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  1. Not that I care, but they won't appeal if you don't use the proper format which is Username: Banned by: Date banned: Reason of ban:
  2. Username: Kenjedibro Server: Survival Banned By: Does not State Date of Ban: 1/20/2020 Reason: TP/TPA Killing First off, I know that's a rule, but you got the story wrong. What happened was, at my base I had an excess of saddles, so I made an announcement over the general chat for anyone to have a free saddle, so he accepted, and came to my base, but then he started looking around the rest without asking. I know that if you are killed by a player, then you don't lose anything so I hit him a couple times, but while he was combat logged, he logged out I DID NOT KILL HIM. and so he dropped h
  3. m03021 was making inappropriate comments which disturbed kittykatcat99. Proof is in Screenshots. Images not in order, however, the evidence is there. Please ban.
  4. IGN: Kenjedibro Date of Ban: 1/27/18 Reason: Fly PVP Banned by: CamoWisp Server: survival+ Explanation: I was flying around with xKate_grayx and xCady_cat when Minecrafteez somehow got to the house and started hitting me with a sword (while I was already flying). I was really ticked so I killed him to get him away from me because I didn't want to deal with his crap. Then he came back and started again (while I was already flying) and I got out of fly and he knocked me off the edge, so I started to fly back up the mountain to Kate and Cady's house. He shouldn't have jus
  5. Hey Diamond shaft server, So I have a problem, earlier today I was disconnected from the server and for 10 minutes the server was down. When the server was back up I tried joining but it wouldn't let me. It said "Kicked whilst joining Survival+ Not whitelisted" but the problem is that joining diamondshaft from the server selector shouldn't put it straight to survival+. Please fix this because for now I can't join.
  6. Camo will I be unbanned? No rush i just rlly miss the server and i had diamond rank.
  7. i promise camo i'll give back all the items. Is there anything else i owe ill pay for it.
  8. Username: kenjedibroServer: SurvivalBanned By: camopineconeDate of Ban: febuary 2 2017Reason: stealing LB proof When i was banned at the time i thought it was for saying that i would look at peoples house and give them a estimate on the value in game money. Camo said sounds suspicious, and i said that they would show me around. i had forgoten that i took the 18 coal and 34 iron ingots ill give the money back doubly or more. Im sorry for taking the items and i wont do it again.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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