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  1. you cant hold diamonds in your inventory....
  2. maybe extend the world border to 30k so people can explore 1.10 chunks
  3. make weekly competitions and have prizes for winnerrs like when we had uhc events so it would give us a reason to get on the server more. also update the server to 1.10 and remove the world border so we can get new mobs and blocks
  4. i heard about that, it was because there was a fight between two girls and the only way to get her off of the other girl was to take her down.
  5. 5. Spongebob: battle for bikini bottom (ps2) 4. Rocket Leauge (xbox one) 3. red dead redemtion (xbox 360) 2. cod mw2 (xbox 360) 1. cod bo1 (xbox 360)
  6. dawnkey (the way shrek says it)
  7. try going to a mc skin website like minecraftskin.org
  8. nevermind i figured it out
  9. ... im just looking for answers
  10. i dont know how to word a book and quill for a chest store thingy how would i word it if i wanted to sell it from a chest?
  11. Yes sir I got the 8k pc build
  12. I think the end should be reset every week or so, because all the towers have already been looted.
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