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    A DS UHC

    i like this a lot it sounds fun but do we have member count for this

    Drop Parties

    When is the next one?
  3. A mining event or a Hunger Games event or something like that like The Purge towards the reset back to the mining event well you have a gigantic mine and whoever mites most iron diamonds or whatever would win the event they get a prize or something
  4. I'm bad at spelling and I don't think your mean
  5. Ban dat last month My ign DETON8RS Baned by camo Banreason staff disrespect hideing evadins billding on top of the nether buying ranked itums Hi I'v been on the server for 1 year fairlyfamiliar with rules I'm sorry to the staff members I disrespected I'm sorry for hiding the evidence to sorry for the trouble I cost I'm sorry From DETO8RS
  6. Ign DETON8RS Band by camo Ban dat 1 month ago Band for staff disrespect hideing evadins billding on top of the nether buying ranked itums I know I'm not the best member of the server when I ask you to please remember I'm just a person and I make mistakes two I've had a lot of time to reflect on this and I won't do it again Im varry sorry From DETO8RS
  7. thank you some pepal dont trustme on the sever becus of my ban and my spaling get me mad fun of allot thanks
  8. i apreat you all and thank you for the grat cmunuty and a nice plac to play and hope to see you on the server
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