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  1. I got alot of items yesterday and many other people did too... I had a whole double chest of items and the server got rolled back. That is all gone now and many people will probably not be happy. I refuse to play DS because it did more damage than fixing the original damage. It was over some greif. edit: nevermind. i overreact sometimes
  2. I tried rejoining after getting banned and can not for the life of me get the server to ping. It always says 'Unknown host' I'll update this if it comes back and it's also gotten to restarting minecraft Upate: Restarted Internet and it came back on lol!
  3. Also I wanted to add: No I didn't. Idk how to not submit a reply and delete it so... Just ignore this post
  4. Username: X80ProtoServer: SurvivalBanned By: It was from January, I honestly have forgottenDate of Ban: Somewhat 14th of JanuaryReason: Rude LanguageHello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for 3 weeks before being banned, I haven't played since. The ban was from January and was for rudeness. I was told to appeal in two weeks and forgot about it so I came back on a new account for the forums, I am very sorry and kept on thinking about DS all the time and it was so much I thought 'THATS IT, I'm appealing that ban' I really won't do it again and it would be great if you could let me back on. Thanks again, X80Proto
  5. Yes, this isnt a template but I got banned for two weeks in January. My other profile is X80Proto on the forum and I forgot the password so I made a new account. Anyways if you do some digging youll probably find it. I'm still really sorry for doing whatever I did to get banned. Thanks
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