you do then you will be out of the prank wars and could potentially get banned depending on what you did. 5. Griefing is accepted to a certain extent. Breaking someone's house and stealing items is not pranking so therefore is not allowed. Relocation of items is allowed however, the intent of keeping another person's items is punishable. (Some exceptions might be made depending on the prank.) 6. If you have an idea for a prank and you don’t know if it is allowed feel free to ask staff about it. 7. All pranks must be done in survival only. Some participants may not have access to creative so it would be unfair to use creative for a prank. 8. Make sure to be considerate to others. Server rules against Inappropriate, Racist, and offensive builds still apply. 9. This isn’t a major rule but we encourage you to leave a sign saying at least who did it so staff can tell the difference between a grief and a prank. You can choose to add riddles or something else if you choose to, but the rest is up to you. Last thing I want to say is if this doesn't pan out to be fun and its more of a drama starter it will be stopped and prank wars will end. Please also either direct message me on discord or comment down in the comments of the topic to "Sign up" for the prank wars to let us know you are participating. You will be added to a list. EDIT: If you could provide your base coordinates from F3 that would be greatly appreciated. (Example X:456 Y:20 Z:5665) Happy Pranking!
  9. _Zavo_

    Prank Wars?

    Hello everyone Zavo here. I wanted to see the community reaction to an idea I had today. The idea would be a Prank Wars of sorts but for people who choose to participate. The people who would participate would be on a book, list, or word document so we can monitor activity and how many times you have been pranked and times you have pranked someone else. Obviously there will be set rules which would need to be ironed out and decided by the members of the staff team. Now this post won't go into detail its just something so the staff can see who will be interested. I have made a poll in which people can vote yes or no to the idea. Please Vote.
  10. I will be on in 1 second...
  11. I have gotten permission from Kat to unban you, Kat is currently very busy. Welcome back and enjoy!
  12. Congrats to everyone! Good luck!
  13. I just wanted to say, the date is wrong Sunday is the 2nd. The 3rd is Monday.
  14. The staff bustounnuez is no longer a part of the staff team. I will unban you since you have no made a ban appeal using the template. Its also been a while so I have no idea why you weren't unbanned. Unless the other staff says otherwise you are unbanned. Welcome Back!
  15. Yeah, kinda, sorta, will be more active when it resets for 1.13... Hopefully.
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