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  1. Happy Birthday Man!!!  Missed ya! I wish I had a cake now but I have this message :P

  2. By me saying Id get to admin I actually meant to join the staff.

    Im very sorry for being cocky. Its just that I've been observing the staff throughout the years and I kinda know what they do.

    By the way how do I repost the application :P

    1. zAstronaw


      I regret saying me going to admin quickly because I normally refer "admin" to a moderator,G.i.t,administrator or Guardian..and yes I sometimes get super cocky :P

  3. Hello my name is Adriano Neto and I am 13 years old. I've been playing on this server for quite a while. (When Kristina blew up the map) I've been looking forward to help the server by being a staff member or in other ways. If I'd become a member of the staff team I'd promise I would'nt play around anymore because I know being staff means real business.Even though I'm too young to apply I still want to make my application and hopefully join all the other staff. Let me talk a little about my life. I live in Espinho,Portugal. My full name is Adriano Gomes Oliveira Neto and I have a big family, most of my days I spend some time playing and I have been recently addicted again with Diamond Shaft. Also I play the piano and play tennis. By playing the piano I also joined a Musical Classroom with some other cheesy friends. Also when I play computer I normally go to Minecraft, but I always go for Diamond Shaft. I play 1/5 hours a day. I love helping people, what I normally do is I build for them or give them some items but i'd rather help by doing all of that but I'd do more by being a staff member and sincerely I've been griefed thousands of times and I just wanna get rid of all the griefers and help as much as possible to keep the server alive. (I have Discord by the way) Sincerely, Astronaw
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