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  1. _Zavo_

    Mass House Greif (Accepted)

    I will be on in 1 second...
  2. _Zavo_

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    I have gotten permission from Kat to unban you, Kat is currently very busy. Welcome back and enjoy!
  3. _Zavo_

    Staff Update - 9/16/2018

    Congrats to everyone! Good luck!
  4. I just wanted to say, the date is wrong Sunday is the 2nd. The 3rd is Monday.
  5. _Zavo_

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    The staff bust´╗┐ounnuez´╗┐ is no longer a part of the staff team. I will unban you since you have no made a ban appeal using the template. Its also been a while so I have no idea why you weren't unbanned. Unless the other staff says otherwise you are unbanned. Welcome Back!
  6. _Zavo_

    Is this server still active?

    Yeah, kinda, sorta, will be more active when it resets for 1.13... Hopefully.
  7. _Zavo_

    Ban appeal (Unbanned)

    So It seems as though bolp hasn't responded to the appeal, You will be unbanned because it's been a few years and we don't see why you would not have gotten unbanned unless bolp comes back and says otherwise. Have fun on the server and welcome back.
  8. _Zavo_

    Returning to diamondshaft + future events

    This would be awesome, server has been lacking in the events aspect.
  9. _Zavo_

    Banned (Declined)

    Please follow the ban appeal template found here: Also state who banned you please.
  10. _Zavo_

    Gubugu101 (Unbanned) (Unbanned)

  11. _Zavo_

    Server event idea

    Okay, will keep that in mind. Thank you!
  12. _Zavo_

    I need help to a simple question...

    There is a post made by CamoWisp, you should find it here:
  13. _Zavo_


    You can't leave.... who will I mess with?
  14. Bottles in the cluubbbb

  15. _Zavo_

    _Zavo_'s Ban Evidence

    Player: MLGPERson21 Ban Date: 2/1/18 Reason: Griefing LB Proof He broke glass and other blocks. Player: Sockoram Date: 2/1/18 Reason Griefing LB Proof