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  1. Username: Aspire321 Server: Diamond Shaft/ Survival Banned:By Lucy/Cupcakegirl1218 Date of Ban: 6/28/2017 Reason: Griefing, No LB Proof Hi, I just started playing Diamond shaft again, me and my cousin started playing on this server to have fun. We teleported to Bugville where we found that it had been destroyed so we thought that no one would mind. It soon escalated to robbing big houses. My cousin is new on this server and didn't know any better i would like to put in a good word for him he will be making an appeal. As for me I have been banned several times so i wou
  2. Username: Aspire321 Server: DiamondShaft Banned By: QueenVampy Date Of Ban: Not sure Reason: Griefing [No Lb Proof] I was setup, a player by the name of "SaltyWasHere" Doesn't exactly like me. He asked me to Teleport to him so I did... I was spawned into water going downwards into a hole. I eventually fell in that hole and had to break blocks to get out. Luckily for him he had QueenVampy ready to jump into action of banning me without letting me justify myself. I am not saying i wasn't at fault though, I could have teleport ed home but my curiosity got the
  3. Username: Aspire321 Server: Survival Banned By: WickedRainGaming Date Of Ban: 1/4/17 Reason: Stealing [LB Proof] I was asked to teleport to someone's base. When I got there i looked around and saw a group of blocks, one diamond block was there. Naturally my greed for diamonds overcame me so I took it and went back to my base. I am very sorry for the disrespect that I have shown and I would apprciete it if I could continue playing on this server I have really Enjoyed it. Thanks Again Ahoy.

About Us

We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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