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  1. Reconsidering

    Who Are You? (Tell everyone a little about yourself)

    hello im reconsidering AKA the person that dislikes almost every single staff on survival and has diamond rank.
  2. Reconsidering

    i wonder what his IQ level is?

    this is a quote on the appeal i made. let me take it back into the past *sounds* done you replyed saying https://gyazo.com/7869aa1c8414e6df9e881b01160ad960 and as i said https://gyazo.com/e56560dc174813f6aa80b2061fd60f8b now obviously im pretty sure you dont get it... so let me explain (i should become a teacher jesus) i admitted i said 'pleasure wasting your time' but as a joke. now ik some pepole mostly in age range on 1-12 may not know what 'sense of humer' is so you can read about it here http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Sense of Humor so now thats out of the way, at the end of the day it was a joke. i didnt actually mean 'pleasure wasting you time' as it was just a conversation. not wasting time. i tend to try to be funny in matters that arent funny. meh. sue me. @Mrreds_ @garbantoshouldnt be a spelling teacher
  3. Username: ReconsideringServer: SurvivalBanned By: Idk. there was 2 staff thereDate of Ban: 3/15/2017 Was gonna be unbanned on 3/16/2017Reason: 'Arguing with staff' i dont really see how i was 'arguing' as we were have a very 'polite' conversation about changing my skin and cape (Because it was 'inappropriate') so then we kept talking for 20mins or so i pretty much told them ' Well now that i delayed this conversation about 20mins (Pleasure wasting your time) as a joke and then i ended it with 'aight well imma go change my skin and cape now' so then i got kicked from the server with message "Next time log in with an appropiate skin & cape' or something like that. so i spent a good 5mins or so changing my skin to have a diaper to remove the inappropriate part, and then changed the cape to the US flag. only to notice, i logged on and was banned. Proof of ban https://gyazo.com/f68c6326421e33e1715771486bf23788