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  1. Not that I care, but they won't appeal if you don't use the proper format which is Username: Banned by: Date banned: Reason of ban:
  2. Username: Kenjedibro Server: Survival Banned By: Does not State Date of Ban: 1/20/2020 Reason: TP/TPA Killing First off, I know that's a rule, but you got the story wrong. What happened was, at my base I had an excess of saddles, so I made an announcement over the general chat for anyone to have a free saddle, so he accepted, and came to my base, but then he started looking around the rest without asking. I know that if you are killed by a player, then you don't lose anything so I hit him a couple times, but while he was combat logged, he logged out I DID NOT KILL HIM. and so he dropped his stuff, when he logged back in I tpa'd him back to his stuff where he got it all back, but the fact is, I was banned for killing someone I didn't kill, he logged out while combat logged. I get that hitting him was wrong instead of just asking him to leave, I have a thing against most members, as members were the ones who griefed my first base, and I didn't want it to happen again, it won't happen again.
  3. m03021 was making inappropriate comments which disturbed kittykatcat99. Proof is in Screenshots. Images not in order, however, the evidence is there. Please ban.
  4. IGN: Kenjedibro Date of Ban: 1/27/18 Reason: Fly PVP Banned by: CamoWisp Server: survival+ Explanation: I was flying around with xKate_grayx and xCady_cat when Minecrafteez somehow got to the house and started hitting me with a sword (while I was already flying). I was really ticked so I killed him to get him away from me because I didn't want to deal with his crap. Then he came back and started again (while I was already flying) and I got out of fly and he knocked me off the edge, so I started to fly back up the mountain to Kate and Cady's house. He shouldn't have just started attacking me, I didn't have a bounty and honestly he had no reason to be there. If anyone is at fault it is Minecrafteez. I believe that the reason he started the fight was because I had just married XKate_grayx and he was probably mad. Please unban me.
  5. Hey Diamond shaft server, So I have a problem, earlier today I was disconnected from the server and for 10 minutes the server was down. When the server was back up I tried joining but it wouldn't let me. It said "Kicked whilst joining Survival+ Not whitelisted" but the problem is that joining diamondshaft from the server selector shouldn't put it straight to survival+. Please fix this because for now I can't join.
  6. Camo will I be unbanned? No rush i just rlly miss the server and i had diamond rank.
  7. i promise camo i'll give back all the items. Is there anything else i owe ill pay for it.
  8. Username: kenjedibroServer: SurvivalBanned By: camopineconeDate of Ban: febuary 2 2017Reason: stealing LB proof When i was banned at the time i thought it was for saying that i would look at peoples house and give them a estimate on the value in game money. Camo said sounds suspicious, and i said that they would show me around. i had forgoten that i took the 18 coal and 34 iron ingots ill give the money back doubly or more. Im sorry for taking the items and i wont do it again.
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